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Many thanks for this masterclass article! Do you think the generation born with their Uranus conjunt Pluto in Virgo (like myself) will be triggered even more now Uranus and Pluto are squaring eachother? I see a lot of heavy karma beeing released right now concerning this particular generation. It feels like a strong urge to purify and empower yourself. I would love to here your opinion on that matter!

Wild Horse Running


being squeezed alright....

On Monday, I had enough of a certain situation,in a work, late paychecks, witholding of work and they kept happening, everytime I spoke up about somthing, that management didn,t want brought to light. As I faced my boss, an inner voice, message was telling me to be authentic in my feelings, and express them I was dealing with someone who was passive-aggressive...which I now see I had also been conditioned to be. I broke through an old behaviour, expressing true feelings, with the appropriate energy that I was feeling. I am no longer working for this company....I cannot work for someone who doesn,t treat me with respect, and cannot communicate, and he could not have an employee who wasn,nt afraid to stand up for herself...

A day or so before that I encountered somewhat of the same situation, power/control issues, but from a different source (family) and stood up to that also...and expressed what I felt...anger! and this person was surprized, as I had always run in the past. I faced him...and stood my ground. The interesting thing is...this person (Father) has the same issues...overly aggressive-hiding inner weakness...and he has been taken advantage of by others. I think at a deep level I have returned to the past to work this out with him to take back my power, but through the interaction...he will be changed also. this is a crossroads for us both.

I am unable to be an "actress" anymore...It is necesarry to be EMOTIONALLY AUTHENTIC, and not cover-up how Im really feeling....thereby the waters within...are clear, calm....and I can hear my inner voice with clarity...

A tiger doesn,t smile at you, wave you over, with the pretense of attacking you....he/she growls, extends its claws, shows its fangs, and lets you know, exactly what its intentions are...

people however may hide their real feelings...


This plutonian Cancerian has a natal Yod with Pluto sextile Mercury - and yes I am born 1962 and yes I have healing powers..-)And I have worked really hard with my "karmabusiness" the last months.


Thanks for this, Robert. I've been in the dark about my Yod and it's great to have some clear info. I'm part of the late 50s Pluto sextile the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction crowd. My North Node is sandwiched in there, too. The nozzle is Mercury at 2 Aries, just barely within your 2.5 orb. Also having Neptune oppo Pluto and transiting Pluto conj natal Moon, oppo Ascendant. Which is not going as badly as I imagined..(she nervously said). I'll also go out on a limb and report that Uranus didn't really bother me that much. It even parked/Rx on my Sun/MC 22 Pisc. Am I missing something, or maybe I should take my head out from under the covers?



Love the blend of sophisticated technical astrology with plain meaning, and especially love the musical history and links. Your writings are unique both in breadth of aspects discussed and depth of material. My natal Pluto is 29 - 3" Leo (less than a degree conjunct my IC) sextile Neptune at 29 - 50 Libra (July '57 birthday) making the third point of my yod the end of Pisces. Is this why a part of me usually feels like I am just passing through waiting until I die and then I'll understand, or put another way, that no one thing that happens in life is so important that one has to lose balance or control and act badly because you didn't get your way? I read recently elsewhere that the sensitive point (my term) for the yod nozzle is its opposite point, in my chart being 29 Virgo. I am trying to understand what is the meaning of 29 Virgo for me (in my 4th house; close to the end in Tropical Placidus) Anything else you can add to that placement; or, in general, to the concept of the quincunx energy working out through the midpoint of the sextile in one's chart? Many thanks for all your illuminations.



Hi Robert, I'll give you some extra information regarding my post above. I am an Aquarian, born in 1968. My Saturn (8 Aries) Moon (9 Aries) both in the 1st house and Venus (9 Capri) in the 10th house, as well as my Mecure (1 Pisces) in 12th and Jupiter (3 Virgo) in 6th are heavily influenced right now. For me it feels like I am coming out of an egg, it is not alway easy, but it is really feeling like releasing lot of old karma. I mean a lot is shifting now. I am though rather unpatient ;-) Anyway, your articles are a real guidance for me!! Many thanks as always...Ilse


Hello Robert and All,
Regarding group 1970-1984 (Neptune in Sagittarius sextile Pluto in Libra)what if Pluto is not in Libra but 29 Virgo R (and Neptun 3 Sagittarius. So it's still sextile with orb 4s but what with this out of sign aspect ? Does
such sextile show "productivity and natural structural soundness" also?

