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Mel Tucker



WOW. Well Robert I speak fluent french and if the vid is fake there are many ways to figure that out. Like you said in your article above, things like the resolution being to high ect.... Ahh People.
I will maybe check it out later. I have to get going right now. Interesting and crazy stuff!!!


Hi Mel - Not sure what's good, but I'll accept it anyway!

Hi Micheline - Well, I checked out what is being said on various comment streams, and apparently there is a problem with the guy's French, given that he supposedly was in France as a child in a little village during the war and after. Someone busted the accent. If you or anyone else speaks French, that could also give us some confirmatory information....

Veronica Norman

Well, I didn't go look at his video. What did catch me about this posting from Robert, was that today I read a piece from Tibetan Monks from 4 years ago that also prophesied the appearance of "aliens". This piece is more fitting with the community of humanity that growing numbers of us are working to energize, away from fear.


Hi all - Two things that have been bugging me about this video: 1) He infers that he was born around 1940 ("had visions when I was 10 in 1950") but I cannot believe that anyone shot on camera in 1980 with the technology of the time would look that young at 40! I mean, I've had makeup done when going on camera, but at 40 I NEVER looked that young. (Plus it does look like a wig....) 2) I directed hundreds of hours of interview television back in the 80s, and I can't figure out why the interviewer's questions were cut. Totally edited out. That make ZERO sense from a directoral standpoint, since the audience has no context for the answers. That is very strange. I've only known a few instances of such things, and this isn't anywhere near the usual style of such off-camera interviews.


The video is not a hoax. The world is ending this year. I can save you with my prayer handkerchief. It is guaranteed to reverse engineer the DNA changes that the Annunaki did to the human race thousands of years ago. It is only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Please go to Visa and MasterCard accepted.


If they're coming....hope they stop here cuz I've been waiting for them for a very long time! Like the song....Get Ready cuz here I come!!

julie moss

Did it have ectoplasm? A ghostly hand or a trumpet materialising would have been cool!! Better than a wig. Do you remember those fake 'fairy in the garden' photos that fooled even Arthur Conan Doyle? Or maybe the wig could take on a life of its own, and start levitating - UFW - unidentified flying wig.


Well well "I can save you with my prayer handkerchief" Funny. I´m a bit psychic myself and I say no no to this. In one way I think the aliens are here already..This world is like a hologram.


Ha! Yes, we can flap our hankies at the wig and make it all go away...


Can the hankie make the wig do tricks? I would buy it. My 2nd house Saturn wants to know when it will go on sale.
I speak un petit peu of French & have a great ear for accents - I'll check it out. Sounds fun.


:) .. Maybe if you wrapped a bit of catfood in the hankie and dragged it slowly past the wig.. it looks like it's already for sale. Iris, you are in luck! At $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Allo allo? I also have a modest smattering of La Francais, learned at great expense to moi self - C'est fantastique, Mon Dieu, un Wiggie qui mange et avez la Vie! Un magique 'ankie. Quoi next??


Julie: Great, but my Saturn wants to wait for the 1/2 off sale! He never wants to pay full retail. So what did you think of the psychic's accent?
I thought he sounded more French than Canadian. No self-respecting Frenchman, however, would have worn that outfit in 1980. Either he would have worn Levi jeans with a polyester shirt or he would have worn polyester pants with the jacket & tie. Also, he has no sideburns!?! in 1980? I did like the albums in the corner - that was a nice touch. I've never heard of a psychic before who knew exactly what year his visions stopped. Also, I had not considered that if there were no humans in physical form here on earth, one would lose the ability to predict the future past that point. Hmmm. On the other hand - there is never a shortage of fear mongers & jokesters.


Add investigative Journalism to your resume.

Isabel Nobre

I am SO GLAD that you are so sensible about these things! You see, many people just "embark" on whatever they find on You Tube in such an incredible "blind" way" And - funny enough - these are usually the same people that easily disbelief anything coming from official sources, but they totally "swallow" any in-congruency online!

Dear Robert,

Thank you for being you.

This message of yours may be VERY IMPORTANT, bacuse it shows us how careful one must be... And there is such disinformation going on!



