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I have Saturn (in Cap) right on my IC. Pluto crossed it, retrograded, then crossed it again. Now it's back within a degree. It's been the most difficult time of my life. I learned that life is not always fair and you can't count on Karma to catch up.


With apologies to the proprietor, I have a tangential comment: I thought Neptune was exalted in Leo - yes? I once read Neptune was in exalted in Cancer but never really bought into the line of reasoning.

On a more germane note, I'm of the Pluto in Libra generation and Saturn on my Pluto has been tremendously helpful; this transit has helped me cultivate patient determination and not use brute force, as a ram is wont to do...


May 1963 baby here...yes, July 2010 bammo - brought me to the core of my being and yes, I'm fearless now. Well sort of...

Already receiving the blessings from that time...I am MUCH stronger than I thought and am currently breaking my own physical barriers.

Not sure I want to do it again in 25 years though...will that time be a different lesson or the same one with a new twist?

Thanks as always for your wise writings...blessings back to you.

Nancy Robinson

July 1966 here. Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces/cusp of Aries 29th degree, and Uranus, conjunct Pluto in Virgo, midway.

Whenever anything aspects my Pluto, it also affects my Uranus. The two work together. Like a combustion! (I call them my twins)

Example would be during my mid life aspects, Uranus and Jupiter was opposition my natal Uranus and Pluto. Was a wild ride. Has personal affects, and a generational and universal effect. Unconscious and Subconscious on a Collective Universal Whole.

And now, Pluto is transit conjunct my Capricorn moon, trine the Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. And the ongoing Pluto and Uranus Square.

The Saturn Conjunct Pluto already occurred for me. Went through much Self Healing on all levels, and brought to the present now. Which is I am a Light Of Love, a Universal Servant, and a Multi-Dimensional Being. Definitely crystallization. Also, am into Indigo, Rainbow, Star-seed and Crystal Children and the transitions, and helping other like souls much so. (Mercury Rx, conjunct Sun in house 5 Leo)

Love all you Write!

Love and Light~Nancy


I'm late pluto in leo generation. My generation will have saturn squaring their natal pluto. I have the natal square that really came to light last night when I was having a conversation with a young man who has pluto in scorpio square saturn in aquarius. What he and his friends are learning is something I was totally unaware of at that age.

He came from the streets and landed somewhere comfortable a couple years ago. It was then he started what he calls "the breaking down". He was always "tough" because that's what it took to survive. But now he is "strong". " " are his words.

The interesting thing is that he and his friends are also conscious of their world view and the effect their behavior has in the world. Must be the squaring to aquarius (discomfort always seeks balance???). That these young men are talking about their journeys, the part of themselves they cannot sacrifice ie. their souls, and a better world really floors me.

I'm glad to be able to listen, understand, and confirm.


July 1971 here, where virgo Pluto stays just on (or behind?) my Asc.

I had several new starts:
1990 (nice one), 1996 (deadly, lucky to survive), 2000 ('wanna be' start), 2009 (not nice)...

Last one is made by Saturn transit.

Still the worst is Chiron and north moon node in 1st opposite Saturn and south moon node in 7th.... August in 1996.

That made myself complete different... or not survived "completely" at all...


99% of the universe is dark matter. The big ass ham collider experiment tells us that when particles collide something new is created. I'm not so much into creating more physical matter but I like the experience of creation or God when I come together with something or someone.


Natal Pluto 0 Virgo. Missed its opp to SunMC at 22 Virgo, marginally aware when Pluto tx'd Scorpio Fifth House. The square from 22 Sag nearly did me in. This year it's conj, Rx, reconj my Cap Moon and DSC. The word that comes to mind is: Burnishing.

With Saturn txs, I historically have made the exact wrong choices. It's as if we're speaking different languages. I'm trying to start over (from Sat opp SunMC) with Master Sat, hoping the recent sextile to Nat Sat will help.


