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very interesting read...thanks Robert!!

Jo Garceau

Robert, since Venus begins a new cycle every 8 years and returns very close to one's natal Venus position during that 19 month period, it's interesting to consider what Venus in the natal chart intended and to consider whether that intention is renewed at 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 etc. In my own case, the cycle begins in Gemini 10th house and my Venus is in Libra, second house. I associate these Venus cycles with emphasis on my work, life mission, resources and valuing. My point is, every 8 years the review and restructuring is more pronounced.


Wow, Robert, thank you for this. Venus is not ruling or transiting in the same houses in our respective charts, since our rising signs are different, but it is a strange coincidence that I am currently being abused by my landlord in a very similar way to the one described in your story. I have lived here for sixteen years now, keep a very low profile, consider myself to be very low maintenance and have next to no interaction with my fellow tenants other than a friendly hello when we cross paths. Less than two years ago, though, I held my ground when they refused to deal with the increasing noise problem in the building, which is related to the fact that the tenants are getting younger and younger, come and go at all hours of the day and night, sleep very little, play loud music and do not place area rugs or carpets on their hardwood floors the way people used to. The supers wouldn't budge and when I persisted, the husband in particular completely turned on me. I had always had a good relationship with this couple, as well as several others in the position prior to that. We haven't spoken or had any contact in well over a year, and last week out of nowhere, the husband started harassing me in a scary way. I've fired off a couple of letters to the landlord company but have a feeling they will protect him since they have not responded to my request to call me in an attempt to defuse the situation. Anyway, I'm grateful you wrote about this. The parallels include the fact that this fellow has waged a campaign in the building to make me look like the proverbial crazy cat lady, yet I keep to myself, travel a lot and hardly know anyone here. Anyway, enough of the details. The synchronicity alone is somewhow comforting to me as I try to work with these energies.


Nice and clear. Your personal experiences help understand what and how to analyse Venus retrogrades from a personal point of view. Thanks

Fainting goat

Well this should be an interesting six weeks! The sun venus transit occurs one degree before my natal mars rx. The sag eclipse is at 14 deg, and I have neptune natal at 12 deg sag opposing said mars rx. Mars stationed rx on my natal asc back in january and venus just stationed 6 deg from my SR asc. To end a long story, between my natal and SR charts, ALL of my 1/4/7/10 cusps fall between 7-24 sag, virgo, pisces and gemini and I've been involved with a pisces for about five months now smh. All this as pluto edges ever closer to a conj with my sun (5 deg applying). So its about to go down! Not asking for advice...just going to roll with what happens. I believe my life will be much better not to mention healthier, on the other side of this tsunami.


Robert, it will take place in my 5th/6th house. 2004 and now: 2002-2004: there was an emotional dramatic peak I had reached, it got released by the end of 2004 with a new artistic medium that I had learned. This year, same thing: another toxic emotional drama that is being exhanged for a new artistic expression. Thank you Robert for sharing with us your experience on this cycle.

Wild Horse Running


Thank you for your post gave me clarity about the patterns that are coming to the surface. I see them in another but realize that I have had those addictions...but am now strong enough to let them go.
Venus rules my 12th house...."the Pleaser"...say what they want to hear, which isn,t how you really feel... passive-aggressive....a roomate situation brought this to light...but I have seen it everywhere. And I am guilty of the same, but am now starting to own my real feelings, and have the courage to express them. I realize in the past, I had always been ridiculed, critisized, questioned...and I just said whatever I needed to, to survive, get along...and I can,t anymore. I have gotten stronger, and am able to face/address issues/people that I have run from in the past. I brought this to light, and my roomate/landlord didn,t want to see it, or she is still unconcious about I am moving again. I also have a Boss that I have been dealing with the same issues, however we have made progress, and he now communicates his feelings better...when I started working for him, he was very passive-aggressive....but then they say..."In Life, we keep meeting ourselves" in that relationship, I am looking at a "new identity of myself".
I am grateful for the expierences...and am crystal clear about owning my feelings, and expressing the truth.

Appreciate you sharing your helped to get clearer, on what I was feeling/seeing.