And my 2nd question re present Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto Yod..... what if someone (I actually) doesn't feel effect of such configuration or it's not aware of it at the moment.....and after reading all this I think I should... specially if natal Venus & progressed Mars are 9 Capricorn (7th). I'll be gratefull for any comment from your side ( or Community ).Many thanks!

PS This is my first post. I'll follow your page for cca 2 years but never commeting. Anyway, great work. Thanks for sharing/giving us your knowlidge/time/effort :-)


Hi Ilse - You're most welcome. Yes, this Ur sq Pl is testing everyone's inner relationship between Uranus and Pluto. Mine are in novile, and I'm seeing how that's going on internally during this square. At least Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo is getting a trine from Pluto! Your group is extraordinarily powerful once the Will/Creativity of Uranus gets in tune with the Economy/Seed power of Pluto. Uranus making a quadranovile, triseptile, quincunx, or biquintile to either Uranus in Virgo or Pluto in Virgo will produce some fairly spectacular spiritual transformations, so you have stabilization and understanding from Pluto even as you will be realizing, choosing, adjusting, and specializing during the process.

Hi Wild Horse Running - From what you've been writing lately, you seem to be doing just fine in working things through so that you are in control of the vehicle rather than the vehicle taking you places you don't want to go. You also seem to be on top of the fact that pattern is everything. As we change pattern, we change everything. As we become true to the "real" Self, then many previous problems cease to trouble us.

Hi ull - Yods, when trained correctly, do offer "healing powers." Mercury sextile Pluto has a great ability to see to the core of things. Consider this a training/harvest/preparation year. Mars tuned your Pluto up the first part of this year, and you should be in very productive mode by September. .

Hi Mary - You're welcome. You're finding out that the big bad Pluto conjunction to a planet in fact can be great for shedding superficial things and getting to the core of your Divine Power. While it can get extreme, our lives here should be lived to the fullest. Actually, transiting Uranus is very favorable to both your Saturn and Uranus, which would indicate a highly inspired time of linking the traditional with the innovative across several life sectors.

Hi evan - Thanks for your praise of the work. Actually, the Spirit/Soul usually just observes the personality crashing around until we check out and remember the True Self. You also described how your Neptune in Libra works fairly well. You should have gotten a big dose of your major life lessons around the Pisces void between April and early June 2010, again in mid-August through late October 2010, and yet again in Jan through early March 2011. Since each sign externalizes through its opposite sign, then yes, late Virgo would be when you could see how well you learned your late Pisces lessons. Your most recent testing time was late June and early July when Mars went through that zone.

Hi Natasha - Out of sign sextiles make an "off set" Yod, where the first quincunx has a different quality than the second quincunx, creating a span of degrees moving between signs. More complicated and rich "expansion through sacrifice" lessons, since they involve more than one sign energy. Sextiles are always productive, and those that link elements not usually in harmony are good mutations. And if you put your focus on allowing yourself to know what a configuration is about for you, and enter into an agreement with your Higher Self/Spirit to show you manifestations, usually you'll see them pdq. Thanks for checking in!


Hi Robert,
I've tought so...that would be "more complicated" :-)
Ok, I'll try to listen your advice....but it's not so easy for me to be focused ...lately :-)Thanks a lot!


Thank you Robert!


Thanks Robert for the insight. Definitely been there in that crash and burning personality comet of nothingness without realizing or understanding at the time. Even coined the name 'watcher' for that part of the self that seems detached observing unemotional amidst the quasi-comic quasi-tragic unfolding and that remains after. I have definitely had events and growth pressure points allowing choice to enter in the times you've outlined, especially the first two in 2010. Now the Mars transit seems to be an integration into my being of what its meant. I guess I am really seeing how it is becoming not just constant thought but absorption into my immediate acts, a part of being integrated without intervening abstraction into thought. Many thanks,


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