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Thank you! That was enormously helpful. As I have a stellium in Leo, with the asc. at 19 degrees Leo, and my Moon is 18 Aquarius -- all of this receiving a *cough* helpful *cough* square from Saturn in Scorpio, I am very curious about this particular Full Moon, how best to be conscious of its energies and use them as well as I can.


Great post! I'm also lit up, with Asc at 18 Aquarius and Mercury at 17 Leo. Curious to see what develops today, because I have a meeting about finalizing my creative project and getting it out into the world, but there's a good chance I'll need to go back in for MORE work on it!

My question is about the rising sign degrees from around the world that you always include. How do you use those and what should we know about them, for example, the general tone of the rising in the area closest to us, etc? Just curious about how to make the best use of all the great info you give us! Thanks!


So timely thank you Robert!! I am on fire with Mars at 21 Leo, Saturn at 22 Leo, Pluto at 14 Leo and Transpluto at 5 Leo Rx - I wonder how it will all work out in the end....

I, too, often wondered about the rising sign degrees of the Full/New Moon around the world and their significance to us as individuals, thank you!

Cheryl Ramcharan

Thank you, Robert. Your use of the wisdom of Rudhyar, and Dr. Jones truly lights your work! Wonderful.


Thank you, Robert. Due to my work schedule we will be holding our full moon group tomorrow night. We always discuss your articles. Everyone here sends their regards. Namaste.


when you say that the 2nd decan "invokes a sub-influence of Gemini and Sagittarius", does that mean a placement in the 1st decan of Leo/Aquarius would invoke a sub-influence of Taurus/Scorpio?

william kalbacher

yeah and saturn went retrograde,

little do people know that signified

a judgement day, good luck to all,

your going to need a lot of it if you

blew it (like I did..)

Cheryl Ramcharan

No such thing as "blowing it", keep on.


As usual great post. What makes me happier is that it seems your health is on the mend and allowing you to share your light with us all. Take it easy and take care of yourself. Keep well and flow with ease.


Hi Amy-Julia - You'll have a lot of light cast on your Moon, so you should have "the movie of your life" illuminated, and get clear about current motives v past ghosts. And with the ruler of your 12th conjunct your Ascendant, that influence will be doubled. Get clear about who you are and who you're not, and what of the past has influenced your Leo self image positively and negatively, blessing the passage via Sun conjunct your Moon.

Hi Reefaroundme - Sun on your Asc kicks off a new enlightened self image for the year, while the form builder puts the focus on your mind, writing, and coordinating principle. I include rising signs around the world to give a general sense of what's on the angles wherever you are. That gives a clue to where the planetary positions are in the chart for your part of the world that influence the next two weeks. So if you're somewhere on the eastern seaboard of North America (or just inland) then you probably have Leo rising in the Full Moon chart for where you are, giving you a sense of how things fall in your part of the world. I do it because many don't have access to a chart computing service, but want to know the general influence for their part of the world, and the rising sign for where you are is just that in a general sense.

Hi Elizabeth - The Moon will put the focus on how you're using these Leo energies, giving you a sensitivity to these so that you can change how they express, as a result of the opposition to the Sun and Mercury giving awareness of how these are working.

Hi Cheryl Ramcharan - You're most welcome. Over the years many astrologers have used the symbols, but I've never found that any of them do justice to the meaning. Given my Neptune in the 3rd, I've always had an ability to see that the objects of perception can be seen in their symbolic meaning, but it took me a lot of training in Jungian psychology and some extensive work in dream interpretation symbols to put it together coherently. Too many take a "spaghetti shotgun" approach to symbols, throwing a bunch of them up and out hoping a few would stick to the walls of comprehension. I try to take what the Masters have offered, and interpret them in the context of modern psychology and the reality of human everyday existence. If you can work with them conceptually in terms of how these translate into your lives, then I've done what I am supposed to do.

Hi dcu - Very good! Will post the second article in an hour or so. My blessings to the group. See you in 2012!