Wild Horse Running

oopps...correction...Libra rules my 1st house as it is my ascendent, and my 8th house, which my moon is in..endings....hence the new identity issues...also another pattern coming to the surface....control issues.

"only way to stop to face them" the bully on the playground that takes your lunch, untill you stand up to him, it keeps happening, and you yourself then control or bully another. Im understanding that unless you have healthy boundaries, and say NO when necessarry, whatever you just do to another.

If I do not let another control me...then I do not need to control another...

Aquarlis Virmoon

Oh Robert , i got married during the eclipse in 2004, during venus retrograde, i couldn't have timed it better for such an awful marriage(i'm not going into too many details, but its bad). in a way i am dreading these few weeks and eclipse, i seem to have a mental block with reading my chart about this. my date of birth is 20/10/76 is there anything positive coming up - i have had saturn on me for years now- saturn return then sun on saturn- but i am more concerned about the effects on my venus at 29 degrees scorp and jupiter 29 degrees taurus


Venus rules my 4th house as well, and the past two retrogrades saw me giving up my house and traveling overseas with no plan or direction. I had a lot of fun, though coming back was always difficult.

Now, I've just given notice on my house and will be moving again. I have no idea where, no direction at all. I'm going to start packing anyway, and hopefully things will develop in such a way that a path and direction makes itself known.

Funny, Venus also rules my 9th...hence all the overseas travel adventures.

Good luck with your move, Robert!

marci winters

movin back to austin..for now...venus retro...:) sending aloha ur way...!


I add my voice\vote to many thanks expressed above and would like to say that some important situations from 1996 are echoing in my life as well...

What else is worth mentioning --the dream I saw at dawn 18.05.2004 (I remember this date because it is the International Day of Museums (connected in etymology with Muses and Music) and the day of birth of the last Russian tsar NicholasII:)....As if smb rang the bell at the front door, I heard it and ran along the long corridor to open it. When I approached it I noticed in surprise that it looked like the magnificent carved Doors. With great effort I managed to open it and saw...the blue Skies with flowing\flying clouds behind which the Sun peeped... Several weeks later I recognized the picture when I was watching the occultation of the Venus on June,8...Since then my interest to the Heavenly Scriptures became constant. My gratitude to you for your devotion to this Art and your devoted professionalism,Robert


Great article and your own experience and examples really help to illustrate the core issues and what might be going on during Venus retro. Thank you!


whr,Fg... you are illuminated, luminous. Each one of you had a eureka/i got it moment. some of us go through our entire lives never seeing dysfunctional patterns in our own behaviors. Hence are not able to own the behaviors and correct/face them/ bring them to LIGHT/illumination. what I find most interesting is... those who proclaim either via title or via action that they are teachers, guides, helpers of those who NEED guidance are so blind to the the fact that it is they who need help. they refuse to recognize the void, abuse in their own behaviors and actions yet are vigilant night watchers, security guards when it comes to the shortcomings of another - sad. when someone cannot practice what they preach. imagine how we would all feel if we found out Jesus ,the Buddha etc were frauds. that they taught one thing and lived the total opposite.BTW this name was given to me by one such person. amongst many other colorful forms of nomenclature.may the long time sun shine and illuminate all.PB

moon goddess

A similar effect here! Mid-June 2004, I was moving into a new country (new culture, language), a job, a house and living together with my partner. I was going to 'unknown'! Exactly 8 years later, I will be moving back to my home country, but without a job & my own place to live, so a lot of 'unknown' going around again. My Sun is in Gemini, in 9th house. My Venus and Jupiter are both in 10th house..Although I wish I have a better plan, it is a bit exciting! Respect!


Yes, in 2004 lots of things happened. I got involved and uninvolved with a total weirdo who had some real issues. A good friend that I had lost touch with a bit took her life. Someone from that time is trying to get back into my life but wants more then a friendship and well he is not really available and I refuse to do that. Weird eh?
I wonder who else from that time will come back?


Thank you for this informative article! You described this retrograde in a way even a dunce like me can understand. I'm noticing alot of themes in my life repeating too.

I wonder if you have any thoughts about this article? It seems a little different in how the author views venus retrograde.

Venus Retrograde

Not being an astrologer i thought the writer made some good points but what do I know? :)

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