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I think that this very thing speaks to some of the craziness I have been feeling for a very long time. I am living in a place where old guard banter is still being espoused while these folks attitudes and lives seem to be changing. It's almost as if the old stuff is sloughing off, slowly but surely. But not so slowly that it is not noticeable. Could be that I stopped word fighting them. That only seems to encourage more of the same old same old.

Kathryn Davison

Hi Robert. a question: is there any triangle that would mediate or soften the square that could serve as a cosmic medicine in this period?

cheers, k


Ya, I have to agree with Kathryn above. that would be my question as well
but i just want to say that is article you wrote here is quite real for me as well and i think it is a wonderful piece of work and i know that we are not over the tough stuff yet and that in life there are no guarantees
all we can do is get that heart connection and stay out of the fear and stay in love


Nice one Robert!

Unconditional love. No fear. Remember we are immortal.... Surely this must be the solution to life, the universe and everything.



We truly are "merest specks in the ocean of Light." Awaken the revolutionary impulse within to claim your right as a Loving, Wise, Intelligent Eternal to be that individuality which is your Divine heritage. You have nothing to lose except your sense of separateness and the fear of the lower ego.

Hell yeah Robert I just love reading your words mate, you have been given the gift. It pity not more read your blog, but 1 day I reckon your server is going to crash mate. By the way Robert do you believe in SANTA, I do and I'm hoping SANTA this X-mas spread some of that fairie dust around our world and bring along a couple of his Black Elfs carrying their birch sticks and teach all those naughty kiddies a thing or two about the facts of LIFE. HELL YEAH!!



Anon and Ever

No doubt the square Uranus/Pluto will be intense but to what aim... Will the big corporations and the weak states win over the tendency to melt the world...

I see this as the groundbattle dominating the present and that will dominate the future in increasing, impredictable ways...

It will be ard to distinguish the two tendencies in the dust of the fight, in the time in which events construct, day after day, moment after moment...

Forget easy ways...

The square in fact is dynamic and in it the two energies cannot but enter in relation ven if a relation of fight...

What will it be the result... A whole new world, no doubt on it...

A whole new world with basic different perspectives...

So when we are judging this square inside our **present categories** I think we really run the risk to miss the point...

Sue Moon

With you on this one Robert and returning to love more and more as the only answer. Everytime fear comes up, I turn up the love.


"The coming "New Age,"...There will be entirely new ways of relating to what life on Earth really means".

In case you would like an example of what Robert suggests, have a look see here:


Beth in SoCal

People have a tendency to get ahead of themselves... a hazard for astrologers no doubt. The take away between here and there..."prepare wisely to get through and beyond the conflict and crash....." Thanks as always for a good read.


Haven't we gotten a glimpse already? The Arab spring? The Occupy movement? Would you categorize these revolutions as U square P energy? Since we've read that this energy is similar to what was around in the 60s, can we expect more of this? I guess I'm a little confused by the word, "crash."

Thanks as always

JJ Moates

Love it, gotta make point of check in here more often...........
-JJ in tucson


Hi caliban - The old order never yields easily unless it is bankrupt of energy or other means to sustain its hegemony. But once the tipping point is passed, then we'll collectively forget a lot of what was dysfunctional, since we'll be facing new realities. How many remember a world before computers? It took about 25 years, but they're pretty much a constant globally and they keep morphing into even new technologies.

Hi Kathryn D - Of course. The square simply helps us release energies, or curb energies, that we've mastered through the Fire and Air signs (for Uranian health) and the Earth and Water signs (for Plutonic health). For example, the Jupiter trine Pluto harmonized and stabilized understanding and function releases through Uranian newness in Aries. Once Jupiter enters Gemini, it will be in a very productive relationship with Uranus via the sextiles and quintiles. Those building and specializing energies will be released through Pluto. During the times Saturn quintiles Pluto, those unique forms and gifts will also release through Uranus, itself in a long term triseptile with Saturn showing major forks in the road of destiny for all of humanity, like "ending" a useless war while the Senate votes to violate the Constitution.

Hi Micheline - Well, as we learn how to be positive in attitude and act during these very weird and conflicted times, we will function as parts of "the corrective force of Nature Herself." That may be the best it gets, since we're never separate from Mother Nature and the more we learn how to get out of our own ways and cooperate in bringing forth the best that Nature dictates, we will be in a major groove.

Hi Zephyr - Glad you like it. Yes, we ARE Eternals, and in focusing on that which is Eternal, we lose the sense of separateness and the confusion of the lower mind.

Hi Morlokk - Glad you checked in! Thanks for digging how I articulate that which I believe helps all to the WAY. I figure that the 500-600,000 visits I get here each year is just all right, since those who come here are grooving on the ONE. It's only the bold ones who comment!

How could I not believe in the stealthy one who spreads joy, presents, and coal? Soon we'll all see the value of One Love, One World, One Race, One Life, and then some mischief making will be done forever. A truly Merry and Happy to you as well!

Hi Anon and Ever - It's a clash between the old dying way and a new way that is not yet clear or established. Just remember that the instant that "evil overcomes the good," it perishes of its own lack of substance. Nothing can stand only for negation, and that's what the current exploitive dying system is. Even if it "wins," it loses, since soon there will be nothing to own in the traditional sense. And yes, this battle will increase in unpredictable ways. That said, evolution is a one way street, and the cosmic cat's out of the historical bag....

Hi Sue Moon - Yes, love is the answer, as Saint John once wrote. Fear is the ultimate mind game, and a great thing to extinguish forever.

Hi JP - The link's pretty far out stuff! New ways of seeing life, time, space, matter, energy, electricity and magnetism. Further developments to come!

Hi Beth in SoCal - Well, just because we see what's coming doesn't mean those things will turn out the way we assume, given human free will and the possibility that someone will yield to fear and panic when they don't need to. That's why I've always counseled people to think in terms of outliving and outlasting this current breakdown, breakthrough, and breakaway.

Hi Elizabeth - Only in the sense that freedom is our Divine Estate, and no one needs to continue to live under oppression one minute longer than it takes to get free of fear. Yes, the obvious revolutions could be associated with this square setting loose the Grand Irrationality, where we're all choosing the future over and over and over and over...

The old system must crash as it's unsustainable. That crash will create a lot of damage, as it has already has, all over the world, through violence, greed, waste, widespread destruction, and pollution of every sort.

Hi JJ - Glad you dropped in! It won't be long now! "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we're free at last!"

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