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Hi Robert, hugely informative and interesting, as ever. A question, the SN of this eclipse is conjunct my NN in 12th (along with sun, jup and venus - quite the party going on in that house!) but how do I balance out my NN being conjunct the SN? What does it mean? Sort of feels like a contradiction which could somehow end up in one of those 'damned if I do, damned if I don't' situations. Is it possible to work with this type of configuration to accentuate the positive? Arohanui

Cheryl Ramcharan

We are Spirit. Yet we know it not. Unlike the other animals of the Earth, we are of dual nature. The nature of our physicality, is that of the mammal. The nature of our conscious mind, is that of Spirit. We are Spirit which imbues and animates the physical body. It is a relationship.

Since the early dawn of history humanity has built knowledge through the physical sensorial experience. Since the early dawn of history, we have experienced the world, and each other, through the physical senses of the human animal.

Since the sixties, we have learned that it is the nature of the human animal to be driven by primal instincts. We’ve learned that the primary intent of the animal is physical survival. We’ve learned that it is the animal which experiences the present moment through the five-senses of taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. It is the animal which responds to a perceived emotional attack through an adrenalin-driven, fight or flight survival response. It is the animal which recognizes the opportunity for predation on the vulnerability of women and children in our societies today. And, it is the animal brain which is trained from birth through childhood, to recognize and respond to patterns, emotional and otherwise, in the fabric of the relationship which is life.

Since the early dawn of history, humanity has travelled upon our Sacred Journey along a linear continuum of experience-based knowledge. This knowledge is stored in our physical circuitries as vast pools of memory-experiences. That these pools of sub-conscious memories are connected through our body to this present moment is why a campfire can evoke a sense of ancient gatherings. That our history is carried forward as physiological systems of belief and thinking is why myths and archetypes, symbols, images, and words, carry such layers of communication and meaning.

Since the sixties, we’ve realized that our inner symbol for relationship is a vertical structure of power. Power and control is at the core of our beliefs. It is a projection of our animal instincts for herding, for instance, for leadership, for allowing ourselves to be led, and for predation. Power is at the centre of our unconscious mind. It is anchored, it is held below the level of conscious awareness, and our leaders and experts scarcely know it. It is the interactive relationship through which we pursue our primal instincts for food, warmth, and sexual partnership. That our very societies are driven by the mind of the human thinking-animal is why “bullying” affects society, rather than the other way around.

Since the sixties we have come to see that power and control is the parental relationship we learned in childhood. It is a conditioned inter-play of fear and obedience. Bullying is but a crude guise of the high art of power and control. It is predation. It is an aspect of the animal mind. The tools of the bully range from physical and emotional violence, to subversive forms of psychological manipulation. The underlying, unconscious intent of the bully is to possess power and control over the mind, the emotions, and the free will of another human being. The intent is to enslave. The intent is to bind the participation of another to the context of fear and obedience. And, like fine metal shavings which are drawn so without resistance to a magnet, our minds are held unconsciously so to the rod of power.

We are Spirit, yet we know it not. We are Spirit which imbues and animates the physical body. And, to not know that we are Spirit, is to leave the animal in charge, is it not?

Cheryl Ramcharan


I saw it!!!! It was soooooo coool! Myself and my three housemates went out this morning at 7:15. Wow it is amazin!

Cheryl Ramcharan

That these are uncommon moments in the course of history should by now be clear and evident. Our world has entered into the first few moments of a shifted future. It is a new direction for humanity; specifically, a new dimension.

Change, profound and utter, has shifted our trajectory, our continuum, our very course forward. We are met by the boundaries of our knowledge, take the global economy, for example, take the rising up of the people and the fall of long-held dictatorships, or take the quickening occurrence of mega-events in our natural environment.

And, we find ourselves together poised on the threshold of the very vast unknown.

Yet, we have known that change would come. Since the sixties we have known that we are in the transitions of a new age. Since the sixties, we’ve been building a new world paradigm.

A new paradigm is a new conceptual structure, a new basis of intelligence, a new meaning for why we build the world in the way that we do. And, it requires a new framework of knowledge. It requires new definitions.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning how to be participatory in a global society. We’ve been learning that we are connected. We’ve shifted from an “I” perspective, to a “we” perspective. And, we are learning that each of us cannot help but have an effect on the whole, as much as we are affected. These are new definitions.

Since the sixties, power has shifted. We’ve been learning that power is art, not a club, a stick, or a hammer; not wealth, and not manipulation. Power is not fear. Power is the art of consensus. The art of consensus moves our very thinking processes beyond the framework, beyond the limitations of a mind that serves self-interests. It is the art of building the “we” of unity. It is the art of democracy. And, it is the art of being in relationship. It’s a new and evolved definition of power.

