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Just drew lines on a 3/27 chart on full moon day. Tons o' kites all connecting to my par fortunae....interesting


Ah now i have to deal with my elusive neptune(in scorpio) Whose like a relative quietly sneaking around your house free loading!!! Then there's that Aquarian guy who drives me mad cause he is always changing!!!! (7th house border)
I just reread this. I am doing that whole rhyme thing without even noticingggg


I don't know a lot about astrology, but was once given a list of my planetary positions and my house positions. When you say "if you have a planet or Ascendant in any of these areas"...would that also mean "house positions"? I seem to have a lot of house positions in the "critical zones of influence" but no planetary positions in those zones at all. Thank you very much for whatever clarification you can give me.


Very Cool! Thanks for this! Feeling it for the July and August months.. Born at the end of one, opens to the next.


Sometimes I hate it when you are right! :D


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Hi all - As it was pointed out over at FB, when you draw lines between what's happening right now it's a bit like the game of "Cat's Cradle," where we're weaving in and out.

Hi Winnie - When I say planet or ascendant, I mean just that. If you have a planet at any of those points, or an Ascendant at any of those points, then it's affected. House cusps (the degree on the edge of any given house) don't count. Nor do houses per se, since we ALL have these zones somewhere in our charts. It's just that either a planet is in one of those degree spans or not. Even if it's not, there are other aspects the transits are making to your natal planets that will impact your chart. So it could be that while you're not particularly affected by this double expansion through sacrifice energy, you still have to do your thing in the midst of this energy which is affecting just about everyone around you. And it could be that through other aspects, these sacrifices may bring you gifts, unique interactions, spiritual realizations, and other possible manifestations.


More Loki

More Loco

Mopoke mopoke



My sun becomes 20 years of age today March 26, in solar return chart, his ascendant is Aries too, being conjunct by venus,sun, uranus, so as well as the tough aspects with the quincunxes, he does also have lovely sextiles to jupiter from that gathering, he has been through hell and back with me and his sisters and there were times when I knew he could end up staying there, but he had faith in my love for him and is now showing he is growing into a good repectful man, I am hoping that all the good potential from this solar return chart, serves him well to give a sense of joy from all the hard work he has done in his young life.

Being born as one of the pluto in scorpio generation is tough enough, yet he also has capricorn in his 8th house, he has done well to not become darth vadar I think, and just hoping and having faith that as he is also one of the neptune conjunct uranus at 21 cap that he will hold that good resolve once pluto gets there in the years too come. I sense he will but then Im his mother lol!


Good gracious, lots going on for me right now with the following natals being impacted:

Chiron @ Pisces 6/ 9th house
ASC @ Gemini 18
N. Node @ 6 Leo/ 2nd house
Moon @ 19 Scorpio/ 6th house
Venus @ 20 Scorpio/ 6th house

I was feeling so frustrated earlier this evening and "barfing" figuratively on my husband about my crappy job which I can't financially afford to quit. "Expansion through sacrifice" seems to be exactly what I'm feeling, but couldn't quite find the words. "... tremendous sacrifice and necessary adjustments so we can get spiritually focused," spot on. Hubby keeps asking me what I want to do, and I just say, "I just want to play by the river and do lots of magic." I'm actually very interested in permaculture and all sorts of sustainability topics, too, and just wish I had the time to pursue what I *want* to do rather than what I feel I *have* to do. It all sounds very "north node" in my own case, that thing I'm growing toward. So glad I stopped by this evening, Robert. Namaste.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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