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There is humor in the pain. I have an understanding of what has shut down in my life and it is a good thing. Took me 20 years but it's good clean done. It's the past and I'm ready for the future.

I go to my first job interview and oh no, they want to know all about my past. Okay then, when I'm locked in to a job, at least I won't have to review the past over and over again.

Jason P.

Long time no write. Good article.

It has been a hectic few months - and I think much of it has been the intertwining of the June 2011 Eclipse, Saturn's moves, and the Jupiterian influences lately on my chart focused through Mars position recently and Mercury's communication.

Background: I lucked into a contract engineer position late September, while in school for refresher courses before attempting admittance to an MBA program. I had to choose: drop school and make a healthy wage for a short while, but be financial good, or plow on in courses that will not add to my resume that much. I chose the former. Later, in early November, the client hints to a longer term position. I get accepted to a mid-tier MBA program to start in Spring 2013. Client has me doing layouts, traveling (Jupiter in 9th is a focal point in my chart), but seems to hold off on the come - the offer of a job.

Now Mars conjuncts my MC at the eclipse - the big boss says he has a offer in the works! (But then I believe I pissed him off - by reluctantly agreeing to a facility move to be made in late December.)

Meanwhile, I want to publish a book I've held off on for now a year. Editing and format for ebook has killed me. School and GMAT study and now 50 hours a week on contract has me off task.

Roberts' blogs have been spot on to the culprit: the grand irrationality. 7-11 Capricorn (MC at 9 Cap) and 13-17 Gemini (17 Saturn on the cusp of 2nd/3rd house) and progressed Venus at 7 Leo - could be the irrational drivers for me!

I think I need a 2013 report!

Robert your insights are a gives me some faith that astrologers/spirit walkers are indeed real!


Robert, you wrote in the Gemini 2012 report that a lot of things were put on hold for Gemini Asc 10-20 due to obsessive compulsive people or things. Will you address when that hold will begin to ease up in the 2013 report?
Thanks so much for your outstanding guidance!


Hey Robert, thanks especially for remarking that some things will seem out of balance, and not to take things too personally (for some of what is being purged in my life entails the sacrifice of dearly cherished immediate gratifications in the interest of cultivating longer term stabilizing structures)... though I have needs that want fulfilling in the short run and the long run, I must risk losing what I need in the long run if I indulge what I need in the short run. So it's better to be patient and not have a hissy fit.


Saturn squaring MC, thus IC jup conjunction, trying to make the stress plus the pulsing of the contraction expansion work to give birth to best life possible... hoping it will work...


This eclipse was conjunct my Ascendant! Hoping it will wrap up the story that first began with the June 2011 eclipse in Gemini (full moons are about completions, arent they?) The eclipse in June 2011 was brutal for me, delivering unexpected revelations about my significant other at the time. He was literally leading a double life (Gemini). The journey that followed over the past year and a half has been incredible: there were extreme low points in the beginning - the initial shock, the sting of betrayal, the rage unlike anything I've ever felt, and finally the grief of losing someone and something I cherished deeply - followed by a time of self re-discovery: being honest with myself about what my needs are and learning to fulfill them on my own, getting reacquainted with my likes and dislikes and just enjoying my new found freedom (and my own company). The healing process really went into full swing this past summer after taking a couple of months off to travel and visit long time friends, each of whom taught me about the beauty of close relationships. Now I'm ready to take this journey to the next level and forgive, move on and release the "ghosts of the past"... Maybe this eclipse conjunct my ascendant will help close this chapter on a high note and bring positive new opportunities? *fingers crossed*

Jonathan W. Maxson

Astounding, Robert. I have synched in again here. I like your thinking on the Pisces-Aquarius cusp and look forward to reading more of what you have already written on this. We are certainly well within the same ballpark - differing only by a Jupiter-Saturn cycle or two. Precise pinpointing may be less important than broader cusp dynamics, anyway. Your emphasis on the Neptune Pisces transit makes a lot of sense to me in this regard. I am very much seeing this Neptune Pisces transit overlap with the Aquarian transition in terms of vegan emergence and collective awakening to the atmospheric and oceanic methane crisis...combined with increased awareness of climate-induced hurricanes and flooding, as we saw with Superstorm Sandy. Many thanks.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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