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chickie farella

Really really good......gonna get on the good road....Ur highness!!!


Hi, Robert! Thanks for this initial illumination regarding the upcoming Full Moon. QUESTION: It is falling nearly exactly on my Ascendant at 7d15m Aries. How should I interpret this conjunction?


Thank you so much, Robert. We are celebrating my wife's birthday this evening of September 28 in conjunction with our monthly Full Moon Group based on the Alice Bailey material. It seems to me that there is a special need in the world right now for all of us to revisit Mr. Libra Mahatma Gandhi's teachings on Satyagraha. Wikipedia has a good article on it. My other favorite Libra Saint John Lennon also challenged us to Imagine a world without war and oppression. While so many in the world are wanting to throw off the yoke of the Plutocracy, it is essential that we use only spiritual means to the end that we are seeking. Gandhi reminded us that the means and the end are one and inseparable.
"All who are open to a greater Way, Truth, and Life/Light have found a form of “transcendent security,” and need to keep in mind that we’ve already achieved a measure of it more comfortably than we thought we would."
May all sentient beings rediscover their way home.

Debbie Eastick

I am feeling this already, not seeing it outside yet, but that seed is definitely growing, so happy I have honoured and trusted what I believe is good for me without any retaliation for the threats from the outside world, just worked on it in myself, sounds airy fairy, but what the heck, it is working!

Debbie Eastick

PS I am in Perth, so even that is supportive at this time :)


A lovely article Robert, with a lot of information making for very intersting read as usual. Thanks


Hi Robert, this is the first time I have commented. I need your help. My 33 year old son lives in maui and has pisces 21.31. Also has mercury 8.07. Two months ago he broke two ribs on a full moon, the next full moon in august he totalled his car and broke his back. I am very worried. Can you give me some insight. PLEASE


I meant to say sun in pisces at 21.31. Thank you for considering my request.


This was an encouraging article Robert. Sounds kind of like the flip is just preparing the soil first. Put a Candle in the Window. You are such a blessing to us,Thanks.

Wild Horse Running

I spoke the it because someone didn,t want to hear it? Or because it has been a "secret" for so long, and it is a pink elephant in the room, that I am being punished? I have a fixed square at 21-24 said radical changes...I have learned how to express my feelings, why is that each time I do, I am the one who loses? I have saturn at 5 cap in the 3rd, squaring venus at 5 Libra in the 12th.....I cant be passive-aggressive anymore...but it seems everyone else is very happy there, each time i speak up about the truth..I get kicked out, fired, etc.

I cant act, joke, be superfical, etc....I want depth, truth...when is it going to show up????

Frustrated/stressed in Michigan


A Joyous read - your Moon articles always my Fave of Faves ~ must be my Cancer Asc :-) All the symbology re 8* Aries much appreciated for this 8* 10th H North Node ~ currently approaching 2nd 'Hit' of tr. Uranus con. NN, whilst Pluto dances on & between 6th H Venus & Moon!*! "....we can see the light of “coming home” and renewal of something that used to light up our lives...." & so be it :-)
Hakuna-ma-tata is my current 'breathe out' saying..
Love to all of the Magic Cantina on this Harvest Moon.


How wonderful to read of rewarding good news rising. The past few years have been ceaseless waves of tumult and uncertainty. I'm glad reading that we will all see the calm shore and be delivered here, better from the wearing ride.
Nice that all are included in this new view.
Ty for always explaining great complexity in simple terms for lay people like me.


Very eloquently put! I feel tge healing possibilities. Interestingly, this one is obviously going to be activating my natal fuxed sign angles!!!!

Thanks Robert! I have found a new little shine in my hooe

Wild Horse Running

my earlier the midst of falling debris.....I understand now that is BECAUSE I spoke in an environment that has been oppressed, power and control issues...that I am being kicked out. If I had just kept my mouth shut, and continued to enable the person who doesn,t want to take responsibility for their actions, and was flaunting it, and attacking others while he refused to aknowledge he had done anything wrong. I couldn,t/can,t look the other way anymore....and as such life is becoming very fluid.

