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I hope you will devote a few articles to 2012 - year of the water Dragon. As a Dragon myself, I'm very interested to hear what next year will bring.
You are the best, Robert! Thanks for your brilliant articles!


Diana, me too I am a wood dragon. But this all the stuff above is so close to my birthday on the 6th.
Wow. Actually, there have been so very interesting revelations for me as well.

sue moon



Thank you, Robert! I make a list with all the things that happened during Jupiter was in Sag in 2007. I see what will come up - this is very interesting to monitor.

I think the last time we had Mercury was Rx in Sag was in Nov-Dec 2005. That's good to be kept in mind too.

Then Marc is going through Virgo and Saturn enetered Virgo in Sep 2007.

In this years some challeging things happened to me that I'm not sure where did they come from. Hope the secret will be revealed now!


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