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I am one of your actually delighted's...I suppose being an earthling with a taurus party in my first house is the reason. Pluto in 9 and Mars in 5. I "feel" more optimistic about the coming season than most of my friends. I am asking everyone for their gratitude list; as a way to open the conversation. My mars is not aggressive when it's creative. You told me once that I feel things before I think them out and act on them. Natal uranus is a GEM ---27 and I look forward to the coming 2nd house vistors. I feel good, Robert... te amo!

Cheryl Ramcharan

As we all grow into consciousness, may I offer this...We are connected. And, our connection is beyond the range of what the human eye can see. So, intelligence will tell us that we are more than the eye can see.

Science will tell us that the physical body is made up of cells, and that these cells also exist beyond the range of vision, as energy. So, not only are we physical beings, we are also energetic by nature. We are energy. Each of us transmits a frequency, a vibration; a resonance. It is how we are connected; it is how we are affected, and, it is why each of us has an effect upon the whole that we are. We are connected; incredibly, inextricably so.

We are connected, and it changes everything. It changes the context of what lies between us. It changes our continuum of knowledge. It is a non-linear shift in thinking; a radical shift in perspective. It is a shift from an “I” perspective, to a “we” perspective.

That we are connected is a new awareness. It is new knowledge. And, although it sounds like a simple and beautiful thing, the concept of connection is in conflict to all that we believe to be true and real. We believe we are separate, do we not?

That we are separate is an illusion of the mind; it is not true, and it is not real. It is an illusion; it is perception. However, what we perceive to be true and real, therefore is so.

All that we have learned as a world thus far, the very framework of our thinking, is anchored in separation. It’s why we so easily see the differences between us, rather than the gift those differences are.

We are connected; equally so. Therefore, the concept of power we have built our world upon is also an illusion. Power rests on separation. And so, in the light of our connection, power is insanity, it is non-rational, deluded thinking. It is a fragment which believes itself to be the whole, a drop of water which believes it can command the ocean, a ray of sunshine which believes it can subdue the sun. Yet is our world built on power.

But it is impossible for power to know connection. Energetically, emotionally, and intellectually, power is a bully. Power cannot navigate or negotiate the finer aspects of relationship. It does not need to. Power seeks to crush all else into its own likeness. It is threatened by diversity, challenged by differences, and finds its protection in isolation, exclusivity, elitism. Power is separation. And, separation and connection are conflicting thoughts, one thought cancels the other. So, the mind that serves power can not know connection; it is a whole different apparatus of thinking. And it changes everything, does it not?

We are connected, and it is a new framework of meaning. It is not an ideology. It is a new experience for humanity; specifically, a new dimension. It is a shifted relationship. And, because it is a new context between us, because it is a new experience, it involves the growth of new brain circuitries. And so, money can’t buy it, words can’t own it, and it can never belong to power. It belongs to the humble heart.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Radha Kunke

Totally looking forward to it :) :)

Cheryl Ramcharan

Since the sixties we have learned that even gibberish has its wisdom. We’ve learned that even the one who mutters and shouts on a street corner is a soul with a message that all the rest of the world can not, and must not, do without. His message, this one who stands and shouts in the street, is one that those who puppeteer our world economies must hear. His warning of damnation for a society that can indeed simply pass him by and ignore his human existence may not be far from the truth.

A society that places value on material worth rather than valuing the worth of the human being is a society that cannot bear to look upon one such as him. The tattered and dirty clothing he wears can offend. And, although the leaders of the world send their own message of solidarity, and of standing side by side with the people, they do not actually consider themselves to be speaking to one such as him. In fact, they don’t like to get too close. Even in Haiti, in another one of humanity’s most excruciating moments, it was hard to get too close. And then in Chile, the aid that was sent was filtered down through the ranks of that society with barely enough remaining to comfort those who needed it most. And, even though the people begged and cried for their President to come to them, she did not.

A society in which greed is not considered to be a social abuse is a society which lacks the strength of morality that is necessary to take it through crisis. A society that is founded on a sense of common morality would never fall from a false economy. And a world that is bound together by an international morality based on the dignity and worth of all living systems is one in which peace on earth shall truly reign.

The man on the corner, his fearsome rant done for the night, shuffles away, and yet he mutters still. “Salvation”, says he, “lies in the eternal truths”.

Cheryl Ramcharan


Why don't you establish your own blog, Cheryl? Just an idea. Seems like you have a lot to say.


Thank you Robert for this very inspiring article. May many blessings be upon you. Namaste.


Thank you Robert......


cheryl, like whoa!you seriously need to get a blog going dude.. peace


Delighted, that's a good word. Delight is fun.


Seriously Cheryl... you need to start your own blog. Your remarks are interesting but it takes me a while just to digest Robert's material. I feel like I just fell into a giant vat of whipped cream.

Namaste to you both and thanks Robert. :)


Hey Robert I have my progressed sun at 4 aquqrius now. Are our progressed charts affected too?
Seems like some wonderful things are going to present themselves. Many of the aspects you mention and points involve my angles and thise houses. Oooohhh. So excited!!!


de- light, no light, void, dark? hmmmm- delighted past tense of taking out the light. Ive been de- lighted and its only fun for one. that one is not moi

He-Wage Thanya -Ja

Peace to all , love to all, I need her, dont tell anyone ok? I am a wonderful person. That's because I started JOKE that had one person crying but she did not see, the joke was pure glee for me. love the bee gees. I HEAR a name whispered in my ear loud and clear, RR ? why i ask? just to give a little bit of fire. I love S. kaur may the long time sun shine upon you all.thanks be to the beautiful universe and all its mystery.HJ


what a great article. thanks for sharing. read this blog alot although there is much i dont quite conprehend.


A lot of action here for this cancer 25´in all levels..Light and dark, death and life, journeys and writing. Old priests and wild cats.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Hi Valerie, yes there is much to learn from all. That your mind feels unlike yourself is a good thing, it takes you out of your normal patterns of thinking and knowing. The whipped cream is an excellent environment from which to learn, especially the non-linear stuff!

And Ull - "old priests and wild cats" - how's that for non-linear thinking!

Cheryl Ramcharan


Dear Cheryl, you are one amazing being with heightened perception and overviews, a poet at heart.Thankyou for your posts,Carmen

Cheryl Ramcharan

Thank you, in mutual appreciation, and humbly so.

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