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Yikes. Time to practice being in the moment and breathing. I will remember your words of guidance during the next weeks along with "Groundhog Day." ...This is a test....beeeeep!

Blessings to you Robert!


Hmm... I have to imagine that since basically everything is at a fork in the road, it's time to be very clear about intention across all areas of life and be able to take most of what occurs with a large dose of humor and dispassion. This is certainly not the time to entertain distraction. What an appropriate moment to be in as one year comes to a close and a new one begins (and just before the winter solstice wherein we can expunge all that which we no longer desire to hold).

m. elizabeth

natal sun conjunct neptune at 19-20 sag in 11th house, venus at 17 cap in 12th trining jupiter mars conjunct at 9 virgo, aspecting chiron at 9 taurus in 3rd. its been one explosion after another, and it seems to only be getting worse...i can hardly know how to make it to the next moment... i need a rest for weary everythings!!


I have been a devoted follower of your wise readings of transits for many years.

It feels right to step forward now, to Give Back.

So :
Thank You for all the many times when your words helped me stay calm in the face of irrational events, actions, people, and my own 'off' acts.

Thank You for helping me keep some perspective when - in the words of Shakespeare -

    'The Time is Out of Joint.'

Happy Holiday Season, Wise Master Wilkinson!



Oh aspected/5th house cusp not sure if that is significant....sun/moon midpoint, my mars/pluto/uranus stellium in 2nd house aspected...
That is a lot of activity.

Thanks for the heads up!

Debbie Eastick

Well as i've mentioned in comments in other articles, I have been under huge planetary stress the past few years which has at this point renedered me without anywhere to live, but i am grasping it as freedom, the world i long ago rejected has subsequently now rejected me, so i started it lol! I am sooo hopeful now that if i keep my center and heartfelt good intent that these hotspots with ignite a new beginning for me towards birthing a world i do belong in, as apart from my natal venus at 15' taurus, everything and i mean EVERYTHING in my chart falls into one of the mentioned spans currently being activated so my whole chart is on fire. Feeling calm and not irrational for the first time in ages, is a good sign though, or at least i hope it is :)


Thanks Your Highness because I feel like I'm in the middle of a void, however with much expectancy!


I hereby subscribe to everything that Dinnah said above and add one more THANK YOU!

Carlos - Johannesburg

thank you Robert, for your unconditional sharing, care and love that is so evident in your work.
... best wishes to you and your family over the festive season.


Robert... I scanned this article a couple of times but couldnt find a single date anywhere? did I miss something, or did you intend to not include dates? thnx


Hi Elah - Well, it was a surprise to see how many of these things are all going on right now. Loving and breathing are always good things to practice. "I got you babe...." Blessings to you as well, and all who come here.

Hi Matt - Yes, if we know our intention then we can navigate the forks with as little confusion as possible. Dispassion and humor help us keep a lot in perspective as we wonder why things are as crazy as they are. Yes, will soon be posting my usual thing about the Solstice ritual that can help clear out the old and welcome the new.

Hi m. elizabeth - Just keep out of range of the explosions and you too can avoid what needs to be sidestepped. I figure I'll rest when I'm dead.....

Hi Dinnah - Thanks for checking in and your good wishes. Time is indeed "out of joint" and has been for awhile, but this foul spell with eventually pass, and with it the insanity of our times. Better years ahead down the road apiece!! And truly, a most happy and merry to you as well!!

Hi Micheline - I'd say it mirrors the intensity of your life, eh?

Hi Debbie Eastick - Perhaps this is the turning point? Open to attracting and being attracted to the circumstance perfect for you, and then do it, even if it seems strange to your perception. Often great turns come from strange events. Reverse rejection energy and embrace attraction energy, since they're two poles of the same Divine Law of Magnetism.

Hi chickie - You are truly on the edge of something better than you used to be, so enjoy the ride into the creative "wide open."

Hi Adrian - You're most welcome. Glad to be here.

