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I figured what I wrote over at FB was a succinct way of condensing what I wrote above. So if you didn't see it there...

"In this Twilight Zone we call Earth, there is an atmosphere we all share. This atmosphere affects us in both similar and different ways. And we are all experiencing past, present, and future simultaneously, whether we have the ability to speak of it or not. At this time we're living a future but many are still feeling the past."

Deb Marcoux

Thanks Robert. I do have the ability to speak of experiencing past, present and future simultaneously and it is driving me nuts! At this point in time, I'd much rather deal with the future and not have the present and past jerking my chain. I'll try to maintain flexibility. A very real tug-of-war going on. The Jupiter placement of Gemini 16 reminded me of Malala (the girl shot in the head by the Taliban).

Wild Horse Running

....very interesting! I turned on the computer and found and article about Halle Berry and self-esteem...and how she feels she has finally turned a corner, ref her choice in men. It spoke to me, as I have "self-worth" issues in my chart.

My 2nd house/self-worth with sun/mars in scorp 22/17 degrees...and Merc/jupiter also in 2nd at 8/9 sag... My sun and mars opposse my moon in Taurus in the 8th....endings, of old feelings, timidity?
I am seeing, standing up to those that control, and they are either leaving my life...or they are changin their behaviour toward me.

I am also able to control my emotions better, think before I speak...and my expression has become softer.....I have been owning my feelings, and expressing them much more, so that I do not have to carry around hidden anger.

Also...I'm "seeing/feeling" what is really going on under the, hidden agenda's and since I am seeing them...I understand and I am able to practice "detachment" so much better and consistently!

On a final note, ...I had a healer in Sedona tell me that I had incarnated as a male in many lifetimes, and in this I had incarnated as a female to find balance.

My sun conjunct mars??? My expression and desires have been somewhat on the "aggressive side"....they are softening, and I am finding new "desires" beginning to bloom....



Excellent reading as always Robert, I am awaiting the merc retro article with bated breath as 5 sag is sextile natal jup/IC conjunction and square natal pluto, it is also conjunct my solar return MC/nth node conjunction...I have faith, alot of it thank goodness!


friend from Ventura offers a visit and help settling in if i want to stay.{not far from Ojai}. I'm pinching myself.Robert do you remember the conversation?


Are (transit) retrogrades really important? I have Gemini Asc and never notice anything when Mercury is Rx. Although I do notice it with my natal Venus Rx - never wanted to get married or have kids. Astrologers are split on the issue, it seems.


Hi Deb - Yes, it seems that those who have trained are less trapped in time right now, while others are learning how to stay focused. Welcome to Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces!! Given the necessity for "order of priority" right now, you simply cannot do certain things until you've done other things first. More in a coming article.

Hi Wild Horse Running - As Saturn moves through your Solar 12th, you'll understand a lot more about "the movie of your life," and why you are no longer motivated by what you used to be. You may want to take a new look at my article in the archives explaining the 12th house.

As I explained to someone else with Sun in late Scorpio, since Saturn is in your Solar 12th, this is giving you a more thoughtful view of the "movie of your life" born of your direct experience and the wisdom you're learned since 1984-85. You can truly complete some aspect of "the great work" at this time, and renounce lesser responses while claiming a new wisdom of motive. You may be called by others to do "closure rituals" for them, and of course, you could grow greatly the more you do structured meditations or behind the scenes work.

Saturn can strengthen your view of your Light through claiming the experiences that have yielded wisdom and "response ability" these past 29 years. This is helping you prepare a long term restructuring in what you can and cannot live with, based in your own authority, no one else's. While Saturn opposed the Moon can bring hard emotional lessons, it also provides us a chance to adjust the relationship of the public/private, professional/personal, external responsibilities/personal needs in our lives. Usually it means we have to find ways to take care of ourselves appropriate to who we are now, not who we used to be (or believed we were, whether real or not!)

You began your new self image back when Saturn crossed your Asc. Now you're finding the values and resources, material and non-material, you need to draw on to support that new, more mature and responsible self image. Saturn on the Asc brings a new rigor that allows us more authorship in our world. Now you're beginning a several year period of restructuring your Light/Life, how you deal with what aggravates you, how you're living your life in ways you can enjoy on your own terms, and once it enters Sag, you'll find a new learning discipline that will crystallize your Mercury and Jupiter in new ways. It's the end of what began in the 80s!

Hi Debbie - Thanks. Mercury retrograde articles coming soon!!

Hi cathy - Yes. Congratulations!! I'll email you soon.

Hi Diana - Yes. Extremely important as phase shifts in the larger experiential cycle. No split that I've ever heard of. Perhaps you're not taking some things into account regarding how your self image is affected through events of the houses where Mercury RX transits occur.


Truly can resonate with 'wild horse running'. I've acknowledge from 2005, this life is a repeat. It repeats or re-runs its course over, over, again till you wake up to your karmic 'conditions' of finding out your true nature beyond limited time scripts. And, not take anything personal. Were each here to fulfill our soul's journey whether it is tramatic or not. It has nothing to do, on a human level from all these 'ideas full of conditions-programs-training' of who you should be or not to be. When you least expect it, there is 'inner' drier help, not the external 'outer' wet stuff were so prone to jump at. We do have inner guidance if only we know from our hearts. just been repressed, hidden, covered over. It is an Awesome Divine love without conditions, which is here anytime-timeless at a drop of a pin. Without the ego-thinking mind getting in its way, even tho the ego doesn't actually exist. The ego-identity is nothing but 'conditions'. To keep you dumb down from finding out your True Nature. Thanks for another great post. Namaste lovin' astrology!

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