Hi Terri - Well, you've hit upon a great truth that in fact, "life is not fair." But through our diligence we do not have to suffer over the unfairness of a thing. Just keep purifying your rules, your sense of duty, and let go of every corrosive or coercive thing in your past. When old security systems are getting annihilated, it's time to be flexible and move through the temporary "containers of personality" until the storm passes. Also remember that the Lord of Karma don't necessarily work according to the same time line that we do. but they are unerring in discharging their function at exactly the right time and way according to how the karma was fixed to begin with.

Hi Matt - I took a look at the so-called "exaltations" of the planets a long time ago, and because of some contradictions, I only kept the ones that made sense. An exaltation is the sign of a planet's greatest growth. Traditionally, Pluto is considered exalted in Leo, and Neptune in Cancer. But I cannot imagine that Neptune, the planet of fogs and illusions, finds its greatest growth in the sign of early childhood. That would seem more appropriate for Jupiter, the planet of protection, grace, and growth into greater awareness. In my system, it's reasonable to accept the traditional exaltations of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. If we assume Jupiter exalted in Cancer, that leaves only Uranus and Neptune and Virgo and Scorpio. I doubt Neptune is exalted in the sign of its exile, so Neptune must be exalted in Scorpio. That leaves Uranus exalted in Virgo, which also makes sense in that genius and innovation finds its grounds of greatest growth in the sign of practical application and attention to functional details within a greater whole view.

Glad Saturn has helped you restructure some of the Pluto in Libra divine power. Balance and perspective are always good things to have structured into the deepest darkest parts of the psyche....

Hi Elizabeth - Overcoming fear is one of the hardest and greatest things we can do in a lifetime. And there are always tests to make sure we've learned the lesson across all the planetary and sign experiences. The circumstances forever change, and you may regard that time as one when you'll "check in" with yourself and find new application for old skills and realizations. When the personal dimension of things is relatively completed, then we find ourselves being the solution to similar problems in the world around us that are playing out through other people.

Hi Nancy Robinson - Just keep purifying your Lunar function, and you'll come out stronger and clearer about how to use the trine (understanding) to solidify some basic and simple ways of grounding your inventiveness and Divine Power of self-transformation. Saturn in Scorpio will give productive opportunities to work with magnetism.

Hi caliban - That square won't happen until 2014, so for now enjoy the sextile and quintile coming! Those with Saturn square Pluto natally are learning not to get distracted by counterproductive coercions, conflicts, and responsibilities that are not really theirs. That aspect is one of the "pathfinder," or "way shower." But only after they get oriented in the right direction, and learn to turn away from useless conflicts and burdens. Glad you've found a Pluto in Scorpio that cares about something more than power. And humanity will find God in unexpected ways due to the emergent technological understanding coming these next 2000 years in the Age of Aquarius/Dwapara Yuga. Dark matter may well be lit up!

Hi helina - Transiting Pluto will be your friend for many years. Mark Saturn's transit over your Pluto and Asc as the beginning of a new self-redefinition. You're now going to do a reinvention of your values, and how you use what you have to secure your emergent self image. 41 is a high point, where the old is fulfilled and the rest is dropped off, preparing you to continue to develop along the lines of the new compassion and/or understanding you began to develop at age 40.

Hi Mary - When Saturn conjuncts the Moon, we have to either decrease our rules, our "shoulds," or our duties so we can take care of ourselves better, or conversely, let go of sentimentalities and habits so we can get on with fulfilling Dharma. While it can be a "hard time," it's also a time to restructure the personality so we can take care of ourselves and not feel deprived. Burnishing is a good way to describe Saturn's friction that smooths a surface. With time and patience, Saturn can help level things, even things, polish things, and make them aesthetically pleasing as per its exaltation in Libra. Over time, a healthy Saturn makes all things pleasing through a balanced sense of proportion.


Sakoian and Acker in the Astrologers Handbook list Neptune as exalted in Cancer to the transcendence of the emotions. Transcendence of emotions is like 'huh what' because emotions can be such complicated thought patterns that have been run for so very long. But Neptune does seem to have a way of loosening things up.

It was my cancer friend with all the leo placements that turned me onto my over emotionalizing cancer moon. Everything was always a crisis. I would feel for her and meditate on the problem of the moment. But when I would return to her it no longer existed. It was just her leo planet's sense of drama. After a couple of years of going through these exercises, I became aware of the pattern and changed my response and detached from the performance exercise.