Since the sixties we have seen that the success of any nation cannot be measured in dollar amounts. Those dollar amounts could be the glad product of corporate slave yards, take India for example, or China. Since the sixties we have come to know that, until the life of the least of us is as valuable as that of any king or president, none of us shall truly be equal, and none of us shall truly be free. These are new definitions.

Since the sixties the silence of oppression has been broken. We’ve seen the corporate landscape of greed, and the human lives ignored. We’ve seen the naked lust of absolute power. And we’ve seen people chained and bloodied by those who govern them. We’ve seen the brilliance of freedom dashed down, beaten, and broken.

Since the sixties we’ve been seeing in a different way. We see the injustices in the world. We see what greed has done. And we would not have it be that way.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Cheryl Ramcharan

Since the sixties, we’ve been learning that we are connected, but not in ways that can be proven to the eye of the beholder. And so, it is the beholder to whom I speak because his or her eyes and ears, his or her sense of taste and smell, whether or not his or her scalp raises, and even whether or not his or her skin is damp or dry, cold or hot, carries the proof of what he or she sees. This is perception. It is unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we’ve learned that what perception shows us as proof for what is true and real, is not necessarily so. We’ve learned that truth is but a version, of which there are many. And, we’ve learned that whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, depends on what is in the glass; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we’ve been healing our past. We’ve been sorting through our emotional baggage, and we’ve discovered patterns of experience in our relationships. We’ve pulled at the stitches of those patterns and have found them to be the very threads of our core beliefs, taught to us as children by our parents, who learned it from their parents, who learned it from their parents. They were given to us for use as skills with which to navigate the fields, the forests, and the streams; they were given as skills with which to meet if we must, the lions, and tigers, and the bears of our lives. This is perception; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we have come to see that perception is the lens through which we view all the world, and each other. Since the sixties we have come to know that our inner symbol for relationship is that of a vertical ladder of power. And since the sixties, we’ve learned that we are hard-wired to respond to the paradigm of power in the same way that Pavlov’s dogs were hard-wired to respond to the bell, in the same way that an addict is hard-wired to respond to the drug; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that, like the addict, we cannot help but respond in the way that we do. That the nature of the mind is to be “addicted” is why the thought of eating a lemon causes you to salivate. Brain circuitries connect the thinking to the physical response. Circuitries are triggered through words, connotations, images, tastes, smells, or, sensations. And, the brain is wholly inter-connected. It is why the lemon also triggers the mind to think of the colour yellow, sunshine, salad, a sandy beach, or warmth, depending on the individual, and depending on many other influences. This is perception; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that the brain is built on experience, and that the experiences of childhood, interpreted through the meanings of our parents, are instilled in us as a paradigm of thinking and believing. The basic templates of this paradigm are shared by the world, and are therefore validated through our interactions with others. We are connected as a human family, energetically, and unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we’ve been learning that “The Paradigm” is in us, and we in it. It is our collective mind; it is who we are together, it is what each of us believes to be true and real. It is an energetic apparatus, a common field of agreement, and it is fed by our unconscious participatory responses. Each time we salivate the paradigm is enlivened; internally so, externally so, and unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we have come to know that addiction is mental slavery; it is slavery. Since the sixties we’ve learned that mental slavery, like addictions work along neural pathways through the brain and body. Since the sixties we’ve learned that, like paths through the forest, they are smoothed, they are widened through regular use. They become more easily navigable; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we’ve learned that addiction is toxic. It damages and delays development. To our emotional patterns, it is dependency, it is need; unconsciously so. To the animal portion of us, the need triggers our primal instincts, our very fears for survival; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we have seen the power of television to instruct and to shape the mind of a whole nation. Since the sixties, we’ve seen that the stimulation effect of television on our brain is the vital instrument of corporations and governments alike. It encourages our thinking into a one-eyed view. It feeds our dependency, it feeds our need. And like the addict, we cannot help but respond. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we cannot help but salivate; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we see that the strategic photo displays of television, the carefully composed sound bytes, and especially, the subliminal messaging, speak directly to the mind we built in childhood. We stand as children, young enough to need the parental guidance, the expertise of corporate and political powers. We are told what to do, what to think, what to wear, what to eat. And we accept. We salivate; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, television, and corporate news media, is what lights our knowledge. And, since the sixties, the neural pathways stimulated by the camera have become the eye of perspective through which we view all the world, and each other; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties we have fallen under the spell of power. We have become charmed, enchanted, drugged, and addicted. We are nodding off. Our minds are asleep, and we know it not. We dream we live in a world peopled by Ken & Barbie dolls, a world without emotional texture, without depth of character, and without the skills to build those. We dream of a world in which we are without responsibility, except to maintain the status quo. And, due to the thirty-second sound byte, we dream it is possible to live without accountability, without effect, to any but ourselves; unconsciously so.

