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Ur Highness I haven't read this piece yet as I just walked in and am cooking....however don't cha think it strange that the violence is once again a female there a message in this madness????? Sandy.....


I've never owned or shot a gun. I would prefer we live in a peaceful society that would preclude the use of weapons. That isn't the situation here in the USA (with two active wars on our hands in the name of terrorism!) or our neighboring countries.

Taxation sounds good to me Robert, but I think it's only viable on paper. The black market has proven effective at supplying in great quantities: guns, ammunition, drugs, exotic animals...anything. I suspect the Mexican and S American drug lords would simply diversify and become bullet lords, too (some already are) and at a great price.

What's to stop someone from stealing cash or credit cards and buying bullets? Theft would be the least of problems if one was planning mass murder. What about just stealing bullets? Rival gangs like taking from each other. A big problem in this country already is theft from transport and delivery trucks.

The vacuum left from no bullets would be filled with something. Homemade bombs aren't that difficult to make, whether ingredients are banned or not. The homemade methamphetamine industry attests to the availability of "banned" ingredients. Fertilizer is cheap and readily available for small bombs. Molotov cocktails?

Unfortunately, our political laws allow for lobbying by such great$ as the NRA. Unfortunately, the electorate demands our politicians stop the insanity of mass killings, but without gun (or bullet) control. Unfortunately, some politicians and religious leaders now say the victims are paying the price for removing prayer and worship from education. Is there something wrong with all of this????


Hi Chickie -Well, it sure does seem that there is some kind of bias going on. But we really don't want to discuss that or we'd both be either bummed out, outraged, or both.

Hi Mike - Yes, well, I also wish we'd get over guns. Very 20th century retro, if you know what I mean.

Taxation isn't just viable on paper. We could make it work easily, the same way we regulate many things. Even fertilizer has "markers" put in each specific shipment. If we can do that with bomb material, surely we can do it with things like shell casings. Drug lords? We can spot one pot plant in a national forest with satellite tech. Those in charge surely allow what they allow, and bust those who have not paid the vig. The powers that be have more going on than most people suspect.

If we gave an identifier to EVERY shell casing, EVERY batch of powder, EVERY bullet head, we'd diminish the sum total of killing devices by a thousand fold. This technology already exists. It's in every car and truck we buy, and many things are "chipped" that aren't nearly as lethal as bullet materiel.

I don't care about who steals what to buy what. Chip or create another identifier in every single component used to make bullets, and it's nyet problema. Stealing bullets might become a thriving industry, but those who were stolen from would have a huge interest in making sure that didn't happen. Try stealing Bubba's bullets and you might not live to tell the tale. Steal a gangbangers bullets - good luck on that one - and you can wind up very dead very quickly if you were ripping them off for any substantial amount, or for that matter, any amount at all. Those who value their assets tend to be fierce in guarding them. If they'll kill you for ripping off 500 bucks of cocaine, what do you think they'd do if you ripped them off for a grand worth of bullets?

Homemade bombs are already not that hard to make. I am not advocating we can stop all miscreants from using weaponry. But if bullets were taxed, it would be less likely a psychopath would spray a thousand around just to prove they could.

And yes, there's something terribly wrong when supposedly intelligent and "spiritual" people attribute human violence to anything but psychopathic behavior. We really have to get over certain superstitions about "god" and remember that we can do many things that are good, and true, and beautiful, and stop blaming "god" for the mischief people CHOOSE to do.


Extrapolated, researched and updated thought from another website. Latest statistics; in 2010 there were over 30,000 deaths in America from guns. In Great Britain, where even the police do not generally carry guns, there were less than 50. Let's repeat this, in America,where we insist any infringement on owning a gun is tyranny, over 30,000 people died from weapons, in Great Britain it is less than 50 for the same year (note, this includes suicides, but hey, how many U.S. citizens will really commit hari kari if a pistol isn't readily available). Or check wikipedia for a listing of firearm deaths per 100,000 population, 9 of the top 12, including the U.S., are new world countries, many with operating death squad paramilitary mentality even to this day.

Lets look at it another way, guns don't kill people, people do. Or people with guns do. Exchange the mechanism. Thermonuclear bombs don't kill people, people with thermonuclear bombs do. Doesn't the 2nd Amendment give me the right to bear arms, including a thermonuclear warhead? Neither it nor the semiautomatic repeating firearm existed in the late 1700s. Doesn't it give me the right to own radioactive material sufficient to make a dirty bomb, another(destructive)industry of man's creation? If it doesn't, aren't you drawing a line (Supreme Court) at either or both the words "arms" and "right" in the 2nd Amendment. Isn't the cannon in a tank an 'arm' I can own? If I can't own and fire a tank under existing laws, are we currently living under tyranny? Or is there already a distinction, limitation made on the 2nd Amendment that is cognitively ignored that could easily be shifted to allow those who want to hunt, or feel a need to arm up inside their residence for self protection, without allowing the gun prohibition chicken little tyranny sky to fall?

Random musings from the father of a first grader in this great country who hugs his son goodby and good day and says see you tonight each morning before school.


