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Thank you so much for the wonderful important articles that you have been putting up recently. I used two of them in our Full Moon Group tonight. I emphasized that the parrot has to first listen intently before he speaks. We had 10 people in our circle. They all send a big thank you to you for your unceasing efforts on behalf of Humanity.
During our meditation one of our group members had an image of the Tarot Arcana "The Hanged Man" in reversed position. He got the message that although there are times when we can just relax, not make any decisions, and wait to see what happens, this is NOT one of those times. We are all called upon to make very clear, deliberate, and conscious choices about our future now as the fork in the road looms in front of us at the intersection of fate and free will.
May we all choose wisely. Love and Compassion to all sentient beings.


Thank you Robert

Cheryl Ramcharan

Hi Robert - yes, we are moving quickly now away from the past...

Our world has entered into a shifted continuum toward the future. All forms of life on Earth are affected. This includes humanity. Now, more than ever, we are in this together. Now more than ever we must hold hands. And now more than ever, we must ride change. Together. And holding hands.

To do so, we must first come alongside the roaring beast of change. We must come into alignment. We must find rhythm, pace, and tandem. And then, together, and holding hands, we must leap fearlessly onto the very back of the creature, must we not?

So, alignment is key. And, to align ourselves with fearlessly leaping into an unknown future requires a radical shift in perspective; it requires a non-linear shift in thinking.

Or, it could be said in this way:

When it dawned on those that were there, that Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again, things changed. That moment of change called for a shift in perspective; a shift in alignment toward the future. Were they afraid by the loss of Humpty? Or, were they excited by the dawn of a new reality, the chance to build the world again, better this time?

The answer is that some remained in that ancient courtyard with the fallen Humpty. They gathered in a great unity of purpose to keep life going as if change had never come. These ones had benefited greatly from the hand of Humpty, and were afraid to move into a different future. They didn’t know how.

All they had ever known was a Humpty Dumpty kind of life. And they had not ever learned to think unlike themselves. They could not think from a different perspective. They could not think into a different future. So, they grabbed up all the resources they could for themselves, and they remained to fight off the uncertain future.

And yet others, many others, joined hands and grinned. We are not uncertain. In fact, we’re quite sure. We’re going for a ride on a beast!

Cheryl Ramcharan


Robert...I have the highest admiration for your astrological expertise and how you share it. Yet, in this instance, I wonder how any significant import can be given to a marginal eclipse, positioning 10 degrees away from the Nodal point (in a different sign, no less). The energy seems quite diluted.

Yes, the penumbral passage was lovely to watch early this AM. A very slight dimming occurred across the Moon's surface near the Full Moon point. This shift in light also gave further definition to the Lunar maria. However, from an energetic perspective, if the Moon is not partially or fully inside the umbra, seems its metaphorical relationship to the "as above, so below" would equally not carry the import a partial or total lunar eclipse would merit.

Seems the Full Moon Yod (which recreates with some planetary swaps on the coming Solstice near the same degree), T-square with Neptune/Chiron, and the on-going Uranus/Pluto's influence point to the big news on this Full Moon.

Appreciate hearing your perspective about what I'm sharing. Thanks


Hi all - Thanks for checking in. Still writing....

Hi Joseph - Well, though the Full Moon be in a different sign than the Nodes, they're only 10 degrees apart, which is what creates the Eclipse. Perhaps a "blurred bright passing shadow" would be a way to describe it. While it will have an effect, it probably won't be similar to totals and partials. Different flavors of eclipses. And it is the Full Moon following a Solar Eclipse, no small thing in itself.

I wouldn't say it's diluted, as spread between multiple sign energies. Line of Greatest development is different from the illumination, and the line of least resistance is different from the form builder. They all play their part.

Perhaps it will have a stronger resonance in those areas inside its shadow, since somewhere the Eclipse is of maximum strength. And it's all going on at the same time as the Yod, etc..... To me it's really about how to use this Lunation energy in the best way we can, and it really doesn't look that bad, especially related to the recent Mercury stationary event. The recent Solar Eclipse conjunct the NN is of course the major event to focus on, since that will be in play much longer than this one.


Thanks for the clarification, Robert. I appreciate your taking the time.

And since this Full Moon chart mirrors in some ways the coming Solstice and 12/21..…"where's the transcendent, Earth shattering, once-in-a lifetime, expansive, societal shifting" beef that makes this chart say "wow…pay attention…something big is going to happen"? I don't see it despite all the channeled information coming "from above". Seems 2013 and 2014 are the bigger music makers in our societal emergence from the dark ages. Do you see the coming Solstice day any differently?


Hi Joseph - Well, suppose the Solstice came and went and nothing observable or extraordinarily glamorous happened? (Seeing Jack Nicholson at the local supermarket doesn't count!) If you've been here any length of time, you know I view the thing though a much longer time wave lens. The movement through the transition zone between Great Ages is about 400 years where the two Ages overlap.

We're square in the middle of the Winter of the 21st century, soon to begin movement toward the Spring. But sometimes it's hard to remember we're moving toward Spring in early February and it's freezing outside. By the time the Grand Irrationality fades into the rear view mirror it'll be 2017-2018 and we'll be back in a long wave generative period of extraordinary productivity.

This Eclipse actually has many close contacts to previous Solar and Lunar Returns than most are aware of, and so studying them and adding up all the effects, esp. the Solar Eclipses, may be a good way to get the true bigger picture about what's ended, what is, and what is to be. I figure the coming Solstice is important more due to the major Yod at play between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto than any quirk of one of the many Mayan Calendars.

Again, I've tried to outline in several recent articles what I see occurring in humanity as a function of evolutionary necessity plus the larger unified field that's thickening and quickening our experience of life, time, matter, energy, space, light, and interrelatedness. We are at the front end of a type of sentient awareness and experiential Be-ness as we move through experience. It's as though we're all awakening to a different way of feeling our life and the life that's all around us.

The trick is not to get disoriented due to the irrationality of it all. And to keep our sense of humor and wits about us as the biggest environmental train wreck in history since Atlantis washes over all of us.


Excellent description, Robert. I too see these events in the much bigger cycle (Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius). And "irrationality" is a great word for the various perspectives now being disseminated in the consciousness.

I will go back and look at the related eclipses. Thanks again.


Does siting Elvis in the produce department at the supermarket count? I digress.

Experiencially, this eclipse was subtle but powerful. I had only one big fart. It blew the door open into sacred space. I must have made a choice a long long time ago because it's a great coming together of many many experiences and things. Perhaps prolific on that level since the eclipse is conjunct my natal nodal axis. Not to mention the planetary lineup that is aspecting everything in my natal chart.


Hi dcu, have been thinkin about your read on choices since I have a big fat fork stuck in my road. It seems that my work choice now has to be alignable with my truth so that I can be my truth. The job place was always another place that supported physical survival and was separate from my home base truth. That doesn't seem to be enough now. Making more responsible choices?? Growing pains in that realm, ouch!!

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