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Hi Robert,

Heard one of the world's foremost authorites on pyramids, Dr Sam Osmanagich, lecturing in Michigan last Sunday. Pyramids are everywhere on the planet. They are are free energy machines, not burial chambers. check out Dr Sam's site at his information, based on years of scientific study and research is truly mind blowing.

Deb Marcoux

I've read that information on a lot of these great mysteries were written into books by or dictated by "Nine-Unknown Men" or 9 men who wouldn't give out their names.


wow this is fascinating. brilliant and dangerous and if this technology and the knowledge of time vortices fell into the wrong hands, well... but like nuclear power and the truth about reincarnation, the possibilities for good are endless. i can't wait to find out more. namaste :)


sounds suspiciously like the plot of this movie. Afghanistan, special forces, a British soldier lost in time, lasers, vimanas, it has it all



Brad Weiss

There is a novel about this topic on amazon
Starship of Qumran.......

Mr Hennity

I would like to know just WHERE this information seems just yet another unsubstantiated tale of mystery that concerns ancient knowledge and aliens seems to be just more of the same but this time with an eastern twist...I believe we will all be as mystified in another ten years time.


Hi all - Yes, it could be a movie or it could be real or it could be both. Cayce wrote about such things. And Mr. Hennity, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out more about this thing and report back here with your research. And should you or any of your IM team be caught or killed, the Secretary will deny all knowledge of your existence. Good luck, Mr. Hennity. This tape will self destruct in 10 seconds......

Cheryl Ramcharan

A Vimana is a “mythological” flying machine described in ancient Sanskrit texts. We are told from multiple sources that one has been found in central Asia, trapped in a “Time Well” similar to the one at “the Philadelphia Experiment.”

Edgar Cayce described such anti-gravity machines of antiquity that supposedly are located under the pyramids of Egypt. It is known by many students of esoteric history that this ancient technology was supposed to be re-discovered during this time of transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. So while I tend to be skeptical about many assertions and rumors at this time in history, I also understand that many things are possible.

I also know that many things are known that are not being reported to the masses, since it would blow the current myths about history, religion, science, and other cultural assumptions and constructed illusions. There is also no doubt that since humanity is on “the Path of Return,” during this coming Dwapara Yuga (as it’s described in the Vedas) we enter the long wave Era of “electromagnetic remembrance.” That of course would allow for many breakthroughs in electromagnetic technology, and supposedly this was how the ancients built the pyramids.

Robert, I found this on a site called "Nourishing Obscurity" - you're not using other peoples wisdoms as your very own, are you? I've also inviteded the owner of the site to view yours.

Cheryl Ramcharan


Cheryl - I NEVER crib other people's work. NEVER. (Frankly, I can't believe you would even consider such a thing.) I have my own special style and vocabulary, and it's obvious to those who read my work for any length of time. When I use something from another, I quote (except for a few bits from wikipedia, which is open source authorship of countless contributors).

Over the years I have found others who have tried to publish my work without attribution, and perspicacious readers in our community make report here and let me know about it. And in that tradition, I will go to that site to look around. Thanks for the tip.

ADD - Just went there. You will note my post is from October 4, and their article was published Oct 12. I also saw what you wrote about doubting me before you had all your facts straight. That's offensive.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Robert, my apologies if I have falsely accused you. You and the other writer will have to work that out between you. My point is that the taking of others hard work, and their wisdom is rampant. Those who would like to represent themselves as "experts" use the wisdom of others to do so. I've been seeing a lot of it lately, and am sickened by it. Again, if you stand falsely accused by myself, my apologies to you.

Cheryl Ramcharan


Hi Cheryl - Your tone requires my tone in this response. It's one thing to doubt me (which you have no basis for). It's another thing to post on a public site "This comment is on your piece entitled “Vimana”. Please check out Robert Wilkinson’s blog at Aquarius Papers – I think he said exactly what you said, and copyrighted it to himself! At least he sounds wise…"

You didn't check the timeline on which was published first before you shot off in public forum. While I have no problem with the first part of this, I really don't like the part "I think he said exactly what you said, and copyrighted it to himself! At least he sounds wise…"

That's very presumptuous and highly offensive! And for you to post over there "He said exactly what you said..." Try the other way around!! I don't understand why you would think otherwise.