Yet we are not children. We are adults using the minds of children; unconsciously so.

Unconsciously so, we recognize the voice of authority. Unconsciously so, we recognize the energetically dynamic patterns of power. Unconsciously so, we are triggered through words, visual images, or other physical, five senses experiences. And, like the lemon, like the addict, and like Pavlov’s dogs, we cannot help but salivate; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, power has shifted. We’ve learned that the drug-pusher is addicted, the pimp is owned by the trade, and that the master is, too, enslaved. Since the sixties, power has fallen under its own spell. It has become charmed and enamoured by its own image in the mirror. And it would not put the mirror down. Like the addict, power cannot help but gaze upon itself. Like Pavlov’s dogs, there is a salivation response; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties we’ve learned from Pavlov and his dogs, that the circuitries of addiction can be encouraged into a shifted response. They can be superimposed upon by new knowledge. It is a spiral effect; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, the ark of our knowledge has shifted from “I” to “us”, from the vertical paradigm of power we have been taught to perceive as true and real, to a circular model of connectivity. We’ve been building into a new paradigm, we’ve been tracing out new brain circuitries. And it changes everything. It de-constructs much of what we thought we knew. It de-constructs the proof of perception; unconsciously so.

Since the sixties, we have come to know that we are multi-dimensional. We are more than meets the eye. We are more than the 3-dimensions of height, depth, and width, more than our 5-senses can ever possibly perceive. Our cells exist at a level of electricity. We are energetic beings. We are Spirit. Since the sixties, we’ve learned that the nature of energy, and therefore Spirit, is live information, it is a continuous flow of communication; simply so.

Since the sixties we have learned that to throw a pebble into a pond, changes not just the pond, but also the world. Since the sixties, we have learned that we are the pebbles in the pond, and that our every thought, our every action, are the ripples of our effect. And though we may not know exactly what our effect is, what we may know is that we do have one; simply so.

Since the sixties, because we are connected, the twang of someone’s guitar strings did light up the air. And the whole world paused to hear what had never been heard before. That twang stirred the air, and the energies that made up the air, in such a way, with such a brilliance of Spirit, that it created a new vibration, a new frequency, a new ripple over the face of the pond. That vibration has raced forward, and has spread out over all of the ripples, encouraging them forward too. That twang, back in the sixties, has shifted the continuum, the very future course of humanity. Back in the sixties, the one who twanged could never have known, could never have imagined such an effect. That twang was surely not intended to still be heard today. And what the one who twanged with such force of heart did know, is that the moment called for it; simply so.

Since the sixties we have known with clear certainty, that the response, the very answer, is love; simply so.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Cheryl Ramcharan

Namaste, Robert.


cheryl,thanks for your articles but int it true this knowledge has been around for ever? Our spirits forgot it all, and are now being slowly reminded of all that was forgotten? perhaps a better way of putting it is that the human race had amnesia for a few centuries or even millennia and are now remembering what they knew all along? peace to all. love to all. joy to all.


Thanks for great article.

Italy is considered as a Gemini country, and we had earthquake there in time of eclipse. But we had another earthquake in Bulgaria tonight (8 hours ago) and it seems to be very strong because we seriously felt it and my country is next to Bulgaria. (And relatively very near Italy). Could it be that the whole Mediterranean area is under this influence?

Mediterranean area is something like a cradle of modern Western civilization. Can it be Gemini type of area?
And can we look at Earth's areas in astrological terms independently of what state borders are there now or once had been?


The "Neptune aspect". Of course, the neptune aspect, that makes sense. All my stuff, my material goods, were swirling around in space and I just knew I should grab some stuff and hold on to it. But what for?

I'm thinking this could be fun. Is it okay to have fun?


grab,grab its fun.


cheryl has TOO much to say, Robert may give her the boot for all that sixties stuff, which does not belong here...
I really enjoy Robert's info and all the other comments, though!


paraballieh, you give me pause. What I haven't been grabbing is opportunities when they arise. I'm focussed on a big home project. Tunnel vision. Especially painful today. Maybe it's the first quarter square, gemini sun urging me to play while virgo moon needs to do work. Where's Mary Poppins when I need her? Need to remember the spoon full of sugar or something like that.


not grabbing? well then grab. its never too late C. Home project huh? I'm sure you have extra hands there to help you out. (no svet) if you don't eat, pray and the hands will come.(svets hands). Mary P oh yes love her she may be unavailable but I am sure the angels (svet) Doctors, doctorates (svet) and good neighbours of old woodstock and its vicinity will help. good luck with the home pro. C. PB peace out!

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