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jo garceau

Robert, what about Chiron and Pluto to Mercury? For some of us, this is another big one.


Hi Jo and Robert

This second yod (chiron - pluto construction) have base in a aquarium and first yod (jupiter - retrograde mercury) in a cancer.

For me cancer (Sun) is more powerful than aquarium (moon)?
But it's difficult to be alive and not hurt others....

Jason P.

Hi Robert. As discussed via the ancient art of email, I guess I "can figure" some astrological stuff is causing a yodal crossroads of sorts.

My progressed Venus is at 7 Leo. Her Chiron is at 8 Leo (if you believe that connection). While my MC is at 9 Cap. Since the recent eclipses at 9 Cap/Cardinal T-squares too are triggering some heartfelt emotions about things, you know how weird one can get.

My nozzle points to higher ed (MBA) and sorting out a career for myself (writer, e publisher, business historian, market analyst, or other routes)and who is going to be a partner in that creativity - as my 5th house is 2 Leo to 2 Virgo. Additionally, her Venus conjuncts my Mars at 25 Leo (2-4 orb) along with some lunar interaction with my Sun or you can only imagine how my hormones are hitting on all cylinders. But alas, I overreached and "escaped" an overreaction. Time to channel that energy (Mars is conjuncting my Uranus at the end of 6th/cusp of 7th house late July) into my studying...for a future. Maybe what is 'missing' is 'motivating'...a heart a flutter, a beating, alive!

Thanks for info on how Yods work!

Nancy Robinson

Hi Robert and All,

Have a natal Mercury RX at 3 Leo, conjunct Sun Leo at 7 degrees. Upcoming birthday July 29th. The yod is part of my solar return. Have also noticed is almost exact return and cycle of Mercury RX for me. Transit Pluto is conjuncting my natal Capricorn Moon, and opposition natal Venus, mars, jupiter stellium in Cancer.

Mercury (Mind and Coordinator), Jupiter (Higher Mind) and Pluto (Regeneration). I see this Yod as a huge uplifting of Unified Love and Compassion and the Aquarius Age.

Chiron also, interesting. Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces, trine Mercury RX and Sun. Any thoughts?




Ter Bah

wow this is perfect right on time, so i guess today is a great day to quit cigarettes hahah. i have my pack and one more left, and i been tryna quit cold turkey since my birthday june 26. and i turned 26 so i was like i have to leave this behind. and relapsing back and forth, buying a pack throwing 10 away , breaking them and smoking some. today's gotta be the day. am glad i read this article and just checked out my chart, this is so magical, lately i been feeling so happy i feel like i can float. happiness so much that its scary lol. its a great time to be a live and focus on health n immortality even if possible, thank you so much robert for this timely article. its on.


Hi Jo - Yes, that's another Yod that shows a larger productivity between Pluto and Chiron, giving the entire world a chance to heal and grow by combining compassion with organized discipline, and focusing it through Mercury retrograde. I suspect it'll be clearer when the Sun moves through the double quincunx zone.

One example of how it is working out is that my house just got listed for sale with Mercury exactly conjunct my Asc. Both Chiron and Pluto quincunxed my Asc in March through now, and this is a new start on listing and showing it, which I began about 7 weeks ago but pulled two weeks ago due to some very dishonest things going on at the website where I originally listed it. I'll use this opportunity to tell all readers to stay away from zillow. They are not what they seem to be, and in my opinion their way of computing and displaying "value" is bogus.

Hi helina - These are interlocking Yods that have the Mercury quincunx Pluto as common elements. The one puts the nozzle at Pluto, the other at Mercury. It is said that interlocking Yods are found in the charts of great spiritual teachers, so I suppose the coming week will expose us all to some profound spiritual truths involving Leo and Capricorn energies. As for your final statement, I believe it's easy not to hurt others if you have not agreed to whatever would hurt them. If another gets hurt, it may or may not have much to do with us, if you know what I mean, even if we are somehow involved, even as spectators.

Hi Jason P. - Yes, it would seem that you're in fact "expanding through sacrifice." I can see why the attraction would be very strong, but again, one of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn (and re-learn, and re-learn ;-)) is that it takes two to make a relationship. And if someone couldn't figure out why I'd be a good catch, then it was obvious that either I or they were in the wrong place. The good thing is that what has happened once could happen again, and so each rejection became an affirmation "if not this one, then another who is even more perfect for me, and me for them." Again, work on becoming your highest and best Self, and eventually your magnetism will attract you do someone and someone to you that might just work out fantastically.

At least heart-felt emotions are better than not feeling anything at all. I've known more than a few who were so scared of being hurt they wouldn't let anyone in. Now they're just lonely old people trying to figure out why everyone else was so wrong and why it didn't work out as they wanted.

Hi Nancy - Happy Birthday and Solar Return. Big Fire Trine for you this year!! Pluto is purifying your Moon of old habits that don't serve you while Uranus is awakening your autonomy big time. Pluto afflicting Venus helps us eliminate old people and things that no longer symbolize our values and likes. With Pluto also opposed your Mars and Jupiter, take care not to indulge in anything marginal or risky, and keep everything open and above board.

