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i have gemini ascendant. I feel as though it's been putting a strain on money, income, resources, ways to pay bills. It's tested honesty in relationships, hidden objectives, it's brought out my inner detective and well, quite frankly, I've had to battle some demons related to other people. BUT I can say it has brought me where I needed to be to find out the truth to situations.

I'm struggling, swimming in doubt, debt and consciously trying to find a better way to live, love, and work.


My natal Moon is at 8+ Gemini, and I have a Stellium at 15-18 Libra, including my Sun at 18 Libra. So this Jupiter transit has been very significant for me. I have been reviewing how I process my feelings, and examining what is truly important to me. These past few months my wife and I have gotten increasingly involved in a community grassroots organization, Dakota Rural Action. Just today they asked me to accept the nomination to be President of the local chapter. So with Jupiter going direct it seems that I am about to again be involved up to my eyeballs with grassroots organizing.
This Aquarius full moon that we just experienced did emphasize social involvement. Our current issue is to prevent a Canadian company from getting permits to mine uranium in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. This land is very sacred and is next to the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation. The Cheyenne River flows right past the proposed mining site. Please join us in the thought-form that this tragedy will be prevented. Thank you.


Hi robyn - See that which struggles as another being who is having a hard time so YOU can be a comfort, help, inspiration, and calming influence. Doubt is one of the all time corrosive fetters to higher awareness. Expunge doubt, since the polarity of belief v doubt is a useless distraction. We need knowledge of what is and what isn't, what is apparently real v what is apparently frightening. Debt isn't a killer, just a distraction. As we learn to open to whatever Divine Mother sends us in the way of opportunity to nurture ourselves and others, then we find ourselves finding exactly what we need to enter the stream that leads to the river that leads to the ocean.

Hi dcu - Jupiter conjunct Moon = protection visiting home and land. We sure as hell don't need more uranium. Two headed dog may be a good name for a Roky Erickson song, but it's a lousy thing when the waters glow and so do all the rest who drink it. Keep up the guardianship!


I have jupiter opposing my sun. All the material I have read on this seems to say that there are many opportunities being offered up and you have to work your little butt off! I also have Jupiter squaring my chiron, my mars/uranus/pluto stelium. That freight train wasnt right. I kind of saw it coming. My current so called secure job position is no lomger quite so secure. At first this really upset me, but I have been through this bach in mid 2008-2009 and it turned out to be a blessing in dusguise as it allowed me to spend more time on writting/composing and creating new songs of which are now finished tiny masrepieces. I am going to find a way to believe in tge benevolence of tge Universe and launch myself full force musically. Thanks for all your help and wise words Robert!


This will be an interesting adventure, jupiter is in my 8th house and I have been working hard at the inner level and divine mother challenge and the huge richness and success I sense and feel is yet to be revealed, It has been a huge test of faith I have found the courage to take given my "seen" circumstances, hoping to catch a breeze this time....


Hi Dimitra - It means that an entirely new relationship cycle is about to begin. Prepare for a new way of relating to others as an equal, with new communication styles and new ideas about who you are relative to them. Much will become clearer this June.

Hi Micheline - You're just figuring a new way to express yourself, keep the initiative and momentum in your own hands, and not allow things to get overblown. While you have to work, you also have to play. That may be Jupiter's biggest lesson. Jupiter squares can help us turn a corner, or release those energies, or move in a new direction as indicated by transiting Jupiter. And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi Debbie - Once Jupiter is direct, you should see many voids filled, opening new futures and truths once Jupiter is in your 9th.


Thank you Robert, I have been taught patience very well by Saturn and yet at this point as I also have pluto at 6 Virgo so being squared by the stationing Jupiter, it really is taking a lot of strength to not crumble just now, it is mainly faith and a little compassionate and encouraging words from good folk like youself that has helped me keep the hope alive. very grateful :)


Thanks Robert. Your right. I have been doing some work on my ghosts, monsters and little gremlins in my past. I have pushed down lots of angry and bitter poop! I have been learning how to forgive more thoroighly. As I do this my being is slowly being filled with more light. One teacher suggested that I smile at everyone. Another teacher suggested that as I go through my day that I send love to all the beings I encounter. I was alrrady sometimes doing this. The latter teacher explained that if I do this all the time my encounters and thetefore my interactions and the way I express myself will be more heart based in turn according to the law of attraction.
Like attracts Like!!!


Thanks for posting, Robert. I found this article to be very accurate. I have Gemini rising at 8 degrees. When Jupiter hit my ascendant last summer, I was traveling on a fantastic cross country trip as an artist's assistant, seeing and experiencing new, exciting things. The job ended in mid October, so I went to NY to see my family for a bit, arriving a week before Hurricane Sandy hit...and it all went down hill from there. My car was flooded in the storm, grounding me here much longer than I had expected, all the while forcing me to face uncomfortable truths regarding my family (particularly my father) In the end this ended up being both a blessing and a disappointment. I've been bouncing between feeling a loss, since my dad has made it very clear he does not want a relationship with me, and feelings of freedom from such a negative relationship (and constantly trying to gain his approval). I've also fallen back on a previous career with a new approach and a new appreciation. Hoping Jupiter direct will keep me on the right path and ease some of the pain and sadness...

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