The clip is of Jacques Vallee, born in France in 1939. He is not a psychic but a computer scientist and ufologist. I found this site which has a quote of his from the 1970's and seems very accurate:

" Finn, referring to the French computer scientist Jacques Vallee’s predictions in the late 1970s, describes the “Digital Society” as

a data-driven, centralized, society in which personal privacy all but disappeared through development of large databases that cross-referenced all information related to the individual including health, education, employment, communications, and even shopping choices. The development of super computers and cheap storage makes this society a possibility. Social work practice must include monitoring the development of such applications and advocating against them."

There are plenty of videos on youtube of him and you can find a lot more by googling his name.


Also, the world is not coming to an end in 2012. The bit with the Mayan calendar is nothing more than incorrect translation of language. Their cycles are known as worlds. 2012 ends one of their cycles, so in their calendar it's the end of a world. Not the end of THE world.

Those coming from other planets will be coming to help us. Read more about it in Dolores Cannon's book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth".


Hi Emmie - Well, I checked and it doesn't seem that Jacques Vallee and the guy in the video supposedly from 1980 are the same person. I plan to do some more research, but right now there's no connection I can find between the recent video and Jacques.

Yes, the community here knows the world isn't coming to an end, and I've written extensively over the years about the various Mayan calendars, which ones are ancient and which are modern, and what the Mayan authorities have had to say about the glamorous nonsense being promoted by hucksters. Long time readers also know that I've written extensively about the nature of human, planetary, and cosmic evolution, and how to regard these transitional times from an angle of accelerated spiritual realization and the awakening in the race of Etheric awareness in its various forms, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, distance diagnosis and healing through magnetic means, and other such emerging disciplines. There are dozens of articles and references in various comment streams in the archives on such things.

Much of what has been and will be was spelled out in the venerable source reference "The Secret Doctrine" which predates almost everything else out there, since ALL "new age" concepts derive from that work or the writings of someone who studied that work or their students. It makes it very clear where we've been, where we are, and where we're evolving toward, without most of the glamor of the stuff written the past 60 years about such things.

Personally, I don't believe that humanity needs help from our friends in outer and inner space as much as we need to apply the realizations already known to produce concrete spiritual results that benefit humanity. We are not as weak, helpless, or ignorant as it seems. But many don't want to walk the walk. This is a time when humanity is literally dividing into various evolutionary groups, and many will be moving on to other schemes, both in this solar system as well as others. That's what happens at the end of the subraces of the Root Races, as well as during even larger transitional frames of reference encompassing many millions of years. There are many different evolutionary crucibles, and Earth is merely one. However, after this transitional period is done, we will find ourselves perceiving life on Earth in material forms from a radically different angle of understanding time, space, magnetism, electricity, life, matter, and our Lovingly Wise and Intelligent Eternal nature.

We really don't need space people to mentor, guide, or help us, though of course they are welcome to let us know they're there and want us to relax into a greater awareness, individually and collectively. We are part of a much larger harmony of life, and at some point will reclaim our Divine Estate and join the larger show. We already have all we need to make this Earth a renewed paradise, once the ones who clutch at fear, separateness, glamor, and illusions either move on or awaken to their part in the play and stop being retrograde in mind, feelings, and actions. Humanity is evolving out of old myths, old paradigms, and old ways of relating to All-That-Is, and the new era will be a lot better than most are believing it will be. And yes, this cosmic cantina is just a small part of that effort toward promoting an awareness of our non-separateness at the intersection of Fate Street and Freewill Street on Eternity Boulevard in this corner of the Twilight Zone.

By all means, if you want to learn more about some key things going on, check out Eternity, Life and Death, and Our Conscious Evolution on Earth Ending Fear and Suffering. There are more, but that's always a good place to start the journey.

And truly, muchas gracias for the tip about Jacques! I plan on investigating more about his work, since I also have a 30+ year history studying the various manifestations of our friends from outer (and inner) space. We're all in this together.....


Hey All, I listened to the vid. He is def Francais. I am not from France but French Canadian but I talk like that now cause most of French speaking friends are from France. And well after a while you get tired of them telling you speak funny or tu est vraiment migone!! which means you are so cute when you speak that funny quebecois hahaha

I have to look at what else was written up there it seems someone has found more info on him. Jacque... something... I posted the vid on facebook for my french connection to check out and let me know if they know this guy....

