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Cheryl Ramcharan

Beautifully done, Robert. Thank you.


Thank you Robert


Even for you, Robert, this is an extraordinary piece.

Is it reasonable to say that now, everyone on the planet has the opportunity to experience a taste of what we Pisceans live into and through every moment of every day?

And further, that the Piscean nature -- in all its wondrous and heinous depth and breadth -- will not only be seen as "fashionable," but will be embraced with a new level of respect and, (for lack of a better word), legitimacy?

If so, that would be refreshing, to say the least. Perhaps, in the spirit of James Bond, I will print up new cards that simply say: 031853.

Thank You!

Debbie Eastick

Thank you Robert, beautifully put. I would like to add, if you dont mind, an understanding I gained while working through 42 years of life, to understand what I knew at age 8, yep i was unusual even then, The suggestion is that our own spirit, is much like nuclear power extreme bright light and heat, the healing of angels being akin to the strength of laser beams. Thus your reference to nuclear power, no it wont be contained for ever as neither will the spirit of humanity, nuclear power can destroy or heal (as in its use to cure cancer) depending on the intent of energies present. Not saying im right, but it is an understanding that makes sense to me now at 50 and yes, I have chiron in pisces :)

I wont be offended if you choose to delete my post as this is your space and I respect that, Debbie


"Of course, it could also result in mass delusions, hysteria, ungrounded belief systems, and superstitious faiths willing to betray their spiritual underpinnings."

The first thing that popped into my head when reading this: revelations, the antichrist and the rapture.

Onward through the fog, indeed!


I´ve always been a surfer in the Neptunic Ocean, you need to be aware of the powers in that element of course. I am happy for this, there is no other way. It will be great for us dreamers, for the poetry and for the music. And for spirituality indeed.


"Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels' hierarchies?

and even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart:
I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence.
For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure,

and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
Every angel is terrifying.
And so I hold myself back and swallow the call-note of my dark sobbing.
Ah, whom can we ever turn to in our need?
Not angels, not humans, and already the knowing animals are aware

that we are not really at home in our interpreted world".


Must add this.
"held securely in the lap of Divine Mother".
In times of need you can always call on our mother.


Great post that I am sure is just the opening one of many to follow along the same lines.
Indeed a new collective mythology and theories are needed in many fields: Science, Religion, Economy, Ecology, Humanity, Health, Human relations, etc. are coming about. The losing of the old reference points, even if they have proven to be inadequate can feed into the feelings of being lost and sailing through foggy waters. But that is a good thing, for the old is passing giving way to new mythologies to guide humanity into a closer relationship to what humanity really is and to its relationship to the rest of the Whole. A truer understanding, action and life. We are in the making.

Jo Garceau

Robert, a beautiful post! Meditating night before last on a single incident of soul contact during the past week, abruptly it seemed the ramifications rippled forward and backward through both time and space, affecting not only the principals involved but also any one connected to them and those related to the second wave and the third and fourth, so on to infinity. Generations before and generations to follow all involved...and the ripples moved out across the globe, the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. All in an instant! And it happens every day, every moment, aware or unaware...

Beth in SoCal

Cancer-5 Here. First, thank you once again for another insightful article. My fog is rooted in the loss of family & friends. Detachment for any Cancer is a real challenge, so the fog for me is going on without many of the pillars of my life - the fog of an unknown future. "Pisces is the sign of bondage, but also rewards." Yes, we lose our loved ones and are faced/forced with detachment. Buddha stated attachment is the cause of all suffering - and so it is, but with that detachment comes a greater understanding of the essence of life.

Shehzaad Maroof

wow amazing post dear Robert!!! feelings.. without it i feel nothing :)
"here we all come together in a common feeling-field, experiencing what all of humanity and the life forms on the planet have experienced since the dawn of time." Cheers :)))
GOD bless you brother


""It is also where we first turn the corner in a 500 year sub-Age that began 1888-1894."