I had spoken to my parents about variations of this problem. The folks who were on to my over emotionalizing would use it to get my underwear in a knot. The parental response was always the same. They would point to one ear and then the other and say in one ear and out the other. How simple. Why couldn't I do that? I had to deal with what was between my ears. And my dramatic friend drove it home.

The Neptune Leo connection did tickle me, because when the heart opens wide all boundaries all seem to disappear. And that emotionalizing stuff did get in the way of that experience. Physically functioning in that state, that's another challenge.


Hi caliban - This has to be brief. I just don't see Neptune's greatest growth in Cancer. Too many people I know with Neptune in the 4th dealt with a parent who wasn't all there, or there was too much ambiguity in their early life, leaving them ambivalent and unable to discern what was real and what wasn't. Too much openness to collective images and illusions when young is not a good thing for cultivating an immediate "shell of personality" within which the young being can operate with a sense of safety and clarity around boundaries (Cancer).

Of course this Neptune in the 4th house dynamic works out over time and experience, but only to greatest satisfaction for the ones who incorporate a set of spiritual ideals and spiritual practices as a grounding on a daily basis (Neptune in the 4th). Cancer's problems around clutching are well-known, but unrelated to Neptune's function. Cancer represents one's immediate feeling response on a very personal level, whereas......

Neptune is the spiritual ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius, the field of larger collective beliefs, ideals, and consciousness. If Neptune is collective consciousness, including the collective unconscious, then it would seem that Neptune's greatest growth would be through transcendence of any and all stuck or dark feelings, represented in Scorpio. And certainly, if we can embrace the great Neptunian journey to find its greatest growth in letting go, eliminating the old or outworn, and seeing past specific forms as the expressions of magnetic energy, and master the magnetic attraction/repulsion field that Scorpio symbolizes, then we are in proper relationship to collective images, beliefs, and ideals.


I know everything about being to "open" I´m a Cancer sun with a strong Neptune but also a lot of Pluto in my chart..Strong 8th house and a Scorpio ascendant. I am very strong and very sensitive - very confusing..


.."something called 'dark matter' makes up about 25% and an enormous 70% of the universe is pervaded with the mysteriously named 'dark energy'"


Hi ull - Your Light is the power of personal feelings expressed through forms of nurture and caring, whereas your Scorpio rising has no problem getting rid of all that no longer serves a purpose. So you're illuminated by personal feelings associated with safety, but instinctively keep letting go of everything that represents a used-up past. 8th house teaches us how to turn defeat into victory, loss into gain, elimination into the power to magnetise what we need when we need it.

Nancy Robinson

Thank You Robert!

I have Neptune In Scorpio, conjunct South Node,at 22 degrees, and is my favorite placement.

Had a rough childhood here myself, yet have Venus, mars, and Jupiter in the fourth Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer.. Was not too aware or appreciative of that placement until recently.



Forget the demographers! Your way, Robert, of categorizing generations by the Pluto sign is MUCH more accurate. Anyone with a Pluto in Virgo who gets lumped into the "Baby Boomer" category will tell you the same. Check out how they define "Generation Jones". ;)


I will be digesting your comments to caliban (thank you) for a while. Very pertinent to my Neptune in Scorpio in 4h. Boundary issues - why didn't I think of that?!


If "stuck or dark feelings be represented in scorpio" that could be my natal cancer moon in the 8th (unwhole houses). And it is in the second decan of cancer. Astrology can be fun. It's the cleanse that I like.


Hi Robert, bit concerned about my daughter who is just about to have saturn conjunct her natal pluto she was born July 89, because she also has pluto approaching conjunction to her natal saturn at the same time, any ideas how this might affect or suggestions of how to help her approach the energy, bit if a double wammy that could be extremely hard yet has huge potential too all things being equal eh?


Forgot to add the other reason for concern is her natal pluto is in 12th house and saturn is conjunct neptune natally, so alot of mind/illusion energy involved too.


Good Morning, I am an aquarius born 1/24/68. what effect does saturn entering scorpio have on my sign? and what happens when the two connect??

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