Shayne Laughter

Bravo, Robert! You have pointed the reality-based way to fulfilling Chris Rock's superb dictum that bullets should cost $5,000 apiece. Sharing this on Facebook. Oh - PS - besides that ruinous tax, each pack of bullets should be wrapped in the picture and name of someone slain by bullets.


wonderful loaded article Robert... great idea, escalate the price of bullets! i also think that mental health should be more vigorously addressed. many potentially violent people slip through the cracks on a regular basis. as for that comment about the dangers of astrology, well... astrology is a matter of personal belief. i never saw astrology kill somebody. not yet. and now we should turn off the Tv, stop wringing our hands and see what we can do in our own back yard to effect kindness and healing. Edgar Cayce once said, fill the place better where ye are... namaste Robert! :)


I think you are right about taxing the bullets ... in the linear, it is one way to slow down the insanity, like it has with cigarettes ... but there is a vexing "non-answer" to every huge dilemma currently facing us: the economy, violence etc etc ... basically involving all of our dearest "habits..." we need a paradigm shift; we need to think from a different direction--basically thinking needs to acquire a true connection to our heart. The God of Love cannot influence anything when the communication between our heart and our head is non-existent. We are broken. The tipping point is "accumulating mass" with people who have become present to the broken connection ... many are reconnecting heart and mind ... we are overly educated about every damn thing except what is an emotion and how do we use that force of energy within us for our own good and the good of those in our matrix ... let's adjust whatever we can in the linear ... but let us move in our selves ... those of us who have seen the glimmer and experienced what love can do ... to build/rebuild the sac be between our hearts and our minds ... there are thousands of incredible metaphors for this "work..." the story told by the elder elected by his own people--on behalf of all People--is one that resonates with me. This is free to watch for the next short while ... this appeared on the same day as the CT insanity ... dark and light ... the binary pulse of the Universe is a rhythm we all live in ... may I (and all who have ears to hear and eyes to see) walk/act intentionally, wherever they are, in accordance with whatever metaphor of love speaks to them, to reconnect the Eagle and the Condor ... I'm lakesh ... Watch at


Tax the bullets AND make folks register to purchase them AND produce verification they have the weapons that will utilize this ammo - just a few ideas. We shouldn't be able to walk into Walmart and buy bullets on discount. Additionally, a whole lot of gun right advocates also agree that current background checks are woefully inadequate and believe that we need to close gunshow loopholes that allow folks who really ought not own weapons to get them with relative ease.

I think it's time to quit having the "guns vs no guns" argument. It has gotten us nowhere. It is time, though, to bring intelligent folks from both sides of the fence (not the far enders, BTW) to come to some middle of the road agreement about how we can maintain our right to bear arms as provided in our constitution but do so in such a way we minimize those who commit these heinous acts whether public mass murders or gangbangers killing each other on the streets of our cities. I do not recall a recent instant where in one of these situations that law-abiding, responsible gun owners were shooters. Most responsible gun owners are tired of the fingers being pointed at them and want the bloodshed to end, too.

Get everyone to the table who is willing to discuss this topic rationally and intelligently. NRA leadership should not show up - they need to send a batch from their general membership. Gun control advocates need not show either - folks who are just tired of the violence and willing to meet half way will be the ticket.

And let's start with making ammo financially out of reach for most instead of offering it as a KMart bluelight special. And we can go from there...


Amen Robert. We are a society being systematically dehumanized: by the media, technology, movies, games, etc. We do need to heal those deep wounds. We are also a society where narcissism and a lack if boundaries abound; where the ends (success, fame money) justifies the means and many perpetrators go unpunished.

Obviously many people share this killer's generational signature, but maybe you can speak of both the gifts and pitfalls of this generational signature: he has the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn sextile Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio. Some have the full Saturn/Neptune/Uranus conjunction-- this group the newsmakers of our times. For the good and the ill.

I think of the contrast to the Cardinal tsquare of 1951 -- the coming of age of Flower Power, etc in also quite violent times. I wish you would speak of this too.

Anyway, another thoughtful, insightful article. You hold a powerful healing space fir many in increasingly chaotic times. God Bless.


Ur Highness,

I personally don't see it as a "bias" me crazy...I SEE it as a message from an outraged divine feminine. "Sandy" can perhaps be an earthbound message/metaphor saying with an Atlantean (Atlantis)accent upto and including a backdrop of Her-storical demise...."Listen to me..I know what I'm talking about..We've been there, done that, ....ur killing me and soon I will be unable to continue as Mother Protectress...Obviously Father is out of gas!" Just sayin'....Lady with the Tourquois Skirt will return if u continue to ignore me." Don't think there are many"trailers" left?


Good post Robert. Sorry you got such flack for it, but it aloud for you to expand on your ideas.
Two things come to mind: In the UK police, yes police do not carry a gun. And many police officers will leave the force if made or had to carry a gun. Yet, crime rate and security is as good or better than in the US. So, guns are no assurence of security. Also, it is easier in many states to buy a gun than to buy a beer. That alone says a lot about the view of things a society has.
One of the core causes for this violence, is what is fed thorough the media (TV, Radio,video games, pictures), the press, etc. The fear mongering has an effect and people "feel the need" to be ready for they perceive the world as very threatening, and the cycle goes on. It is mostly a mental/emotional percerption of social reality and the ways to deal with it that need to be examined and changed! From basic education, the images, the messages, and all the information that is out there feeding a mind and emotional set.
Life is precious, nothing that threatens life directly (bullets, guns, etc.) should be considered "normal", and a good thing to protect. To me it is evident and has nothing to do with rights of any kind.
My heart goes to the recent victims of insanity.


Hi all - Leonard Pitts has an extraordinarily powerful column about our national gun problem.

Commentary: Too many people who should not have guns do

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