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since i'm having my second Saturn return (2º Scorpio), this post is perfect timing and i thank you! i just wish i wasn't so damn poor. unemployed for three years, using up my savings and still looking for my next calling. i feel totally powerless. i don't know if it's part of the karmic plan or the condition of the economy. on the other hand i do have things to be grateful for like my health, my friends and my family. the balance (sitting on the razor's edge) is a very strange and precarious one. SIGH. thank you again... namaste :)


My mother and several other elderly folks I know were born in the early to mid 1920s. They're experiencing their THIRD Saturn return, plus transiting Pluto opposed natal Pluto. Gads!


Just finished the final square before 2nd return and it was tough, but I did do my work and my homework and relieved myself of many false trained ways of being, I actually am looking forward to the return and no I am not being silly and blase, i do feel I have left no stone unturned and did my time battling the dragon to let out the sacred fem from her dungeon and it has been frightening and felt defeated more times than I care to remember, but I do feel I have everything to look forward by the timethe Lord of Karma reaches my natal Saturn at 29 cap :)


Thanks for this article........
Having my 2nd Saturn return - exact on Dec 14, 2014 - the same day Pluto will be exactly conjunct my Sun. My mantra for the next couple of years will be "embrace Saturn, embrace Saturn, embrace Saturn".


Hahaha...Saturn. In the last couple years, Saturn has returned and retrograded passed my natal mars, mercury, neptune, sun, and is hovering over my descendent right now. I'm already on my hands and knees drooling, so I can't imagine what will happen next year when he hits my venus and saturn. Somedays I laugh and some i I'm laughing because I see I have fellow travelers. thanks!


My second is fast approaching. I am ever so grateful that mercury just retrograded over natal saturn. Quite a process.


Saturn hit my Libra Sun a while back and then Neptune and nothing happened that I can point to. Saturn is hitting my ASC now and on Dec 21 exacts onto my second return. My natal Saturn is also conjunct Mercury and ASC. There is talk at work of lay offs and if I am I will likely retire and look for something to become involved in. Much feels out of my hands on how this can go. Hugs to all you fellow second Saturn return-ers!


Francis- i can relate to your situation! when my job was eliminated three years ago (Saturn often makes itself felt with an event up to three years before the return) it felt like i was put out to pasture, and ever since i've felt things have been totally out of my hands. i even got a job this summer that disappeared in a puff of smoke before i even started. i seem to have no control for change in my life. it's frustrating. but i'm still here, staying afloat by the grace of God. i welcome other people's testimonials. i hope if you get laid off or retire that you will be in a secure situation and welcome the change. good luck! namaste! :)


Hi Valerie - To address something you said, often we do experience Saturn's lessons well in advance of its exact conjunction with our Saturn. I find its influence begins when it first enters the sign our Saturn is in, or when it comes to within about 10 degrees of our Saturn if it's in another sign. My Saturn is in late Virgo, so mine pretty much began Sep 2007 and didn't begin to let up until Sep 2010. Of course, what we learn in coping with our internal Saturn function lasts for the rest of our lives!!

Sometimes a sense of lack or reality of feeling like we don't have enough challenges us to see what we need to cultivate in our long term best interests. Saturn is involved in "enlightened self interest," since Saturn and the Sun do their own balancing act as rulers of the axis of Leo-Aquarius. When younger, I found that it really didn't matter what I did to make a few bucks, as long as it didn't compromise my integrity. Regardless of what we need to do to earn some bread, we still will always be ourselves. And some things might just be fun, like learning to bake bread or make pizzas or whatever....

Hi mike - Yes, my elderly father (1925) is going through his third Saturn return and Pluto is in fact opposing his Pluto. I figure the third Saturn return makes us exempt from most of what we had to learn in earlier Saturn periods, since either we have it mastered or we haven't by the time we hit 87-88. At that point I would think that being at peace with our wisdom and our experience, finding ways our lives "furthered the Great Work," is about all there is to do. And have fun, of course!!

Hi Debbie - The Saturn return can bring an amazing sense of finality to old chains and limitations. Both of mine brought me a new identity, with major breaks from stagnant systems and people. Turned away from loved ones who had become abusive, left behind an old life and any sense of responsibility to try to dance with jerks. Found I just didn't have the time or inclination to indulge or tolerate some things I did before that period.

Again, it's not that Saturn makes us that way; it's that our inner Saturn function finally realizes, as a function of time and the fulfillment of Dharma, that some things just can't be done any more. No guilt, no blame, no regret. Just a sense of time and maturity having brought me face to face with my ability to be at peace in my own realm without caring about what others thought, and embracing a long term discipline of learning how to exercise dominion rather than be enslaved, mentally or emotionally.