Hi KC - No. When I reference the sub-influences, it deals with the modern decan system, whereby the first third of a sign partakes of its own nature, the second decan partakes of the influence of the next sign of that element, and the third third of a sign involves the previous sign of that element. This is important in understanding how the signs work. For example, the first decan of Aries is Aries, the second decan of Aries is Leo influenced, the third decan is Sagittarius influenced. The first decan of Aquarius is Aquarius influenced, the second third has a Gemini subinfluence, and the third decan of Aquarius has a Libra sub-influence.

There is also an ancient decan system that has its own sub-influences on the signs. The composition of the signs and their sub-influences will be the subject of a class I plan to do once my webinar ability is back up and running, since knowing the various influences that create what we call "signs" is crucial to any comprehensive knowledge of them.

Hi William - Actually, it'll just be a review of lessons learned so we can come to a philosophical completion about those lessons of repair and reconstruction, as per the section of the zodiac where Saturn is dancing. At least we have some ability to determine how Saturn works in our lives. The "real judgment day" in my opinion will be late June through late July, when Uranus squares Pluto and T-squares and Crosses abounding while Jupiter squares Neptune. Better be a very, very good Jedi Knight at that time, with skills well trained so as to be distracted not by the fogs and hard edge of revolution.

Interesting concept you put forth. I both agree and don't with Cheryl, in that yes, we can "blow it," sometimes very bigtime. Then again, NOW is the only time there is, and as long as we align ourselves with a greater and better way as a result of "blowing it," how could that be truly "blowing it?" Sort of like even "adharmic" actions can still lead us to Dharma.

I'll try to elaborate through three examples. Relationally, it could be said that we or they or both make mistakes and get alienated. But if they're truly a part of our larger Soul group, they'll be back, sooner or later, in this life or the next. If they're not truly a potential mate, or part of our Soul group, then regardless of what happened, we cannot "blow it" unless we forget the lessons we were taught regarding detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and generating positive intention, since then we'll have to go through them again, if not with that person then with another.

Same thing with work - it comes, it goes, we learn what we learn, and it all serves our grater evolution. Sometimes we have to move on quickly, other times more slowly, but it doesn't matter, since we WILL move on. That's evolution. The only thing to remember is how we are expressing our Higher Self, since that's the only thing that truly matters. And if our ego "blows it," so what? It just shows us where we never have to go again.

Now I'll share something with all of you I've never shared in public before now. True story to the best of my knowledge: About a thousand years ago I had a lifetime where I was a pretty aware person, but got seduced into saying and doing things I should not have said or done, merely to prove a point to those who were unworthy and unreceptive of that information. That led me into a sorrow and confusion and patterns that could not be "fixed" in that lifetime.

While I'm sure some of those patterns were worked on in a life I had in the 17th century, they could not all be addressed at that time due to circumstances forcing me to work on other patterns as a prelude to dealing with those more ancient patterns. This lifetime as a result of unconscious and conscious choices made in my teens and early 20s, everything came together, and the man writing these words has redeemed the promise of a thousand years ago, picking up the evolutionary story line from long ago, but consciously this time.

Having now walked this walk, I believe I have reached a point where it would be incomprehensible that I would "blow it" again as I once did, having been tested several ways around those themes these past 40 years. So while I may have "blown it," I have also been given the Grace to "fix it." Time means very little in the larger evolutionary sense, and eventually all is made right by our willingness to renounce ego opinions and dramas and go with aligning with our Higher Self and our Soul.

Hi Nicolas - Thanks for your wishes, as well as all other wishes posted across several comment streams, for my health. Sometimes the work load is grueling, since the demand is great and I'm only one person. Can't take it easy yet, but have already changed pattern and so am now resting between work focus, and preparing for a much more enjoyable environment in the near and distant future. Again, while some choices may seem to be a mistake, if we remember who we are and who we're not, eventually we get back on track in fine style.


Interesting info about your previous life. I also "made a promise" to be here at this time..So here we go again.


How kind of you to respond to my post. Thank you, and I hope you are feeling better.


That story helped me a lot, thank's for that, gonna keep it, bookmarking your page at the moment^^

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