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Hi, Robert, You inspired me to post my first YouTube video. I called it Transluminous. It is here:


Great video lee!

I also love the word games. And "if a train’s coming right at us", and “If everything is composed of light particles, then if we find the right point of view and adapt to that frequency, we become translucent. At that point even the densest train can run through us and we dance with the wind.”

My venus in sabian symbols tells "At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By A Train"
And my life have not been straightforward....
I probably won't stay waiting while train goes by. I usually make a sudden changes in my plans.

Not always wise, but life have been worth living....

Nice article, Nice new Moon!
(I'll meet my sister-Make plans for (February) holidays with son-Learn new work practices (Heavy but feels important).)


That was very powerful Robert. There's lot of very useful information for those who may be navigating through choppy waters right now. Thanks!


Thanks, Helina. Aquarius Papers has a facebook post with the video and you can read more about what I experienced there.


Wow. Very wonderful article, Robert. Thank you for your clear guidance and illuminating words of wisdom!

The 2011 Gemini eclipse set in motion a major mind/perception shift for me. Seeing this life experience as an opportunity for deep connection to others while undergoing my own learning curve of getting past fear and self-limiting beliefs has been an on-going theme. Expansive creative flow in combination with allowing and honoring the life expression of others is my practice now.

Blessings to you and yours.


yup, I got hit by a train. Lessons come hard sometimes. Very complicated so I have to let it sit a bit till I can decipher the fallen fruit from the tree.

"There is a balance between feelings and experiences with ideas, interactions, and communications, with not much in the way of inspiration." Shaking my head at the uncanniness of that. It's complicated.


Hi Robert,

Great article, this bit resonated with me alot:

"So feel what must be felt, experience what must be experienced (even if it seems that the past is still more powerful than we’d like!) and then get the information you need to get clear about what must be done and how."

It's weird because a situation from my past which I thought was long gone suddenly reappeared. It brought up alot of emotions that I didn't realize that I had. This past week has been a disaster zone financially too. Not an easy week at all ...


W.o.w. So enlightening. Been going through the same experience - beginning with utter fear, resisting it which only made it stronger to just letting go and wanting to control - as you said, "becoming translucent and letting it all pass through". Been doing a lot of Saturn work some years now and your words have been a soothing balm of guidance whenever I have despaired a bit. But easier now to dance with the wind while staying grounded, and creating boundaries that are flexible yet firm. Definitely feeling my way forward. Having strange but totally guiding dreams that emphasise seeing with new eyes and a higher perspective, discarding the old negative, limiting tapes while still rooting oneself in what's of value. Thank you from the heart, Robert. Aum shaktiye namaha.


Hi Robert, can you provide links to any thoughts you posted on Jupiter square Chiron? Thanks.


Hello Robert, I am a novice to the deeper aspects of astrology to which you write about. I am enjoying your work very much and am eager and excited to learn more. I am wondering, when you say certain signs and degrees will be greatly effected such as 6-8 Virgo, 11-12 Scorpio ect... do i look to my natal chart?

Thank You.


I'm trying to find the yod that occured in last 2 years {2010 - now} that connects the yod in 2005/06.....Mars in Taurus, inconjunct jupiter in libra sextile neptune in sagittarius....any ideas?


This cancer has Saturn and South node conjunct Moon in Aquarius 8-11´ in second house. I have been through a lot of drama in my life and I am a HSP person..Lucky I have a wild sense of humor..


Hi all - Thanks for your words of support for the work.

To address some questions: Jupiter square Chiron shows that Jupiter is releasing Chironic energies. While it may seem that the philosophical and expansive energies of Jupiter are at cross purposes to Chiron, that's impossible when Jupiter is manifesting its spiritual function. So this is a turning point for when Jupiter conjuncted Chiron back a few years ago. It shows that we can heal into our higher Selves through humor, vision, a sense of adventure, an appreciation of service, and paying attention to what's core v what's peripheral.