Hi Carlos - Johannesburg - Thanks for checking in and saying such nice things. I appreciate it. Best wishes to you and everyone during these weird, wonderful, perilous times!!

Hi suz-d - It's happening now, beginning with the date of the post (Dec. 16). I mentioned that up front, and tried to give all a sense of when the Mercury-Venus would move forward, as well as the Sun-Mars. Again, it's coming down right here, right now, for the next week and for some elements of this, a while longer. We're in the heart of it!!


Hi suz-d - It's happening now, beginning with the date of the post (Dec. 16). I mentioned that up front, and tried to give all a sense of when the Mercury-Venus would move forward, as well as the Sun-Mars. Again, it's coming down right here, right now, for the next week and for some elements of this, a while longer. We're in the heart of it!!

thnx R
and the following report that came in from someone, mentioned the following - which all sounded good to me, but then I didnt have the details:
Winter Solstice - Wednesday, Dec 21 – 9:32 pm PST
Capricorn New Moon - Saturday - Christmas Eve - Dec 24
Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, goes direct on Sunday - Dec 25 - Christmas Day


"You are truly on the edge of something better than you used to be, so enjoy the ride into the creative "wide open."

I'm on the edge alright....wish I knew which door to to choose.

Thank you my dear friend.


After my sister and I had decorated her holiday tree,and it's a big un because she is the holiday angel and likes the ornaments, we took a break in another room. All of a sudden she shouted out, the tree fell over. We jumped up and rushed into the room and sure enough. Ornaments, lights, and water to clean up. Is this an omen we asked and decided to move slowly through the holiday festivities.

I have been experiencing some unfounded tension and I am not prone to headaches, but have had them off and on lately. If I can handle a half cup of coffee a day, it's alot right now. The only other thing I've been experiencing is awareness that I am morphing, others seem to be morphing, everything is morphing. Is the planet one big morphmallow?


You just may be on to something, caliban!


Let me add my best to all - merry & happy tidings.
Robert - I first bookmarked your site with the "Grand Irrationality" article published on 3/2/11. It's only become more interesting. Thank you so much for your service.
I've learned a lot - tracking all the minor aspects in my charts has provided more depth and a lot more busyness than I thought possible.
BTW, I find myself dropping the very last of my unhealthy relationships. I like it!

Elizabeth in Montreal

Thanks and warm best wishes too you, Robert.

The best of luck to you Debbie. May this interlude be a vacuum allowing something better in for you.

Caliban, I've also been having a lot of mild headaches lately, most unusual for me. I was wondering if this had something to do with a spontaneous detox of some sort, with Jupiter stationing in my 8th house of purification...?


Hi Elizabeth in Montreal, I decided to take a practical approach. Part of my training this semester was chain saw. We were bucking logs and moving them to the gator for transport when my feet got caught in some branches and while I was dangling in space trying to regain balance, it was inevitable I was falling in slo mo. That was two weeks ago and I finally visited my chiropracter. I'm thinking that might help. My head was out of alignment : ) ? Falling seems to be a common theme lately. But I'm not saying you are off with the Jupiter direct, not to mention Uranus. Whew!!! I have to take it gradual to keep my balance. Literally.


"It's better to walk away than get hooked by unhealthy influences and people."
This cancer is running away! It´s been like a Polanskimovie at my work and I am getting out - just 4 days to survive! Seems like I will have mars in my 9th house for eight months now. I have saturn och moon at 9, 11 degress in aquarius..and sun 26´cancer. Hot hot hot.

Debbie Eastick

Thank you

Tanja Fisher

hallo ich Glück für Ihr Thema in yahoo Blick war, Ihre Themen ist beeindruckend, ich lerne viel in Ihre Themen wirklich vielen Dank, btw das Thema Ihren Blog ist wirklich wunderbar, wo finden sie


Hi Tanja - Ich been frohes das mögen Sie die Artikel. Jedoch würde es gut sein, wenn Sie einen Übersetzer veranlassen konnten, Ihre Anmerkung auf englisch anzubieten, also alles es verstehen konnten.

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