I tend to "work things out." They tend to run like roaches when I find out they've plagarized my work. You have absolutely no basis to doubt my expertise. None. You have no examples where I have "used the wisdom of others" while taking credit for it, though I do quote the Wise Ones when it's appropriate.

This leads me to "a teachable moment:" I believe unless you stop your tendency to falsely accuse me or anyone else that it will lead your life and karma into a ditch. Objectively speaking, you missed the mark in a huge way and managed to offend someone who doesn't offend easily. While I appreciate knowing when someone has plagarized my work, most who inform me think before they post, and are just fine with me knowing (usually via email) without spreading doubt or disinformation in public forums. I don't need anyone's faith in my work, since my work is unique and stands on its own, but I do expect respect for my 40+ years in this game.


James from Nourishing Obscurity here. There's been an issue of plagiarizing and it shows one has to be careful. I've just attempted to make amends and to Cheryl, above, sometimes these things get under the radar, rather than there being any intent. One can usually judge by the subsequent response.

Nice blog by the way.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Robert, why wouldn't you publish my last responses to you? Granted, it is your website, and you can control your image...I guess we'll leave it there...
Cheryl Ramcharan


Cheryl, I have sent you a response twice. I note you have dishonestly listed a phony email address in your comments. So I sent you a response via the other email address I have on you. I know it works since my email did not come back. Please read the response at spiralladder if you want to know why this may very well be the last comment I am willing to post from you. To note, if anyone else stumbles across this, I do not indulge hijackers or trolls. Show respect for this community or don't bother to post.


Thank you all for helping information to be shared.
I would Robert be interested in having you on mailing exchanges.



It is real. And if u read vimana shastra u'll know abt it clearly ancient technology is in vedas


There should be petent for Vimana Anti-Gravitational technology by Indian government before it goes for further research.

All the scripts with blue prints are with us. Luckily you can't translate unless you are the master of Sanskrit grammar.

Americans are shrewd enough to steal technology and patent as their own.

(Ed. - Manu, I had to delete your final comment. Those who are vulgar do not post here. I'll tolerate a bit of snark, but your last statement clearly shows you have a lot to learn about other countries that steal technology. The US has strong property rights and patent laws - unlike India - and is not even in the top 7 countries who steal others' intellectual property. It would have been more cogent for you to name one or two things you allege someone has "stolen." But since this site does not bash nationalities, your statement is irrelevant to the subject at hand.)


This story is old news, from Sorcha Faal and was a hoax.
It originated in December 2010 please feel free to google :o)


Hi jp - While "Sorcha Faal" may have been making stuff up, how would we know? We certainly can accept Vimanas are real if we are to accept historical records. And it is well-known that NONE of our "world leaders" would ever let us know if such a thing had been found, and NONE of our media will report on that which the powers that be don't want reported. Even UFOs are not being reported, though it seems that sightings are getting more common around the world. Official news channels are big on reporting things as "hoaxes" even though they may or may not be. Again, how would we know?

For example, I remember CBS and Dan Rather doing a major prime time evening news story in 1980 on how the Russians found traces of Atlantis on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean exactly where ancient historical records say it existed. They then threw a news blackout over the story for a couple of days, and then told us "it was a mistake" a few days later. I doubt the discovery was a "mistake" but I'm sure CBS reporting it was, at least to the powers that be, since then we'd have to explain some things that are not in our official history or religions.

So as far as I'm concerned, a Vimana could have been found, and we would never know about it except via alternative news sources. Things like this are as impossible to verify as they are to discredit, since none of us know to what extent the powers manipulate what news we're given. As for google, well, what makes you think the powers that be don't have that wired as well? They are a mega-corporation, you know.

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