When I list degree spans (usually involving septile generated configurations), yes, I mean those areas in the natal chart, though of course if you have progressed planets in those zones then those parts of your lives will be caught up in the influence. Also solar return planets but these must be regarded within their specified range of influence.

There was a Yod made between mid-Sept and early Oct 2005 with Jupiter in Libra sextile Pluto in Sag double quincunx Mars in Taurus. There was another in Jan 2006 involving Mercury in Cap sextile Uranus in Pisces both double quincunx Saturn in Leo. In other words, Yods can be found occurring fairly frequently each year. I found no Yod in 2010-now that would correlate to the Yods of 7 years ago. There was one in early July 2012 that had Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Gemini with both quincunx Pluto in Cap, which was echoed late July 2012 involving Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter in Gemini with both quincunx Pluto. These were prelude for the Yod of December 2012 that I wrote about back then.

If you can find any Yod correlating to the one back then, please feel free to post it.


No yod info, but ye gads and yippety skippety, I found my natal septile. Explains so much and pulls chart together for me. Blessed sanity. Not that it's easy, but it's something I can work with. Doubt can indeed make me crazy. Thank you mister septile.


Robert, magenta here with a pretty belated question that may be obvious but I would like to hear your doubtlessly clear explanation. I don't know where to post this but i figure this is as good a place as any. I'm not sure I can ask it in a clear, concise way, though will try: When interpreting my solar chart - therefore putting Scorpio on the first house - do I use the actual birth degree as the ascendant, or just 0 degree of Scorpio ? Likewise, where I have multiple or eclipsed signs in one house, should I interpret (both natally and in transit, solar-wise) according to their actual placement or simply one sign per house ? I kind of assume it is the former, which is
why I often find it confusing to read interpretations based upon the solar chart because the house placements are often different for me. Not that I take such general interpretations so seriously, but in any case, your clarification of how I should "read" my own solar chart placements would be most welcome - and hopefully be useful for others ! Sun conjunct ascendant today :-) ! Gratefully, magenta


Hi caliban - We have to get beyond fear and doubt, two of the most corrosive and nonproductive emotions that are hard wired into the human mechanism.

Hi Magenta - When interpreting the solar chart, put the degree of the sun on the Ascendant and do equal houses from there. As for intercepted signs in the natal, just use your natal as it appears. Any planets in an intercepted sign belong entirely in that house.

Say you have 15 Scorpio on the Solar Ascendant. That puts 15 Sag on the solar 2nd, 15 Cap on the solar 3rd, 15 Aquarius on the solar 4th, etc.

As you know, I primarily use Porphyry, but combine it with Placidus and Equal house to get "zones" where the 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th and so forth blend into each other. But those who are born away from the Equator have houses that skew far from 30 degrees each. So someone with very early Aquarius rising could have early Libra on their 9th and late Scorpio on the 10th, even though by equal house the 10th from early Aquarius is early Scorpio. Thus in that example someone with several planets in late Scorpio would have those planets in the natal 9th, by equal house they would be in the 10th.

Sometimes the fact that planets change houses based in what house division system we use explains why those planets seem to have a dual function in our lives.


OoooKAY ! THANK YOU, dear Robert ! This helps a LOT. Should have gotten around to asking this much earlier ...but... that's life. On another note: here's affirming we have a peaceful and inspiring inauguration tomorrow. My gratitude to you for your wonderful work !


Appreciate all your deeply sincere post. It has helped to let go of the big battle between good vs evil-and with it, this anger which is rather noticeable more external-world-image than ever. I've enjoyed your post on Spiritual Awakening which is a nice blend to throw in with your mix of Astrology updates!! What has been truth, here; is focusing on breathing techniques, mindful of the sounds listening and most of all, Knowing your the Space not the content. The Silence Stillness. Connecting with Divine Consciousness has been mystical and magical. "If you fight an illusion, you make it stronger." We're to pay attention to the Realm of 'Thy Rock' and the rest will be sorted out. Namaste <3

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