Hi Sherril - You're most welcome. Make Saturn your friend, and time becomes your ally. Pluto on the Sun can be one of the most spiritually transforming times in our life! Since we're here to do what we must to become our Highest Self, as we learn to be Arhats/Paramahansas we find Saturn is our best friend, helping us structure the spiritual energies represented by the planets outside of Saturn's orbit. In any case, it would seem you're preparing for a major spiritual initiation. There are things you can read that will help accelerate the process. Start with Light on the Path, Through the Gates of Gold, Voice of the Silence, and At the Feet of the Master, all linked at the bottom left of this page. I also highly recommend these for anyone seeking to "break on through to the other side." You (and anyone else who wants to approach the Gates of Gold) might also want to get yourself a copy of Initiation Human and Solar by Alice A Bailey. Prepare to fire up and flame on!

Hi gale - So Saturn has been restructuring a whole bunch of you, eh? Congratulations! At least you know what's real and what isn't, and now you're deeper, wiser, more mature and disciplined, even if a bit exhausted by the length and relentlessness of the process. Prepare to rewrite your address book, dropping a lot of people and things that no longer symbolize what you like, what you value, and what you're here to do on Earth. You're not a kid anymore.....

Hi caliban - Yes, Mercury should have given you some good signals about how healthy your inner Saturn is, and some ideas about how to adapt or coordinate your ability to achieve dominion over your affairs.

Hi Francis - I have found that when Saturn touched my Sun, it brought me the results of what I had defined as my light. It may or may not be a "dramatic" event for a person, but it definitely brings something to an end, and begins a whole new cycle based on one's maturity and sense of purpose. I can assure you "something happened," even if you don't know what that was.

Saturn on the Ascendant brings a new learning discipline, a new "rigor," and can bring a degree of power, authority, or authorship if we get into a productive long term groove. Saturn conjunct Mercury challenges us to return to the student state, and study, read, write, discipline the mind and speech so that these express only what is in our long term best interests. So really, whatever ended and began when Saturn hit your Sun will take shape in the form of a self image in the near future.

ps - many feel that things are a bit "out of control" right now. That has more to do with the collective atmosphere than our individual karmas. We're learning to navigate the subtle pulls in this "time out of time," and be more sentient in our experience of the life we're all experiencing simultaneously. Relax, since the intensification of elements going on right now is pushing energy into a future being created as we focus.

We've moving into a groove unknown for many thousands of years, and are the midwives and midhusbands of the advent of the Dwapara Yuga, the Age of Electromagnetic Remembrance. We're all getting a radically different sense of time, partially because the time stream has quickened over the past few years, but also because we are becoming more aware on subtle levels. Enjoy the moment, since events will accelerate from here, challenging all of us to become fearless as we navigate the entry into a new long term era.


thank you for all the great comments Robert! generally i do agree with your take on Saturn's approach to the return. it makes sense. but recently someone mentioned to me about the three year mark, and something big also happened at my first return at that three year mark in 1979. it was a shock but at age 25 it started me on my spiritual journey. it changed my life. at that time Saturn also moved into my 8th house. maybe there is a connection with the fact that the 8th house is ruled by Scorpio which is where my Saturn is actually located (2º).

now at the second return it's a whole nother ball of wax. the mind boggles with synchronicities. I'm doing a review and trying to apply the lessons I learned then to what is happening now. again thanks for all your great comments. your answers to the other folks are helpful to me as well. namaste! :)


ps- about the Sun and Saturn... i have Aquarius rising, and the Sun (in the 5th house) trines Saturn in my chart. that's good!

Nancy Robinson

Saturn return was a bammer. Split and shattered literally. Gathered pieces together of more authentic self, and tossed other multi-verse selves out to the wayside. Was in a severe car accident, a near death experience, partner abandonment, and a loss of a whole different kind. Glad that relationship ended he was a slime. A blizzard that year,hard to come by resources like clean water and energy. Recuperation on all levels due to a shattered and broken right arm. Dealing with a near death experience that was not understood or even accepted. Raising three young sons also on own. I don't have next Saturn Return for another 12 to 13 years. I look back on all of such, and amazed at how far I have come. And a whole new perspective, and living my Higher Self. Dealt with much of death and rebirth that year. Saturn on 29th degree Pisces here, Chiron conjunct, and trine Mercury Rx,conjunct Sun in Leo.

Thanks for wonderful insights. Great reads you mentioned. Love them all.

Much Love,


There's one more little thing about 12/14/14 besides my Saturn return exact and Pluto conjunct Sun exact - it's also the 6th exact square of transiting Pluto and Uranus. I'm wanting a new birthday.......

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