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Beatles tune comes to mind....
"So you say you want a revolution...."


What's weird is that "revolution" isn't on their list. Now that's a "through the looking glass" moment.


Maybe they should be looking out for 'commumity, peace, meditation, evolution, Aquarius, etc etc..'

mary streets

They are missing UFO, aliens and I would add Uranus square Pluto if they really want to see the end coming. How funny Robert. Mary

dounohoo Iam

revolutions usually occur because one party feels oppressed, bullied. After all there is NO smoke without fire. Although the oppressors would like us all to believe that the smoke manifesting out of thin air it does not.. nothing comes form nothing as julie and christopher sang. Passive aggression IMO is a very "dignified" type of bullying, and if it elicits a revolution then so be it. cowardly acts will not deter it, only acknowledging what has been done- and stopping all future behaviors that elicit oppression will.

dounohoo Iam

free speech aint free when its a one way street - it has to work both ways- not just for some who are socially acceptable but for all- especially those who are not such as those in need of coaching. Camp america is all about assimilating underdogs from all parts of the world- looks like some who adopt this country as their new home in hope of escaping/leaving elitist social setups forget this fact when they move here. The bringalong all that baggage from ch.

jo garceau

For the first couple years after 9/11 I became so paranoid, I was afraid to write about Bushie Boy and conservatives, protest the war, etc. I guess I got used to it. Nothing surprises me anymore...well, almost.

On the good side of things, I see the Murdock empire crumbling now.

Thanks, Robert, for the list and for the article. It's great.


Ridiculous. How the times are a changing toward the high end of the Grand Irrationality curve! Makes me want to post the article on fb...just to give these people something to do. lol!

Thanks for being so brave to post this article, Robert.


Hi Morvah and Mary - Don't give them any ideas! ;-)

Hi dounohoo - A revolution occurs when an obsolete system needs to be transformed by those responsible for a new order in that particular place and time within that system. If you don't belong to that system, then you have no business trying to forcibly revolutionize it. An example is meddling in someone else's personal affairs when we have no business doing so. When we can help, it's one thing. But if it's none of our business, then our well meaning efforts constitutes going where we don't need to go.

Passive aggression isn't necessarily a type of bullying, since the one who perceives they're being victimized is always free to go their own way and be somewhere else. Sometimes there's nothing to be acknowledged, but only put in the rear view, and both go their own ways without clinging to the need for payback. What baggage they take is truly none of our business when it's forgive and forget time. And some things in life are just that.

Hi jo - Well, I put myself on the line via a well known political blog, but at the end of the day I suspect the powers that be just don't care if we protest the war or not. They will do as they do until they crumble of their own obsolescence.

Hi elah - Well, I DID post this on FB, to demonstrate the absurdity of monitoring me when I speak of Tucson or hurricanes or China, where my brother was a professor for many years and was absolutely zero threat to American interests or security or whatever. This effort is just so much wasted taxpayer money. There are bigger threats than guys like me who post about wildfires in New Mexico, or the vulnerability of the San Onofre nuclear power plant to an earthquake in California. This kind of supposed security measure is truly a symptom that our "security apparatus" has jumped the shark......


oh my. can't help but toss in my two cents' worth. just today i told somebody on FB that anger is TOXIC and can make people SICK. well it's true! gee whiz i could get nailed now, although i know for a fact there has been a file on me in Washington DC since 1972 just for dating a guy who went into the Army on a covert mission. a great big raspberry on you guys, Homeland Security if you are reading this. i'm a 14th generation American and proud of it and what's more, i'm one of those renegade Quakers. HA!! :)


Dear Robert,

I happen to have a unique position that is in the "know" on things like this. The most important piece of information I can share with you is NEVER EVER believe anything you read in the media. Journalists make their living through the negative and the sensational - many are freelance and so every article that gets published is critical. Whether its true or not is not relevant - and more often than not, the story isn't true. Just today, I was dealing with a Reuters article that was missing substantial information that completely changes the story that was actually published.

As for any list, I'm happy to check the veracity but I highly doubt it. The USG just doesn't have the capacity to track words that everyone uses and facebook pages. It is far more likely that narketing companies and internet search engines are, and selling that information to companies.

Aquila ka Hecate

The US Department of Defense carelessly left a track on my blog, years ago.It's no surprise that I'm on their watchlist, though - given the tenor of my conversation there!
But there are too many of us to keep under constant surveillance. Remember that my people.

terri in Joburg


Hi Jeannine - Actually, the Pentagon does have the capacity to track all of us, via the TIA project initiated by "indicted co-conspirator" John Poindexter. They literally vacuum billions of words via computer and run them through software that scans for all of the above words and more. They really do have the capacity - but it's an idiotic way to target potential threats, since the threats are relatively few and I doubt potential terrorists are using city names in their communications. If so, they may be the first in history not to use code words. And there's an element of truth about the marketing companies, since they are more than happy to pay the Pentagon (or its shill) for the ability to tap those databases. Yes, Terri, they may be capturing fragments of conversations, but it's a long way from there to controlling everyone on Earth they're tapping.


How many of you here understand what 9/11 really was?

It was a grand scale hoax, which still has most people believing it was real.

September Clues dot info.

Clues Forum dot info.

Don't let them f. with your mind anymore.

Beth in SoCal

I think they missed these: Paradigm shift... Arctic ice shelf collapse... the Singularity... oh, and George Carlin's seven words you can never say on TV; Where is Firesign Theatre when you need them?


I believe that we all are at one time or another on their surveilance lists. The words chosen are so common and anyone for whatever reason can type them anytime.

How about if thousands of us would just send e-mails with all these words randomly written? Would that slow down their surveilance and probably overload their system and work load? ........ Now there is a thought!

The comments to this entry are closed.


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