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I'm excited! Ready to move forward....


As has become custom, this Mars-ruled native is doing a back flip to celebrate the end of this Rx...


Robert - Mars conjunct Saturn at 25 Libra or 25 Leo? it looks like Leo, since it's mid-August. I know it gets confusing! Thanks - Molly

P.S. Re forks in the road (another blog) - you gotta be kidding! There are big forks in my life at the moment! and all are great destinies. I'm just looking for the Apparition (maybe that's Mars direct?) to tell me which way to go.

Thanks again for your writing!

Shayne Laughter

Thank you, Robert. This Mars rx started conjunct my Asc at 26Vi and stations direct conjunct my natal Pluto at 3Vi. Lots of old, old, OLD stuff being released and transformed.


My apologies! How did I think you made a typo? (another on-line astrologer does all the time; but that's the fast food version).

Just like said - Mars and Saturn are conjunct at 25 Libra (and also conjunct my natal Neptune at 25 Libra). The Sun is in Leo, about 25, conjuncting my natal Pluto at 25 degrees. Oh my!! The moon is at that degree too on Aug 15th, in Cancer. I'll be watching my life closely in mid-August! Should be a lively time for this early Scorpio and others of near my age.


Finally! Mars goes direct. Scorpio ascendant can´t wait..Friday Yipiee!


The mars Saturn conjunction will exactly make a grand cross with my natal tsquare of moon square Saturn and Chiron. The conjunct with oppose my moon. Each of my planets in my tsquare are at 25 degrees. Hmmm I wonder what this will mean for me...

Cheryl Ramcharan

"A coloured child playing with white children"
"...overcoming sociocultural prejudices"

...but I'm glad there are no race issues going on, as your next post proves.

Thank you for your wisdom!

Cheryl Ramcharan


Hey there, Robert was wondering if you're gonna write an article on Pluto Rx.

mary streets

dear robert, yippee!!! my bowel says THANK YOU!!!!

Debbie Eastick

I am soooo doing my best to remain in positive with all this. Last year due to strong affect of cardinal cross at 0' and now pluto opposing endlessly my natal merc, saturn pummelling my moon and now asc in libra, my chiron return and now mars stationing direct on my natal pluto which is opposing that chiron still in return mode, it has been tough. I am very grateful to have done so much spiritual work over the last 20 years or Ive no doubt i would not have survived it all. Currently homeless, jobless, in debt and now disconnected from family who are making very irrational choices under the control of my virgo brother, I stand alone, grateful the life i had built on false beliefs is gone, and doing my very best to have faith and be hopefull that this next phase will show some light as to my building something better from nothing. I know at the heartfelt level it is all for the best,Faith in the divinely created world is fortunately keeping me afloat. Love and healing to you all, and thanks for the inspiration Robert, much needed!


Nice comment Debbie. It's sad to follow at side when things are going to wrong direction. Hang in there. Can't help those who don't want it, yet.

I have very demanding parents (mostly for themselves). Their negative opinions are hard to understand. Still I made a trip to meet them last weekend. Try to make most of it. I cannot help, but I try to keep in contact in case they change their mind and ask it.
- That is the positive thing they have teach me - help people in need:)

Hardest part is to be extremely independent - live own life alone. I don't want my family negative back grown to determine my future eater. I will still go different or new direction:)


Ps. My both parents have virgo suns ;) And That is in my 12th house. -Place where Mars just love to hang all spring....

Give me luck for the Mars Direct pressures in that room.
I will need it.


"On a final note, Mars is septile Saturn. This is a very powerful aspect that begins the end phase of the current Mars-Saturn cycle that began when Mars conjuncted Saturn on July 31, 2010. From now until the next Mars conjunct Saturn at 25 Libra on August 15-16, many things will end, and beginning mid-August we’ll all experience a new two year cycle beginning wherever we have 25 Libra."

Wow! This will be my Mars return -- natal Mars is at 25 Libra. Can't wait for my Mars to be re-booted/re-calibrated. I have felt so sluggish this year -- like I just don't have energy. My natal Sun is at 20 Libra, so transiting Saturn has been/was holding down the light and strength of my Sun -- also have Sun/Saturn exactly conjunct in my SR for this current year that I'm in. I can't wait for deliverance!

Thanks so much for this info, Robert...


Rather relieved that's over - felt every one of those 80 days! This old sheep has done too many backflips I fear and you know what happens to sheep who get stuck upside down :( So delighted to have *ss to kick, I'm positively deferential this morning! I'm a 25deg Libra Neptune too in 11th. Not sure what kind of superconunction that's likely to be but forewarned etc.. Much love, good to be back at the Cantina..


