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Mercury covers half my natal chart, all in third house. These past few weeks have been Titanic and I'm weathering abrupt and dissolution, disillusion, and terrible negativity in my longest and deepest relationships. I'm not generating it (that I'm aware of). The dynamics are bizarre, almost evil, and the distancing seems sadly final.

To have this happening across the board is tremendously scary. I am changing from it, that's sure, and flexing fast between trust and bewilderment, relinquishment and grasping. But having read your words here, I now understand that I am being protected from something or urged to move on. Either they are in quarantine or I am. And after weeks of feeling deeply rejected, I now feel relieved (as of duty or previous assignment).

I am in tears as I understand how deeply I *really* miss my former people. I don't want to leave them or let them go; collectively they represent decades of love, more years of it than I've lived to give. I miss them so much. But the new ones who have come are gentle, and I will accept what I find on the other side of this time.

Your clear language is always a comfort as I move through major disruptions; thank you and bless you.


Hi Robert,

You wrote that "Marc Jones says 2 Leo is where we see 'personal capacities wholly out of hand...'" How do you understand that phrase "wholly out of hand"

2 Leo is my Pars Fortunae, closely conjunct my MC. You said to another poster that Part of Fortune has to do with personal joy, is that right? My joy has felt severely challenged lately, not for external reasons, but an internal sorrow that has been hard to kick.

To ka, I really relate to how much grief and loss is involved in letting go of former people, even ones that have brought us pain. Mumps can be fatal, after all. But deaths come with new life and new opportunity for untold healing. Keep the faith and take heart.

kathryn simova

The phrase "gained through subtraction" has enormous connotations. Through all the trials of the past couple of years, I have noticed that certain seemingly small annoyances have resulted in over-the-top reactions on my part. These emotional outbursts have shown me that there was much more to it than the trivial event. There was something much deeper and fundamental to my existence that was coming to the surface. Indeed, all the timelines you describe here are accurate to the day. Now is the time of complete overhaul and forward action. Thank you Robert for confirming.


I very much feel at the end of a massively hard cycle and the forks in the road of destiny are really evident. 22nd is my 43rd birthday so I'm looking forward to paddling my canoe downstream after a 180 turnaround in my approach to many things. Thanks Robert


I'm with Ka.


Gain by subtraction indeed!!! I just had a very Mercury direct experience and upon receiving new information, it was ABUNDANTLY clear to say no to an opportunity that popped up just before Mercury went Rx and reappeared today. Unsurprisingly, it dealt with my Merc-ruled 6th!!!


Somehow I've lived through the Saturn, Venus and Mercury retrogrades. In some ways, I did good work and actually accomplished some important things. But they were not the things I wanted, and so much that is critically important is left thrown to the wind. It's been absurd. I can't seem to get a straight, clear, actionable or satisfactory answer anywhere. My best reaction has been to laugh because everything has either been over the top or slow as molasses.

Ka - I'm sorry you are suffering so. I know what it is like to have literally everything fall apart, people very close to me turn evil, and to experience a general exodus from nearly every relationship I had nurtured. Gone. It's heartbreaking and disorienting. Hang in there. There is still love on the other side.

Robert - Thank you. Your insight and sharing always reminds me of so many things I need to remember, and reassures me that we are all walking this path, at this time, together.


Thank you Robert for your constant generous sharing. Your compassion for everyone always shines through.

During this Mercury Retrograde period my wife and I attended the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers' Gathering in Lame Deer, Montana. Many miracles happened there. The Grandmothers are truly amazing, full of humility and compassion.

The most noteworthy thing was when the great great great niece of General George Armstrong Custer appeared unexpectedly at the Gathering. Before she was allowed to speak she was duly vetted by competent elders there. She then proceeded to make a simple, humble, formal apology to the Northern Cheyenne Nation for the deeds of her relative. It was truly historical, standing as we were on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation grounds. The "Custer Battlefield" is just a few miles from Lame Deer, where we held the Gathering.

There were also riders who re-enacted the journey of the Northern Cheyenne people from Oklahoma back to Lame Deer, Montana. The riders took the horses onto the Ceremonial Grounds at Bear Butte, South Dakota, when they passed that way. Horses had not been in that place since the 1950's. At the end of the journey the riders brought the horses into the Pow Wow Grounds where we were holding the Gathering.

There were also people at the Gathering who brought wolves to be a part of the Ceremony. Wolves are very special to the Cheyenne People. They have been extinct there for a long time. It was wonderful to see them return. They met the horses and came into the arena with them.

Many prayers and talks were given by the Grandmothers. It was a magical time. We are so sorry that you were unable to attend, but know that you were there with us nonetheless.
Namaste. All My Relations. dcu


Ya me too everyone. I had to push away and delete an old friend and her husband!
I had to let go of another friend because i think or feel that this old friend poisoned his attitude towards a newer friend. I felt sad but relieved that I am leaving the abusive and constantly negative advuce giving that thus person feels they obsessively have to try to shove down on me and nit relenting when told that thanjs I got it.


@dcu: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I got chills running up and down my spine when reading your story.

Over the past 2.5 years, I have watched almost every person from my past fall away from me, or I have walked away from them. I know now it was necessary to find myself. Recently, I have found wonderful people coming into my life. It is scary, but it is true that space is made in loss to gain more than we thought possible. I can testify.


@dcu, what a great and beautiful counterpoint; it gave me chills too. @shakti, Tolly, and Iris, thank you so much for the compassionate reassurance -- part of the worst of all this has been facing forward with no idea what will be met on the other side. And rogue12 and Micheline, I'm pulsing light and especial love to wherever you are.

Happy birthday, ladyleo; a week after yours is my 44th. Here's to effervescent coming year, that's my vote. Further up and further in. <3


I very much feel at the end of a massively hard cycle and the forks in the road of destiny are really evident. 22nd is my 43rd birthday so I'm looking forward to paddling my canoe downstream after a 180 turnaround in my approach to many things. Thanks Robert

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