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this is fascinating! thank you. i was zeroing in on Uranus stationary/direct. i think that when a planet especially one like Uranus is stationary it has much more clout. i'd really like to find out Adam Lanza's birthday and see what that shows us... :)


According to the surviving school nurse, the "popping" sound of gunfire at the school happened around 9:30 am. Here's what John Townley of sent me via email:

According to New Hampshire public records, he (Adam Lanza) was born April 22, 1992, in Kingston, New Hampshire, and although his exact time is not yet public, even a noon chart looks sufficiently afflicted to make any 20-year-old feel less than stable the morning of December 14.

His progressed Sun was opposite Pluto, and transiting Pluto was likely close to his Moon (exact in a noon chart) and it was likely his lunar return as well, adding to the intensity. Capping it, Uranus (square Pluto) had just made its station right on his Mercury the day before, so he was primed for a go on enacting rash plans, already pumped by Mars transiting his Uranus/Neptune the day before that.

The school shootings occurred at 9:40 AM with Mars, Moon, and Pluto already risen into the twelfth house, but the earlier shooting of his mother, beginning the morning’s rampage, probably happened right with that ensemble clustered the Ascendant. The Moon and Pluto were further a part of a yod with Saturn and Jupiter, which only raised the pressure level all around.


Lilith & Ceres??

jo garceau

Sun at galactic center.


No matter how much sage & dragon's blood I've burned over the past few days, it's been tremendously difficult to clear the air of these energies... I imagine it will be this way for some time.

So tragic - so pointless.


I realise other asteroids are not usually brought into the picture on your site Robert, but asteroid Hekate (power of 3 particularly the "Crone") is exact conjunction with Divine mother, she is often depicted as dark, but in effect she is just the witch using the power of the goddess for positive or negative which ever way directed, so in this case a mind trapped in darkness has taken a very powerful conjunction of the witch with the power of the sacred feminine and weilded it with the dark or delusion of neptune. Hope that makes sense, it is a very powerful combination of 2 slow moving bodies of energy :(


I think we chatted about the volatility of this coming month with particular focus on decisions to be made and life changes that have to be addressed. Heck, your recent article on the New Moon in Sag you even say "Here we send or receive higher knowledge, and have the ability and duty to learn how to “pull out of nose dives,” or learn how to play with inertia, gravity, or momentum in some way, demonstrating “mind over matter.” "

Bottom line, you have said - repeatedly - as have others in your profession that while the Universe places certain framework around our day to day via conditions present when we are born, we still have the God given brain with which to make decisions about what we do within that framework.

This had to have been a deeply troubled individual. To not be able to maintain the self-control to refrain from acting on these heinous and possibly well-thought out plans?

His freewill was gone, erroded or ignored. I am so very sad for them all. We, too, have been and will continue to meditate and pray on life, death, children as we as prayers asking for guidance on how we as people of this Earth might make real changes to ensure this does not happen again.

Change is beckoning - are we listening?


thank you for those details Robert. hindsight doesn't help much now but this would make a fascinating study!

Wild Horse Running

Hi All,

First and foremost, I am not condoning any behaviour of anyone in my post, and do not mean to be inflammatory, or disrespectful of others opinions. :-)

There was another incident here in Highland Michigan last month...

Jeffery Pyne...another highly intelligent University of Michigan student/validictorian....who murdered his bi-polar Mother. There was a history of abuse, and medication (Mother) the Mother was jailed/hospitalized for abuse to the son. There were no other victims, except the Mother....the community has rallied around the son/suspect.

As a former recipiant of domestic violence....I can understand the pain/rage/fear that is carried around by the victim, and if it keeps escalating and there is no way to get out/stop it/or anyone to help,.... (and the predator/bully etc has usually scared the victim so much that they believe that they have no recourse....example little children who have been sexually abused, priests or those of authority/aggressive spouses who threaten)... the psyche is going to "snap/explode" sooner than later....sadly if it is bottled up to long, I think the explosion encompasses a "greater area". We have seen this in the past with wives who killed their abusive husbands after living in that environment for too long.

Unfortunately, I have observed that Human nature seems to thrive on power/control issues...we are appalled at this school shooting, but daily we treat our fellow human beings with disdain, rudeness, bullying, and we allow others to treat us this way, and if someone speaks up/stands up for themselves, we talk over the top of, cut them off...telling them it is not ok to speak. If we are not allowed to express ourselves, with out being told we are wrong, called names, ridiculed, or fired or kicked out...or bullied for expressing our feelings....this will continue to be an "outlet" for rage/pain
that has not been allowed to surface.

Havent we seen this over an over? And it seems that the damaged/injured full of rage psyche then finds those weaker than it to release the pressure on....or those that inflicted the initial pain, or a symbol of the perpetrator.

In this astrological climate, I am becoming aware of the tones in peoples voiced, their "intent" in their communication/expression...and the consciousness
of Human nature to me seems stuck in negativity/meanness/rudeness,having power over another, and it is increasing ...and their not aware of is normal, as everyone is yelling, talking down to, belittling everyone else...and it just gets passed on.

Blessings to the families of those lost, and to the family of the shooter...



Hi whr. I understand what you are saying having witnessed much vengeance and revenge in this life. But if I were to sympathize with the 'shooter son', I would also have to sympathize with the 'abusive mother' for the abuse she had suffered and was unable to process and come to terms with and so passed it on to the child.

The chain can be broken if one takes the opportunity to do so. The dead mother did not get that opportunity in her lifetime. And I doubt that killing her resolved the abuse issues for her son.

Perhaps my greatest sadness has been that I do not have anyone else's answers. Each must find their own answers in their own way and in their own time.

Wild Horse Running


I agree with you, after I wrote yesterdays post, I wondered about how much of it
was "my stuff"...and today Im noticing a better ability to "detach", keep control of emotions....My natal mars is conjunct my scorpio oppossing my moon in the 8th/taurus. Probably alot of my "expierences' I have attracted/needed to bring me to the decision/ability to detach from the impulsive need to re-act.

In Asia they teach martial arts, which is about inner disipline/control....I was stationed there in the Military...and watched a tiny japanese policeman quickly tie a large aggressive marine into a knot, and secure him into a police vehicle, and he never lost control of his emotions,did not use a weapon of any kind, and then he bowed to him afterward.

Maybe instead of arming people with guns, or taxing bullets, we could learn about inner discipline, through martial arts.




I hear the word discipline and my back tenses up in pain. My sun is conjunct jupiter. Discipline is not my strong suit. It seems that the only way I can change is to want something else more. Problem being I can get overzealous at achieving that something else. Venus is in exact semi square to sun so I am learning to curb my zealotity (school of hard knocks). No matter how good my intentions might be I have to be cognizant in how I go about it. (Pluto is in there with sun jupiter and pluto squares my saturn.)

It was good to look at this as I am in the second saturn return zone. I think I am tracking okay. And am pleased with walking with my new rhythm.

I read some about sun/mars aspect this morning. Oooooweee!!!! Me mars is retro in pisces.

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