Their way, or the Highway.....The Highway beckons

Deb Marcoux

I guess those of us with Pluto in the 1st need to just stay calm :)


Hi chickie - Glad it's good for you. I'm sure it's already been productive!!

Hi Layli - The Light of how you're relating to others will show you what you care about in yourself, or what needs caring for. You'll be very sensitive about what you need, what you feel, and see the light in how much of an equal or unequal you are relative to others. And of course, the bigger deal is Uranus exactly on your Asc, awakening your uniqueness, genius, or special expression of the Divine Will. Synthesis is your gift at present.

Hi dcu - You're most welcome. We've spoken since you posted this, so I'll just wish you both a very Happy and Merry Libra celebration!! Goin' home!!

Hi Debbie Eastick - Glad to know you're making it through the rapids into a new way of expressing who you are with the means you need. And yes, "it" IS working right now. Cooperate with your invisible helpers and there's no telling what good you could harvest in the near future. Say hello to the Perth Spring for me.

Hi Sabina - You're most welcome. Glad you can use the info.

Hi kerri - I really cannot comment with so little information. There are many factors involved in car wrecks and broken bones and spines. He obviously has something related to Sun (spine), Mars (wrecks) and Saturn (bones) to realize. No doubt there would be things in the progressed chart that warn against recklessness. And of course, he needs to be careful around the time of the Full Moon, if that's associated with this pattern of breaking his body. Some of this may be related to Saturn going direct quincunx his Sun, but again, there's more to it than I can go into in a comment stream.

Hi Mel - Thanks. And thanks again.

Hi Wild Horse Running - You can't be punished if you just go your own way. Remember Rumi's injunction that "it makes absolutely no difference what other people think about you." Had to go my own way countless times, and just let go of wondering why, or what, or whether, etc. You can never lose by expressing your heart, but you can lose by speaking your truth to people who are not your friends.

Pluto is purifying your security systems and showing you what you can and cannot control, and square Venus, is testing all your relationships so you can let go of those that keep you lost in loose ends, those that prevent you from getting the results you want, those that are bizarre or extreme or crazy, and showing you that the price of love is not necessarily suffering.

Be positive Cancer and Aries energy! Be quick in turning toward what YOU care about, what nurtures YOU, what protects YOU, and those people with whom you feel relatively safe, balanced, and strong in your individuality. And it sounds like you need to be with others you can be authentic with, who do inspire a little humor and relaxation, but also allow for depth feeling and a sense of being whole in your truth within the group. I suppose it shows up when we let go of "lookin' for love in all the wrong places...."

As for your second post, yes, if we speak out and challenge and/or upset a dysfunctional system, don't be surprised that those who benefit from that system and who derive power from that system don't welcome what you're saying. But then again, why would you want to be part of a system that doesn't want people like you in that system? Learned it myself more than a few times when younger. So if they don't want to be nice with me, then it's time for me to go somewhere else where people ARE nice to me. Lots of people to meet and things to do, and life's too short to hang out with jerks, control freaks, intimidators, and others who don't want to let people be people on their own terms. And for sure, when I find myself with someone who is so heavy handed that it becomes "Their way or the Highway" you can bet the highway is going to be a lot more fulfilling and easy on your Soul than their way ever could be.

Hi H - You're on a growth pattern into your line of greatest evolutionary development! Uranus is definitely awakening a major magnetic path to future growth, so be a pioneer, go your own way, be out in front without worrying if anyone else is there, and take comfort that you're learning how to dance out to the leading edge in your world. May you see the foundations of a life renewal that promises future harvests that are perfect for your uniqueness!!

Hi Sherry - Well, we've heard so much about "bad moons rising" that it's a relief to be able to sing about "good moons calling!" Renew, refreshed, regenerated, real good!! Glad I could explain in intelligent words what this special time is all about.

Hi Micheline - If the angles are set into motion, so is the life accordingly! That would imply major changes and initiatives.

Hi Deb Marcoux - Those of us with Pluto in the 1st ALWAYS need to stay calm....

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