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abuse.. something I encounter daily. every minute. every second. The individual doing the abusing is spiritually advanced, telepathic and able to manipulate my body via his mind.
Nope, no joke this is for real. my body is manipulated like I am a puppet. Disturbing - I am "learning to live with it". like a "chronic disease". or like a "battered woman who grins and bears and goes on like its normal". Here is the saddest part of the story, he is absolutely aware, and conscious. Its just that he simply does not care about how it affects me. its fun and a joke to this person. In fact its so funny that I can feel my cheek beig pulled at you know like i a a silly child. Lucky are those who can go to the authorities and get a restraining order, as for me I cannot. I doubt anyone will ever believe what I say. Did i mention, he writes books and blogs about humanity, spirit, metaphysical love, and even astrology. great blog keep up the good work..


Sometimes when we are victims of abuse we have a "spiritual contract" with the abuser for us to reclaim our power in the situation and most times when we allow that to happen the abuse stops or does not have any power to control one anymore, we must consciously break the contract, which may have originated many many lifetimes ago,I send much love to all who face abuse and who have endured abuse of any kind, but know that this too will end, and you have more power in the situation than you think.....


This is a very important subject for me. Working very hard to clean myself of abusive treatment effect on my early emotional life.

Debbie Eastick

I have experienced a lot of emotional abuse in my younger days, and it led me to contemplate on the possibility that it would take a very loving and courageous soul to be willing to be the "bad guy" divine tool in my life to give me the opportunity to overcome this by being and doing good by example. I often then hope I have honoured their gift.


Hi shinis - First, break the inner contact and they will have absolutely no power over you. All of these psychic manipulations exist on the Astral and Mental levels, and as such have no intrinsic reality. When you choose to break the emotional links that keep you in this drama, they will lose all power over you. This being cannot be "spiritually advanced," or even knowledgeable about metaphysical Love or Spirit, or they wouldn't be indulging in the sort of psychic mischief you say is happening. Why don't you go back to my article on "Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations and Thought Forms" and begin to do the affirmation at the end? Get rid of fear and especially doubt and it should work pdq.

Also, get a copy of "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay and go through it. You will find some powerful affirmations in there that will over-ride lesser thought forms, both within and without. Ultimately, you can break this being's ability to do mischief to you on any level, as well as any other potential future mischief by this one or any other, through using concentration, meditation, and contemplation exercises to cultivate detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and the ability to generate Bodhichitta, or good will. All black magic and manipulations exist on the Astral (psychic) and Mental levels, which are inherently unreal since they have no independent existence other than what is forcibly generated over temporary periods of time.

This Being has absolutely no power over you except that which you indulge. Renounce and sever the astral connections and this person has no ability to influence you. As you consciously affirm that you are under Divine Grace, and therefore the infinite Power and Love of Divine Mother, you will see lesser influences melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West when hit by water. Truly, this being's "power" will quickly evaporate into a mere nothing.

God is the only power that is - since you are a part of God, then no lesser thing or being can have a negative influence if you choose to renounce and deny that influence. And only a fool would dare to try to manipulate a consciously identified God-being, since all they would send would turn back upon them like the Furies grabbing the evil one in the movie "Ghost." If you are under the Divine Grace and protection of Divine Mother, I wouldn't want to be in this mischief maker's shoes, since truly, those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.

Hi Kay - Absolutely! When we sever the connections, others have no power over us. Since we are sparks of Eternal Light/Life that exist within the Greater Light/Life we call "God," and "God" is All-That-Is, we cannot be influenced by clouded beings of unworthy motives unless we choose to identify with the lower rather than the higher. Once we eliminate the centers of receptivity where lesser thought forms take hold, we cannot be influenced against our Higher Self or its ability to take control of the lower triad at will. And you speak the truth when you state that we have more power than we think.

Hi ull - Practice makes perfect! As we become conscious of ancient destructive patterns, we can consciously change them to more helpful patterns in action, feeling, and thought. As we learn to spot and transmute old feelings and ideas of fear, victimization, avoidance, and suffering, we come into love, power, clarity, and strength, which of course are the attributes of the Higher Self. As we consciously identify with the Higher Self, the lower triad of personality falls into line and we can never be victimized again.

Hi Debbie - We honor the gift through redeeming the promise. We are the Higher Self, and all lesser things must be placed within that context. As we come to regard everything as grist for the mill of Soul, we change the patterns that keep us stuck in unhelpful responses.

Hi all - One thought - Really, how can "God" be victimized? As we consciously identify with our God-Self, we cannot be victimized either. Change patterns of identifying with behaviors that lead to a sense of victimization, and you change your life forever. Though there are many lesser karmas to be worked through in this life and others, as we know ourselves to be our Divine Self, totally identified with and enveloped by our Father-Mother God which is One Indivisible Light-Life-Love, we can never be manipulated by lesser things since "God" provides absolute protection and guidance. And since we are forever part of that, what is there to fear? Do not give the illusion any more power than it deserves, which is none. You cannot be victimized by an illusion.


I will print this and keep it under my pillow, to read every night! I have spent a lifetime it seems to try and figure out how certain human beings in my life can be so inhumane and sometimes evil!! I have tried to lead by example but all I have managed to achieve is a near destruction of my soul. I am no match for such dark beings I am afraid and since I refuse to stoop to such levels of deprivation I have started a disempowerment process since last year. It is taking longer than I would like it to but circumstances demand this. Bless you Robert, and thank you for your wisdom!!!


"Get thee behind me, Satan" is a good, time-honored one to use, too.


I recently had an experience with someone who was abusive, and I had the idea in my head that perhaps it was karmic, and perhaps was a lesson to me in developing compassion. And, in the end, I was right, but in a different way than I thought. I thought I needed to learn compassion (and forgiveness) for others, despite their humanity. Turns out, I needed to learn compassion for MYSELF. To not accept that kind of behavior being turned toward me, regardless of what pain or issues the other may have.


Hi Elizabeth - First priority is to preserve the loving strength of your Heart. With that, all things are possible.

Hi Anne - Yes, I've used that myself in earlier days. Now I advise something like "May the Love of the Eternal One banish that which I fear."

Hi Heather - I'm sure you'll like what I go into in part 2. Enjoy!


what if you yourself cause abuse in reaction to being abused on an unconscious or subconscious level, in relation to whom you love? And what if you didn't mean to and what happens if your conscious of what you did and say, are truly sorry for it. It still reaps karma then i suppose?


thanks so much Robert, will take to heart your advice and begin implementing those techniques into my life. I wish god could just offer me a restraining order to keep this person at bay. He is also a physician btw. sad but true. Again thank you so very much for the advice.


you rock. blessings! safe surfing in weird times my Friend... thanks for the reminder in perspective!


If a crime has been committed, what do you do? Do you contact that person, years later. Do you then connect your future with theirs? I suppose you do.. if you are brave. I suppose you could leave it, but then, silence is all that is required of us. What is needed for healing and how does natural justice then work. As human beings, we at least need to speak up about what has happened.


Hi Julie - I suppose it depends on the crime, and whether a contact would lead to problems. I tend to leave what is dead to the dead, and move forward into a better way freed from contact with those who abused me. And I speak up as I walk my walk whenever it's appropriate, so that others may learn from my past experience. Remember that sometimes "justice" is found in living well, in ways that do not invite any future abuse.

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