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Guess the ME GENERATION is going to have to settle down and become the WE GENERATION!!!


Thank You! For me, moderately choppy seas ahead-but it’s going to be OK (adaptation!).
Trusting you had a healthy, blessed Christmas and wishing you and the community of “The Papers”, A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2013!



Hi Robert I keep meaning to ask where does one find the charts for a city, like where i am in Perth?


Hi Celia - Truly we shall all learn we're all in this together.

Hi Jean - Blessings to you, my Brother. Be well in the land of the all night traffic jam.

Hi Debbie - A town chart is for when it was incorporated, What I do is compute the rising signs for various places in the world, and for those who care, a) they can construct a chart for the Lunation for that place (giving the quality of what that place on the Earth will experience over the subsequent weeks), and b) they can see how that Lunation chart superimposes on the city chart.

I'm on the road, so connectivity is ridiculous where I am, or I'd look up when Perth was incorporated. That would tell you a lot about the town and how your chart fits in (and where it doesn't, since that's true for most everywhere we would live. In that sense, there's NEVER a "perfect time" or a "perfect place" or a "perfect compatibility;" seems to be part of the human condition.


With my sun at 0' cancer 55 and NthNode at 29 leo 13, I am doing my best to be guided by and taught by TransPluto as it feels like the opportunity of a lifetime I have indeed been working towards receiving, thank you to those who reminded me of that at times when i was overwhelmed by the other challenges to my chart, very grateful. She is serving me well and I hope to serve her likewise,


Thanks Robert, that gives me somethin to go look into more, happy travels :)


Hopefully my sign off of "Find Your Mother and THE REST WILL FOLLOW " for so many years will hold true and come to fruition! At the moment I'm with Mom in Chicago in the middle of a non-stop 3 days if snow:):)


Robert. Ummm. Early in this article you say the sun is being ruled by bith Saturn and Uranus. How can that be if the Sun is in Capricorn?


This is what you said "Saturn and Uranus rule the Sun, while the Moon rules itself. This"

First sentence third paragraph!


Hi Debbie - Well, being under the guidance of Divine Mother sometimes is difficult, but always deeply fulfilling in that we align ourselves with a larger "godhead" than the usual karmic law.

Hi chickie - Enjoy the snow, since SoCal seldom sees anything like it!!

Hi Micheline - Because for many thousands of years Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter ruled Sagittarius and Pisces, and Mars ruled Aries and Scorpio. However, many years ago I began incorporating the outermost planets into the planetary rulership system, and quickly saw that if both Saturn and Uranus could rule Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, and if Pluto (and Mars) both rule Aries (as per my friend the legendary Carl Payne Tobey) then it could just as easily be said that Uranus is the spiritual ruler of Capricorn, Neptune is the spiritual ruler of Sagittarius, and Pluto is the spiritual ruler of Scorpio. Thus all the signs have a worldly ruler and a spiritual ruler. This is the subject of a class I used to teach and plan to do again when I can do webinars. ps - In this system the Moon is the worldly ruler of Cancer while the Sun is the spiritual ruler of that sign, and the Sun is the worldly ruler of Leo while the Moon is the spiritual ruler. Seeing the spiritual function of the various planets and the sign manifestations shows obvious correlations with this system.


yes; about those webinars! I'm in!
No point learning something unless it's from the best :)
Happy New Years to you Robert and to all that make this space so very interesting and at times, amusing. Big Love to you all and may we each find and follow our bliss x

Nancy Robinson

Deeply Feeling the Magic, Great article, much to explore. Thanks for all you do!

Nancy Robinson

Really feeling the grand fire trine and Sag Moon,and yod, from the current Solar Return still active since July. Along with a culmination of lessons learned and transmuted from the Fire Horse Energy born under.

Loving everyone's comments and sharing, and learning from one another!

Love and Light


Are you going to do part 3?


Hi all - I may or may not do part 3. I've been dealing with health issues, holiday needs, major house repairs EATING my time and still not finished (it gets worse by the week), and composing the 2013 reports. Everything that posted up to and including Jan 1 was composed in mid December. Since then I haven't had one minute to myself except to deal with hassles and problems. So I haven't cared about writing part 3. Right now it seems a bit late and I still have other more important things on my plate. If I sound overworked, well, I am.

ps - To give you a sense of what is composed here, the first two parts were about 8 pages total. Part 3 would be another 7. If I must write 7 pages, I would prefer it to be related to the 2013 reports, since my time is limited.

It's part of a larger issue of how much time I can devote to these free articles on the site. I am composing about 100 pages a month, which is too much. This is taking me away from writing books, collections of essays, and reports that need to be written.

Remember I don't charge for these articles and I need the time to write stuff to keep my bank account happy. So I'll probably be cutting back on some articles which are too long, and will have to begin cutting the essential long articles in two or three parts, as I have the Lunation articles. In the time I've been doing this site, I could have written at least 30 books. And I know I need to be doing that, since there are things I must write that no one else is writing about that will be important, both astrologically and metaphysically, for decades to come.

pps. - This happens about every 3 years. I come to realize I must restructure what I do, where my priorities are, and where my best efforts will yield the best results. The last time there were major changes to this site, but no one complained (or I suspect, even noticed!) That gave me insight into how we all can best serve our world by setting aside obsolete patterns.

We work off of pre-sets, and then fulfill them however we can. Then those pre-sets grow into habits, which we then assume we must fulfill. Before we know it, things have grown and take on a life of their own, and we believe we must continue that specific pattern so we can be consistent in our self-representation. It's a human thing.

In my life, occasionally I awaken to a view that I must change how I allot my time and energy, since in the final analysis there are only 24 hours in a day. That requires time management.

So please don't take any of this personally. It's just me being very public in how I manage my rather hectic and overloaded, hypercompressed life. Remember there are things that are not under our control, which we do not invite, but which we MUST deal with whether we want to or not. That's also a human thing, Or to put it another way, when you need a good plumber, all the affirmations in the world won't turn a pipe wrench, even if they sometimes do bring you a good plumber.

Perhaps some of what I am learning to manage may inspire you also to re-evaluate how you spend your time and energy. A new pattern, wisely applied, might just create miracles. And yes, I'll adapt this with other insights and make it a post in the near future.


well,the question that has been on my mind is "when do you actually sleep"?
I think those of us who enjoy and get so much out of your writings would for instance, be happy to pay a yearly membership. I would.
The time/money demand is a tune we are all forced to dance with in this world and I know right now in my life, I am also experiencing an internal pressure to get this balance right; to support,serve and nourish my inner being and take care of the practical day to day stuff.
It is my sense that you are a teacher with a lot to convey and I really think that the webinars that you referred to running recently would be a great step in putting all the needs together.
And thank you, i really value what is here.


Funny you mentioned plumbing...Mine went out on the 1st! I understand your dilemma. Thanks for all you do.

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