Hi cathy - Yes, that's one way I describe the Yod. It squeezes us into a specific focus based in productivity that leads us to radical adjustments.

Hi Ter Bah - Quitting cigarettes was the hardest thing I've ever quit, and I've never regretted a day since. They are impossibly addictive, and have become so expensive that even quitting a pack a day habit leads to a fair amount of savings in the course of a year. One suggestion - if you do decide to reverse course and buy a pack, don't buy something you'd like to smoke. Buy a pack of the foulest, nastiest tobacco you can (like Bull Durham or Pall Mall Menthols or Camel nonfilters or other types that taste gross) and then really get into how nasty they taste. If you don't get sick you'll get so averse to smoking that you'll cut waaaaay back pdq. Anyway, best of luck on beating the demon of tobacco. Once you beat the habit you'll feel better than you have for years, and start accumulating money very quickly. Hang in there! Best wishes from the gang over here at the Cosmic Cantina for your re-claiming of your will back from the tobacco monster.


thought I was in a vice grip today. emotions to the bone. you nailed it again, tonight focused, productive mode. burnt off some illusions today. Congrats on your decision to list, thats a big one.

Ter Bah

Thank you so much robert. stay up peace

Nancy Robinson

Much Thanks Robert, also have a kite in the solar return. Enjoyed reading everyone too!

Love and Light,


Thanks. Your story about ongoing home sale was enlightening. Chiron healing seems to work slowly.

Maybe this is just a part of the process making compromise in my life between home and career. Not a money wise but, still I've got a nice little opportunity with a perfect balance with my family.


Interesting day! Glad I took time to reflect. Got a chance to understand why I've made the choices I've made in my life. I'm not as far off track as I thought. Needed to dispel some bitterness is all. For now anyway. Natal jup conj sun intensified yod effect? Transiting pluto squaring natal merc? Transiting uranus trine natal uranus? Merc backing over uranus? Transiting jup squaring natal sun/jup? There is always so much going on. Am just happy for the resolution. And yes, am gearing up to get my money maker going. I think I can face that scene again.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your insight. However, can it be less vague and abstract and just be more concrete with examples that are happening on the global level? For instance, how can we see social justice play out with governments, financial institutions, human rights, reform in how money is distributed to everyone (rich, poor, disabled, elderly) - in other words, what are the sociological examples and insights that astrology can bring in light of these planetary aspects and positions? Thank you so very much - and I enjoy reading the forecasts!



Hi all - Thanks for checking in. Yes, this Mercury RX with the yods is a strange period indeed!

Hi Derek - It's not possible to translate all the elements of astrology into specific manifestations. Just too many possibilities based in local conditions. Each country and culture has its way of responding to generic astrological positions. Astrology is a symbolic language that each of us must learn in terms of local conditions seen by each of us. That's why I always encourage readers to share how something is manifesting in their own lives, or if you have insights about what the astrology of the now might translate to in global events, please offer them.

Also, on this site I try to keep the dialog gentle, informative, and protected somewhat from the sh__storm occurring in the world right now, especially in the areas you mentioned. Unfortunately, I've found the level of hate comments rises each time I inject my personal political views in any public arena. Right now is a difficult time to be vocal about issues of social justice due to the level of virulence from nasty authoritarians and a huge quantity of trolls who don't care about much except wasting the time of a lot of concerned people of conscience with nasty, ugly comments.

I've even had to change my policy recently about approving comments before they get posted due to that exact reason, as well as generically crazy people leaving nasty stuff here. Uranus square Pluto is showing as people losing their moorings all over. All issues of social justice, financial institutions, human rights, and money reform can also be seen in the light of Uranus square Pluto, as well as Saturn in Libra bringing the Reagan illusion's chickens coming home to roost. I can only suggest that you see the astrological aspects at work, and extrapolate them to real world events to see the correlation. I try to point out lines of exploration, and beyond that, don't really want to have to do any more writing than I already do.


Thanks for this amazing site and such insightful comments.
My natal Mars is at 8 degrees of Gemini (in the 12th house - asc conjunct sun 18 degrees Gemini). Apart from dealing with the worldwide shifts in conciousness that are predicted for 21st (ish) December this year, will I be dealing with some heavy personal stuff too? I'm really not sure what to make of it.


Hi Robert!

It's been some time since I've last posted something! But I'm always around, faithfully reading your articles :) You will probably remember about my obsession for Yods ;)

Pluto has seemingly been torturing my 9:47 Gemini Sun and Jupiter has been hovering over it. A few years ago I was already aware that in early 2013, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, would join be joining forces to turn my Sun into their nozzle.
I have been subjected to immense pain, fear and compassion, and have been feeling particularly sensitive about certain types of human suffering.
When you mention that multiple sacrifices are being made, would that have anything to do with focusing on those painful issues in order to heal them or finding a renewed sense of purpose? Or am I being forced by these sufferings to abandon everything and try something new?

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