This is precisely relevant to me. There is only one sentence that doesn't sound like an exact description of my situation. And it's great encouragement - thanks!


Hi Tom - Thanks for the catch. Just corrected it and figured I'd unpublish your two comments pertaining to the busted link which has been fixed. Glad your situation will move forward!

Debbie Eastick

We are all in this together, I've got your back in this helina!

I am doing my best to use the positive potentials of saturn conj asc, uranus sextile MC, Uranus sextile jup, to stand firm, learn what i was doing to myself when i was caught up in the toxicity and change the way I see myself to present myself as an inspiration to the pubic eye now.
Perhaps see what you have happening in your chart, look at the positive potential, as all energy is neutral until it is directed, to help yourself and as Gandhi so aptly put "Be the change you want to see in the world" thus helping your family in the long run too or as I also like to put it "to be the light at the end of the tunnel, one first has to reach the end of the tunnel and then shine"



Hi all - Yes, finally! We've already noticed a quickening around my parts, as have others who are checking in. Then there are the intermittent delays created by 50+ mph winds here in the middle of nowhere near the Continental spine....

Hi Mitraya - Will be writing more about the Mars conjunct Saturn closer to the actual event. That said, if the conjunction occupies the void of the T-square, then that's exactly what you need to resolve and release any conflict indicated by that T. It will involve making a basic personal decision to act in your long range balanced interests in the life areas where the conjunction falls.

Hi Cheryl - Well, these were symbols created long ago, interpreted by one of the greatest spiritual/astrological minds in history. Though Dr. Jones maintained we should not take the symbols literally, I do find it interesting that this symbol is in play while the US is having a spiritual crisis around a murder of a young black man by a vigilante.

Hi Damien - Well, I may try to reintroduce the "Spiritual Astrology" series dealing with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto events. Just one more very important influence to write about....

Hi Debbie - You have certainly been put through a great purification these past months! Pluto opposed your Mercury demands that you stay focused on the potentials apart from the limiting conditions without letting others or extraneous considerations to deflect you into losing your balance. Saturn on my Asc a while back put me in a learning/working discipline like I've never known. Worked 6 or 7 days a week at my practice, my writing, and my law school classes (all while petting the cat and maintaining good humor, of course!)

Find a long range discipline, settle into the groove, stay balanced while navigating that which pulls you this way and that, and allow this period to move you into efficient use of your Divine Plutonic potential to bring forth great works from tiny seeds. Saturn septile your Pluto over the past 6 months has opened the choice of new ways that you'll have to move into in June.

Jupiter have favorably aspected your Mercury for some time now, as is Mars. Really, all you need to do is get a specific plan and work it, and you should have some concrete results in a few weeks at the outside. While I know you've probably read these articles, perhaps going back and re-reading them with receptivity, meditating on the fact that you are part of a greater Life and you have a specific and necessary part to play in a greater whole can help you reorient. Start with Reinventing Your Life, Your Profession, Your Relationships, and Your Purpose and then to Dealing With Discouragement During A Search for A New Job or Work. You may also find some useful tools and insights by taking a new look at Looking For A New Job or Career? and the article from the next day involving the astrological factors.

You can also take a look at Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" to read about a miracle of self healing into a greater purpose (and eliminating cancer at the same time!), and if you want to go further, find a copy of "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn. It's really a question of turning away from outer things, finding your center of magnetic attraction, and then doing what must be done to attract yourself to a more appropriate and perfect job, life, relationships, and all the other good things in life. While it's often daunting, it's truly worth doing, since the payoff is a great life that makes the old one fit into a broader context of self-realization.

Hi helina - Yes, the world's demands do challenge us to stay balanced and keep the initiative in our own hands. I learned a long time ago that it's better to meditate consistently that others will find their way to a higher realization than to try to speak about such things. While helping others is part of our spiritual service, still, it requires discernment to know when to speak and when to remain silent. But prayers and meditations ALWAYS work their magic over time, in both subtle and obvious ways. And we're always walking our own walk, even when it seems to involve breaking free of "sticky paper" left over from past family karmas. At least with experience we can transmute old patterns into better ones.

Hi Catherine - Yes, and not only is it a Mars return, but Saturn on that Mars begins a new cycle and ends the one from the early 80s. With your Sun also involved, you're closing a long cycle and seeing a whole new set of responsibilities and ways of greater effectiveness. Just realize that though some "authorities" hold that Saturn holds things down, I have seen that it actually re-structures our lives according to who we have become relative to what is no more.

Hi Morvah - A whole new set of ideals has already begun to re-shape your life these past 6 months in a very productive relationship to your Pluto energies. Take a new look at your long range goals and ambitions, and get a new perspective about what larger work you might enjoy doing.

Debbie Eastick

Thank you Robert!

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