Robert, would you elaborate more? Are you referring to Neptune's ingress into Gemini in 1888?


looks like many people are looking forward to Neptune in Pisces... for me, a Cancer lady it's a return to romance and ethereal beauty. something like a cross between spiritual bliss and an ideal of perfect love. i haven't felt anything in a long time and i'd like to FEEL again. I don't know how it will unfold but now that Neptune has arrived i'm ready for it. thanks for a great article as usual. :)


Maybe, we'll awaken to the devastation in our oceans...and clean them up!

Also looking forward to how life unfolds with my husband who is a pisces. He already has some pretty wild dreams...I can't imagine how prophetic (or confusing) they'll get now!

Beth in SoCal

Valerie: Cancer-5 here. I just was reviewing my transits and I am in a long term Neptune Trine Venus. Sympathy, compassion, beauty, art, creativity, romance, love, the oneness of all. Very, very powerful & positive. I had written yesterday of loss. Later in the day my father-in-law passed. He treated me like his own. It's a big loss for his family & all that knew him. Feel like my heart chakra is wide open. Very welcome change after a few years of tension, friction, and some real upheaval reflecting the world at large.


My husband is a Pisces; he quit his job in July of 2011 and hasn't looked for work yet...things getting financially stressful. I have stayed home raising kids and grandkids for 40 years. I am a Sag with Pisces rising.
Any suggestions on how to steer my raft on this portion of the journey; feeling rather like jumping ship of late...


My natal neptune is in Libra (8th house) as well as Saturn. So I am very aware of the second Saturn return party I have been attending.

mary streets

Robert, Please be taking care of yourself. Miss your words. Mary

william kalbacher

unbelievable friday jan. 3 with that trine...

then saturday moon hit cancer and aspected all outer planets

I felt it... like... i mean, one of those devastating things

I knew it was coming.. Jupiter accelerated on saturday (I am aries)

last thing I remember was watching the movie "Cabin Boy" and

falling asleep not to awaken till afternoon saturday just starving (ceres)
and I made mistake of leaving house ha

a rainy day in d.c. .... neighbors complaining of 'mud'

-But it's real.

I get references to light, sufism, other things... it's crazy
it's scary too.

mars retrograde they say aries needs to lose the ego for this...
how do you do that? be nothing... ? I am trying



"Add the constant pressure of "The Grand Irrationality," and it's probably safe to say that things will get weirder before they get productive a few years down the road."

Er, speak for yourself ;). I'm gonna turn all the crazy into writing material! Heh heh.

Thanks as always, Robert, for your work.


Oh my achin left brain. As I "sleep", I am aware that my left brain is continually trying to figure out the patterns emerging from my right brain. Sometimes I am working so hard in my sleep that I wake up in a sweat. Weird.

If I take time when I rise, like get up with time for lounging before blasting off for the day, I have had some success clearing my mind and allowing the message to come into conciousness, even though I have no recollection of dreaming that, persay.

I awake nauseous when my studies enter into my dream time. I find myself trying to put calculations to right brain activity. That is insane. Ergo the nauseousity.


Cancer-5- i have Moon Sun and Jupiter in Cancer, Moon trine Neptune. i have known bliss in the past and look forward to it again. sorry about your father-in-law. bless his memory. if you feel something in your heart that's a very good sign. thanks for your input!

Linda- i also have Neptune in the 8th house conjunct Saturn(in Scorpio 2º) and am also on the verge of my 2nd Saturn return. happy to join your party! hope your husband finds something... i've been looking for work for over two years. perhaps Neptune will bring something serendipitous... Namaste to all :)


Robert this whole Neptune in Pisces has been flowing in and out of my mind! Hahaha
I love some of your wording and poetic mentionings on the subject here. Like how shapes and forms blur together and your mention of the last time Neptune was in Pisces. So, that got me wondering about art somehow. As it would. I wondered what was going in the area of art. Well, in 1888 it was Monet


Sorry couldn't finish my iphone had a hiccup and my computer had a nervous breakdown and all i have is the tiny black box to cyber with! Sigh
And Van Gogh. And then in 1890 we got Nouveau art!!!!
I still need to look at music. But when you posted this. I started getting some very cool ideas for music vids.

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