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"Those who are having the hardest time are those who are trying to figure out the reason the weirdness is a constant, even though reason alone is not enough to figure out what's happening, why, and what to do about it."
"Reason is the Enemy of God".
Thanks for the timely redux Robert!


Robert, your masterful analysis and advice are a true gift for using these times well. Thank you!


maybe I am a part of the G.I. because everything seems fine to me.Gifts of selfless generousity from others, structured for a new beginning in cosmetics. I hope i'm not in lala land.

Nancy Robinson

Yeah, I gave up on Reason too!
Great Re-Read, thanks!


Chickie Farella

Throw up my hands....don't give a flying banana and going with the "flo" Ur Highness cuz that's the name on my birth certificate......:)


I sooooo know what you, your friends and others on here are saying!
1995, woke up one morning, didn’t know who i was at least consciously anymore,( if you’re interested; uranus/neptune conj saturn, pluto into 2nd house, vesta conj MC transpluto conj uranus, saturn conj pallas/juno, nth node moving towards my libra asc throught the via combusta from 1st house) I had put myself aside since early teens and did it the way I was told I had to, achieved everything I was told I would by doing so, I knew what everyone else liked, everyone else wanted etc, but no idea about me, I had disappeaared, as i was trained through fear not to question the system, or behave like a female naturally is, if i was to be loved and not be a shame to my family (libra moon 12th house, neptune scorp 1st house, saturn late cap quincunx nth node leo)I had brief counselling series then onwards without being able to stop myself towards self discovery and becoming again with maturity the philosopher I was at age 8 with wisdom of course, when they sent me to all sorts of IQ testing etc to figure out where all this information was coming from, they wouldnt accept the "others" in the room who were my encouraging guidance at the time, they dont like to now either, but unable to deny any more :) Most of it felt the correct way to be and do, yet completely irrational to how I had been taught to think. My fav song through many of those years were "shine on you crazy diamond" Pink Floyd, makes sense huh? This is one crazy diamon shining away back in reality lol!
Sadly my mother (sun, moon, merc, venus, jup all in scorpio and all quincunx chiron) had life similar, but didn’t do anything about it or finding herself, eventually now, she has totally forgotten who she is in reality (dementure)  I am grateful for her showing me what not to do and only wish I could help her change it for herself now.


Debbie, Pink Floyd dedicated your favorite song to Syd Barrett. Today (6th January) is his birthday.
Enjoy!!! :-)

(Are you there on facebook?)


good article Robert!
GOD bless my brother :)))


Thank you very much for this analysis Robert. I could very much relate to this:

''The last time Neptune septiled Pluto began late 1934 and lasted through late 1944, when Fascism and other authoritarian models, including the AMA and many draconian US governmental agencies, reared their ugly heads in America, Europe, Asia, and other parts of our world. That was a very hard-edged time that was very much a "fork in the road" of humanity's destiny. Think of our world in 1933, and then juxtapose it with the world of 1945. If nothing else, that period exactly chronicles the rise and fall of everyone’s favorite villain, Adolph Hitler, as well as America’s favorite president of the modern era, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

During the 1940s Neptune began to sextile Pluto which lasted until around the mid-term elections of late 1994. Students of politics will note this marked the beginning of the rise of the present Neocon uber-nasty political movement, new genocides being perpetrated in various parts of the world, and the linking up of various terrorists and their organizations.''

I have never been a very political person, other than that I always despised lies and insincerity, but as of late I have had a strong desire and urge to be politically active, because I feel inside that much is at stake if I and we as citizens do not get involved and the process of true Democracy might even be lost completely. Even though Obama was re-elected, which many consider a victory, it was just one battle won of a long war and the other side will just keep on charging and keep corrupting the system for their benefit if nobody stands up to them.

I have felt the spirit of FDR around me and have been drawn to his legacy as of late and it makes sense to me now as to why after having read your article.

I also feel that the deceptive populist energy is being activated again that brought Hitler into power and started the second World War.

After all it was Wall Street and the corrupt American plutocrats that financed Hitler and helped him get into power when he was an unknown. Trying to profiteer from both sides of the war and trying to amass more power and wealth in the process.

I do not now who is the equivalent to the National Socialists of 1930s Germany at this time, but I have been doing a lot of research into the fake grass roots movement that is the Tea Party as of late and I see some parallels there. I watched the great documentary ''The Billionaires' Tea Party'' on Netflix that exposes the propaganda and finances behind organizations like FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party Patritos etc.

Joseph Goebbels no doubt would be proud of such a successful mass-deception campaign.

It is interesting that much of this covert fake grass roots agitation is funded by the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, whose family has German roots and also had ties to the Nazi movement as far as I know.

I guess maybe President Obama is FDR in this war ( a rather uninspiring and un-progressive version of him though :-) and Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan are the new Adolf Hitlers and Joseph Goebbels of our time, backed by white supremacist Christian fundamentalist billionaires through secretive right-wing think tanks like the Council for National Policy.

It is a thrill to be alive in these times that is for sure and I will do everything in my power to contribute to a positive outcome for the working class, the less fortunate and the planet in this war.

Thank you Robert.


Robert. Thank you for this explanation of why my life has totally changed since April 1993. Fired my husband and divorced him. Spent years picking up and cleaning up my mess while I jumped on my spiritual and magical path to today. No one from those days would recognize anything about me
Not where my office is or where my home is - or who my friends are. Or even what I look like. So I am a testament to being part of the new ways. But confused with where I am right now and am grateful for you and your writings. I check in everyday. And while I have who did tell Bobby to go the other way and why are you the only one who talks about that. Bobby is my personal hero. Period. And I have my own suspicions who did that. Who had the most to gain? Grateful for you Robert. You are holding so many of us together
Divine mother time!

Chickie Farella

My marriage ended also in 1993 and I relocated Sept. 1993.....glad u stayed on ur "magical path."


Hi Sagars, no not on facebook, but thanks anyway :) that is really nice for them to do in his memory as a celebration and to bring folks attention to what the 2 albumns ere about for others suffering similar.


Gosh, so that probably only accentuated the weirdness of my physical relocation to here at the very end of 1992. Really love my cave here, the family stress has finally left with the passing of the parentals, and feel like I am starting fresh here somehow. Normally, I would pick up and go somewhere else for a fresh start. This is different. It seems that no matter where I'd go, there I'd be. Am further exploring for unknown resources here. Amazing how far I don't need to go to find.


Oh, Robert, have been wanting to ask about the effects, if any from your perspective, when neptune travels outside the orbit of pluto making neptune the farthest from earth planet. I read that is a 20 year cycle thing?

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