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Debbie Eastick

I personally choose to see the courage and strength of those who rise above abuse rather than see them as victims. Namaste


well said.


You explained complicated things in a very clear manner. A true gift. Abused should never feel as victims or responsible for the abused they received. There is no excuse for abuse. Not karma or any supposed lesson to be learn are behind abuse. It is a wrong choice by another being. The abused should always remember that they are not what they felt and experience by the situation, but greater light and love beings with all their dignity and deeper wholeness untouched. They are not determined or negleted anything that is good in life. They can over come whatever they are feeling or felt, thinking or thought and move on to a wonderful loving life. As for the abuser..... Such behaviours must be stoped and dealt with, and let life, destiny, or faith as you please, do the rest.


such a lesson you gave us with these two posts should be published in books and taught in schools


When we look at outer abusive behaviour at some point there comes a time to watch the thoughts and the tone packaging the thoughts that are generated within self and directed at self. Then we get to learn to meet that self abuse, watch it, not push it away.....with awareness we can consciously make choices - releasing by simply observing when abusive outworn beliefs and patterns that ramble through our mind and not reacting and acting from them. Really lovely posts Robert.

The way you fiercely yet compassionately dove into these complexities is admirable, and the timing of this wisdom is exquisite. I am grateful for the insight into discerning growth from unnecessary suffering. I have grappled with this for years. And it has come to a perplexing head just this week.


This post (along with all others)is incredible. I marvel at the fact that there are people out there that think this way and live their lives by credos such as this Robert. (pls. excuse my grammar English is not my mother tongue.) I do try to maintain some level of understanding and compassion, and try not be succumb to the victim mode of thought, its getting better with time. after all this is not something that I can talk to anyone about, its something I am figuring out on my own as I go along. - uncharted territory. I cant really get a self help manual on this suject (yet). I am aware that I have not invited on any level conscious or subconscious this experience. YET at times my soul tells me it is unfinished business from the past. I hope that all transactions will soon be over, and that I will be (karmic) debt free from this situation. I trust my soul and what it is telling me. Robert your insight and compassion and clarity are astounding- yet there is one aspect, that will be hard for you to relate to (in this lifetime)- the female experience. With this earthly life comes a body, and to (woman or man) her body is sacred territory but as a female I feel that any violation of my body, is an attack on my soul. This feeling is on a deeper level than hurt caused by physical abuse.though abuse is horrific, mentally, emotionally, and physically, it is that deeper sense of violation that is most hurtful and destructive. i believe, ultimately it will carry over to other lifetimes as well. I'm just rambling now.
Like you say the mischief maker will reap what he sows, but i certainly dont wish this experience on anyone -even my perpetrator. I just hope with all my heart that he halts this now and lives the life he writes so prolifically about. One of love , compassion light joy and beauty. If he can conceptualize it, create it, write about it publish it preach and teach it he should (in theory) live it.Once again Robert -isthuthi (thanks) great blog. peace to you and all your readers. (too bad he does not read this blog)


Hi all - I'll answer your comments later. Right now I'm watching A Passage to India.

Hi shinis - Thanks for checking back in. I will try to offer something in greater depth later, perhaps in an email. That said, I know full well the sorrow, pain, and outrage that women suffer at the hands of men of lesser merit and unworthy intentions. I will not go into such personal things, but rest assured I know first hand the damage that the beings perpetrate on good people. These too will pass, whether because we raise the "golden thread" out of the muck into the Light, or whether they go into their own death spiral due to a lack of integrity. Ask Divine Mother for the protection you desire, and it WILL be granted almost before you can take another breath. She is the Lady of the Century, and all Shivaic beings must pay homage or be doomed to eternal winter.


I have used with tremendous effect a decree that was given to me 20 years ago, I offer it here to those whom it would benefit:

" I call upon Archangel Michael, to cut ALL ties and cords to people, places, situations, forms and matter that do not serve my higher purpose, and to protect me at all times night and day with his blue cloak of protective light"

With love......


Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "I don't care a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity, but would die for simplicity on the other side."

I've extricated myself from more than one abusive relationship in my life by answering this question: "Overall has this person made a positive contribution to the quality of my life?" The answer will make the course of action clear.


Thank you very much for this piece. it is very helpful to me bc I am an Aquarius 12H Sun and 6 H Moon.
I have lifelong difficulty distinguishing true wrongs done to me. I am always willing to serve humanity, often making up excuses for what I'm finally learning is just plain ad behavior.
Your clear explanations here add a lot of clarity to my foggy sense of what to consider reasonable behavior from others.


The only message I am getting from the abuser these days is, "stay away from me." Why ever do they come back? It's a quandry.

I do believe there is a difference between forgiveness and letting the abuser back in.


The notion of 'all things arise together spontaneously' seems key in this. As my life progresses and I cycle through event/astrological repetitions, I naturally gain insights into past abuses and my part in them, often in spite of understanding or behaviours I have adopted.
The fact is, abuse, one's own error and folly, hurt. This has to be felt enough before the instinct to survive and heal kicks in, like the first gasp for air after birth. In some people this reflex doesn't work as talking of 'victims', we often judge and really are frustrated ourselves wanting to push them into behaviour we think we know is right rather than trusting their process as different from ours. Often this thinking exposes an area of ourselves we are yet to recognise and forgive. In fact, being in the presence of someone I feel at some level isn't wanting to 'let me be' can awaken the donkey of my stubborn, anti-soul stuff! 'If you see Buddha on the road Kill Him' style.
None of us deserve humiliation and pain - sometimes in experiencing it we learn that - we don't however, need that experience to learn it. That is a frequently held misbelief. When we no longer believe that, it naturally expresses itself in our behaviour with others.Trust and forgiveness must always be of oneself first and takes a lifetime of learning what that means.


yes i agree with Caliban. there is a difference. I will never confuse the two again. thanks.

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