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While pondering your reference to "sea changes" at the solar eclipse, I could not help thinking about fall lake turnover. In the summer the top layers of the lake water warm from the sun, while the bottom of lake remains cool. In the autumn as the upper layers cool, the water begins to mix and the lake turns over to a top to bottom stable water temp.

Everything is indeed moving, turning over and integrating. There's no choice, no decision involved. I have to participate and roll with it. And while I enjoy the daily work, there is something futuristic about it as if I am positioning myself for the future.

I found a bottle of old champagne in the back of the cupboard. I'm saving it for when my ship sets out on the new seas. In the meantime, I've got work to do.


wonderful imagery Caliban! Thanks.


Oh I get this, I'm at the beginning of the end of a saturn cycle. I think I know where I am headed, but I do not discount the element of surprise that I experienced at the first return either.

Glad my fuzz made some semblence of sense, Terry. Neptune placement is being poked at the moment.

anney harimahapanek

enjoy the journey... save not the champagne, savor it now, for life must be lived, not put on hold. Every step, every breath.. all that matters is the here and now; people in the here and now. Journeys are never linear, like the thought processes of some people, they are circular, convoluted, but all return to the start point.. the return of innocence- innocence lost, and rediscovered along the way. be happy one be happy all. enjoy the international, intergalactic, inter-cosmic ride and all the colourful people met along the way. every one. WHITE light. WHITE.... light.......white snow, white clouds above the skies of the capital DC, white sands of brazil....... light and love. "lanasvetachkella ekka inna hondin adarayen"


When the champagne is right, it shall be done. In perpetual motion, I am incapable of forcing events to be. Rollin, rollin, rollin down the river . . . Hey, it's the river. You know what that means. Yup, movin to the sea.


The lake & the champagne!


ull, there is nothing better than skinny dipping in the moonlit lake. And the champagne, that's an added bonus. Bubbly good fun. Ah so tempting. There is no physical lake nearby, so I am moving the champagne to the car trunk for when the lake shows up. I'm edging closer. : D

This ending saturn cycle is in my 12th, so I am in an intensive work cycle, procrastinator that I am. I thought I found an old flattened penny in ye ol granary. No glasses and too dark to discern so I threw it in my pocket. It showed up in the bottom of the wash tub all clean and clear. It's a 1932 prosperity coin for 10 cents off any laxative. The only thing suggestive of laxative I found on the property were old wood box crates with California Prunes stamped on them.

Broke out the old concrete cow water tank and found model A axel, leaf springs, and cast iron runners from the horse sleigh used as rebar. So thrifty my ancestors. They didn't waste nuthin.


Actually there is a lake not far for from here - Stockholm is surrounded by nature. A lot of water everywhere. I feel safe when I look at the big green trees. I think they protect me. Next weekend I will go to a Avalokiteshvara initiation. Saturn goes through my 10th house - last time saturn was in libra I was in great danger in the Caribbean this time mother very sick up in the North.


November rain playing in the background... nice..sets the mood. incapable of forcing events.. interesting.
SO Jayanath Hewage AKA Robert (noble philanthropist, astrologer who shares his knowledge with everyone so generously) the time has come for you to exit. leave me be. Take response- ability for your actions. they must be rooted in integrity, not just for the world to see, especially in those dark places invisible to all but you. Anything contradictory would be living a lie no? Be real be true.. you inspire so many.. when you take on such a large responsibility- auch as educating the public on morals and ethics.. when you write to make people think.. think about whats right and wrong in this world.. A basic requirement expected from the person (you) would be to pratice the smae in his life. live upto the name of your site. Aquarius papers. Aquarius- epitomizes honesty and truth does it not?


4 min and counting.....tik tok tik tok.. censorship.. aaahhhh it can be such a saviour. amen


Hi faquariusoraquarius (a troll who has been dumping on this site for months) - Consider yourself out of bounds of normal civilized behaviour. You are a troll who is obsessing on things that clearly indicate to all who visit here that you probably need more than a little therapy. Please take your own exit from this cantina, and stop pestering others with your own obsession. Por Favor. From this point on I will not accept posts from you. This is not your forum nor your community. Truly, please let this community be. That includes me.


Hi all - The very disturbed person who hides under many names and posts crazy stuff did it again, and I had to depublish it due to it being extremely paranoid, obsessive, and histrionic. (They're obviously not handling the Grand Irrationality very well!) They believe they are persecuted, and blame some semi-psychotic perceptions on someone named "Jayanath Hewage." (I found some crazy stuff they've posted in you tube comment streams.) It seems they're having a problem with their own boundaries, and laying some things on me and this community. They've confused me with whoever "Jayanath Hewage" may be, if such a being exists anywhere outside their own head. Just letting you all know. If you meditate, please send them healing thoughts (and affirm they will find some help and leave this community alone.)

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