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My heart breaks with this news. I am praying for the Buffalo and the tribe and all of us on this earth plane. The "Grand Irrationality" has not reached its peak yet... I pledge to increase my prayers and meditation to raise vibrational levels until this time period has passed. I hope others will join me.


Let's be clear that violence against any of God's creatures is a reprehensible act; we are here to be there caretakers. So it is triply worrisome that we live in a time when someone (some people) would prey on this animal and his mother.

This provides an added layer to the Uranus-Pluto square that reaches its first exact alignment in late June (and if it is lost on anyone: this calf was surely a Uranus in Aries creature). I was reviewing the 7 event charts of the exact squares earlier this morning and events like this make it clear that things will get uglier before they get better. The plutocrats of all stripes will not go gently into the good night.


My heart goes out with love to Little Soldier & family... so saddened by this..... the only saving grace i could think on (tho it may not seem so for us on earth) is that they are united as a family in another realm. My spirit will be in attendance at the powwow,with much love.


Thank you for going ahead and posting this despite your misgivings, Robert. My feeling is we needed to know...On a somewhat related subject, I've just been reading about the devastation of the honey bee population worldwide (not a new issue, I realize) and how this could affect up to one third of our food supply. Also about the decimation of bats in Eastern Canada and the Eastern U.S. due to white nose fungus, which will also affect our food supply, since of course bats feed on the insects which would otherwise destroy crops. So far, in reading about these issues, my understanding is that both are likely caused by humans, with potentially a link to GMO seeds in the case of the honey bees and for other complex reasons in terms of the bats, and it is scientists who are saying this. I realize this is a bit off-topic, but mention it because, as in the case of the white buffalo, we humans are turning out to be out own worst enemies. I was very down after reading about the honey bees and bats yesterday, and what you share here is so sad. All of this reminds me that in the Millennial Chart (i.e., for 00 hours on January 1st, 2000), Ceres was rising around the world, in the early degrees of Libra, the sign of sharing... Ceres is the asteroid goddess related to survival, sustenance, sharing and nurturance. This is a clear astrological indication that food supply, among other things, will be a huge issue in the coming years. We seem as a species to have forgotten that we share the Earth with other animals, as you yourself have pointed out on so many occasions, Robert.

Jo Garceau

Robert and all: This is a great tragedy.

Perhaps we can take heart with the knowledge there is a small herd of white buffalo in the Bend Oregon area.

Debbie Eastick

I am so deeply saddened by this loss and the news of this barbaric act. My heartfelt love and healing to all those touched by his birth and life.

What I am about to say next may well received a negative reaction, but please know my intent is good and with the depest respect for this beautiful animal as I am one who believes and therefore acts in accordance with all life on this planet being equally valuable.

I am not willing to allow such cruelty to lessen the sacredness of this animal's birth, indeed this act of unneeded sacrifice has now made his whole life sacred and I honour his spirit. There is always the hope that this gross cruelty slammed in the faces of the world human population may wake up more to the reality of what needs to change, to touch their hearts and spirit.

What he symbolised need not be destroyed by the darkness that has tried to wipe his presence! He is at peace in the heart of the great spirit whilste his offenders are in hell within their minds.

May he always be remembered for the blessing he brought, rather than his passing. His life albiet short, was not in vain.


This makes me really angry!! I am not surprised though..There is not much respect down here for the sacred now.
But the calf is with the spirits now safe from humans!!

Deb Marcoux

Thanks Robert. Wish I could attend that powwow. I'll be there in spirit.


Thanks for the news. Spreading them is spreading awareness about the meaning of the White Buffalo and about our world where some devils do act out of selfishness and greed.
Yet, as with the Buddha, as you wrote in another recent post, the "lost" life of the White Buffalo is not a real lost, his spirit, his blessings, his presence is still present and will exercise its magic and message regardless of the life form it may have at any given time.
I feel and my heart goes to all the Lacota and people of good will that link with this "loss". I would hate to have the karma of the ignorant fool moved by greed that commit such a useless meaningless act. But, isn't all slaughter and killing much of the same? We still slaughter and kill our own brothers! like the White Buffalo, another brother in different form that brings this awareness to us all. See, his message is not lost! and it is much more deeper and meanigful that what I just wrote.

Deb Marcoux

You're right Nicolas, the May 12 White Buffalo tells us of those who would use the sacred for their own gain/greed and this message will not be lost.


Hi all - For those of you who may want to make the powwow, it's in Greenville, TX, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas. If you want to know more, here's the website:

ps - As I learned from the website, Lightning Medicine Cloud was not albino, making him the rarest of White Buffalos.

Jackie Hilchuk

Robert this is the first time I have posted on your site that I visit frequently. I am shocked, saddened and anxious! Very anxious actually about this murder. I see that the reward money has swelled up to 45K in less than 4 days. Apparently Lighting Medicine Cloud is the 3rd calf in the prophecy and the 4th is yet to come. I sincerely hope and pray this prophecy spreads and people learn about the white buffalo woman and the calf. It would appear the family was killed on the eve of the super full moon. Do you have any thoughts about that? Thanks


hi Robert,

Horrible. I was born May 12 1970.
Many thanks for your blog.


Hello, Robert! I thought you'd like to know that several more white buffalo have been born over the past couple of years. Do a search. Here are three locations that have white buffalo calves:
Bend, OR; Janesville, WI; Goshen, CT

Goshen, CT, was born July 12, 2012
Bend,OR, reportedly has three, born Mothers' Day, 2011

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