Lets see what happens with that. Anyway, I listened to all of what he said he was off with some stuff. No one not even Edgar Cayce can say that they are completely perfect at predicting or seeing the future accurately... Anyway after having to deal with a huge earthquake, watching the drama of Fukushima unfold right in my backyard, i finally figured out that there never was any such thing as safe, the world has always been changing one way or another....Tohoku had a huge earthquake like that 100 years ago, it was documented because the survivors of that previous earthquake an 8 or 9 left tsunami markers for the next generation, which of course totally ignored it, as history got forgotten, people moved closer to the sea again, not thinking that it might ever happen again, from what i heard a whole bunch of old families who were from the generation of that last earthquake, did not ignore that and have passed that info down to people but people ignore it so that they can make a living as fishermen ectera... such is the world folks
back to the dude let me do more searching
i love mysteries


i wonderrr if he saw any thing about LEGALIZE LEGALIZE LEGALIZE wooooooooohooooooooooooo


I am French and I can confirm that this guy is absolutely not a Quebecker.


I am from Quebec, and this man is from France,, the 1980 and the translation was done later on, since it was made for a french public only,, as for the HD,,, they just came out with WW11 video swith from regular into HD,,HD as been used since the 1940" the Queen Coronation was done originaly in HD,,the Video to me seem like the 1980" but again the only clue I found is *is it real?* and if it is,,,it is very scary to watch and listen too!,, because 2012 have been the date many past human culture have predicted,, and the UFO sighting are also increasing!,,,well we have 6 months before to find out! :)


Hi everybody just a short message... i just discovered the video... Like most of U here i was (at least at the beginning) a quite impressed and searched the web to,discover more...That's how i came here...As a pure french parisian i can assure you this guy is too.. Beleive me i watched the video several times and with my french sensitivity i also came to the conclusion that this guy is acting. Especially at the end... The end is elaborately staged to give the impression that he can't stand his clairvoyance.. In fact this is a good way to reenforce the act and close this so called interview...
I've been in Canada many times... He is not...
And basically i agree This is an hoax... Do U think that our friends ET need to wait 2012 to destroy us!..


This is a hoax. The man's jacket isn't from the 1980's because the cut is completely wrong. In the 80's, the jackets had very wide lapels, with a loose "box" cut shape. I have enclosed a link of the real man who is being represented poorly in the hoax video:

Sean McIver

Haha - this made me laugh, as a friend said that I was being talked about on the internet as a psychic. I'm not *the* Sean McIver, sadly, so don't get your hopes up - but thanks for giving me a great laugh. :-)


I Though it might be fake too. The lighting, the resolution, the records in the background.
For english it seems that the subtitles are a distraction from his physiological movements and body language.
I wasn't able to keep track of his movements the whole time. But there was something odd about when he couldnt come up with the words to describe.
When he was thinking of an 'image' he appeared to be grabbing with his hand, like he was struggling to find the image in his head.
Indicating he is a real psychic.
I still dont fully believe.


So a couple of not so intelligent sounding young guys decided to debunk the debunkers, not using their wits entirely (except to call Mcguill university), but calling on experts to review the evidence and speak on camera. They've released 4 episodes so far, all fairly credible. So the mystery continues and we are 26 days away from the end of the year and supposed alien contact... or 17 if it's on Dec 21st. ;-)

I see a lot of people here saying it's fake, but can offer no credible proof of it being fake. Suspicion and hunches aren't good enough I'm afraid.

The Nietzermann Case - Episode 1:


It is French comedian Olivier Thomas. Et voila.


Hi Q - Well, it seems a) Olivier Thomas doesn't exist, and b) we all survived 2012 in high style. And "someguy," we do not have to prove it's fake. They have to prove it's real. In absence of other proofs, the burden of proof is on those who make the claim. And it sure does seem that unless all of us missed it somehow, any aliens among us are still among us but chose not to come out of the closet, so to speak. I'm sure that if the UFOs were hovering over the White House we'd have seen it on NBC rather than funerals.

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