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Entering the Grand Irrationality; do know that I am bloody well truly excited Robert, even though I am inside calm as 'A' ROCK. Anyway Robert you confirm what I am thinking and all I can say is thank GOD. Plus I think that Lanterns ON we do make One Night Stand, hopefully it okay Lucky Number 13 is MUSIC..

I shall well see you Robert and all you good people on the flip side, be prepared for A WILD RIDE OKAY..



Thank you for the heads up Robert, a few important influences in those zones and jupiter moving up to trine my natal moon, am feeling good at my centre and will trust this growing good as it builds to ensure I dont become delusional lol, simply use my heart as my guide. Best wishes to you all in this time of huge change, it may not be the same as before change but it is able to be just as good, or even better!


that's some hefty stuff. what we say yes to, and what we say no to?

My boyfriend proposed to me last week and i said yes.


Hi Morlokk - Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. The spam catcher this blogware began to use a few weeks ago is dumping a lot of good comments into the spam file, so I have to check it every so often to make sure someone's comment didn't get dumped erroneously. And to note, you're spot on! It's definitely a wild ride, and just started!!

hi debbie - Yes, this period will affect just about everyone in profound ways. It's definitely the end of a chapter of my life within the next few days. Lousy, but that's just the way life is.

Hi rogue12 - Just make sure you get a good day astrologically!!

jo garceau

Robert, is there an opposite effect with the Grand Irrationality? i.e., if nothing in your natal chart is directly affected, does one get a rest? Might you, for example, after ending that chapter in your life, have a period of integration?

(In my own case, both the Sun and Moon have been affected over recent months, with a major move in the last 8-10 weeks, but now the zones have moved on.)

Of course, other transits are always happening.


Scorpio Rising at 23 degrees....a new life?


Robert. just wondered if there is any effect beyond the range of the zones you describe, or do your ranges cover the expected angle connections? Not an astrologer by any means, but never have felt very comfortable with trying to make even natal aspect connections at 10 degrees. Seems too much like a result looking for a cause. Several of my natal points are within 1-3+ degrees from your ranges, so is there any 'overflow'? For example, natal Jupiter is 27 Vir 2'32", natal Moon is 29 Aries 45'48". North Node (true) is 16 Sco 52'26", Asc is 22 Gem 46'. And Uranus is 6 Leo 38'51", so some mornings I think I should just roll over, pull the covers up higher and wait for another day!



Robert, I feel very pressured to not mess up and make the wrong decisions, since I need to "choose wisely" and since "major choices and changes...will shift the direction of our destiny based on what we say yes to and what we say no to." Even though I'm meditating and believe I am listening and hearing and following, yet I still have this lingering fear that I may put my energy in the wrong of two directions that I see; I seem to need someone (an incarnated human expert) to say,"Yes, that's the right decision for you!" Hmmm....perhaps I need to go back into the silence...


Hmm, I would say it is definitely time to grow up instead of looking for answers outside yourself. Of course, encouragement is always nice to receive from fellow travelers. Anyway, this is happening right on my Venus/Saturn conjunction in Aries, 10th house, opposition natal Jupiter. Interesting. I plan to plunge into whatever is going to happen and trust.


Hi Jo - In those cases where the GI isn't directly impacting your planets, then you're in a phase where you're not directly making choices and changes related to the global transition. That said, you may have other aspects, also involving irrational aspects to your planets, that ARE forcing you into choices and changes relative to that planetary function relative to the houses being triggered by the aspecting transiting planet.

And yes, there are always times to rest, even in the midst of great and important choices in life. In fact, those rare moments may be the exact time when we can hear our own voice instead of the crazy, irrational world around us. In my own case, it's not so much integration as knowing when the race is run, what's done is done for win, lose, or draw. And love is the only winner in this game, so the fact I've shown it with all my heart over many years would seem to make me a "winner." There's often nothing else to do but surrender to a greater love, wisdom, and intelligence, and "let go let God."

The zones moving on in your case shows the big forks have already been confronted. Now you're merely following through in the aftermath.

Hi Suzanne - A new learning rigor, a new sense of maturity and experience, a new motive, a new view of the movie of your life.

Hi Evan - Yes. These are approximate zones, but they can easily be expanded as much as two degrees to either side of those zones, depending on when the actual aspect is made to the actual planet in your chart. Anything within 1-3 degrees of these zones will be aspected at one point and another by the transits, in this case the planets in Aries, Gemini, Capricorn, and Pisces. You may of course "pull up the covers," but when it's time to hit the bricks and dance down the street you'll find the covers boring.

Hi Sara - Sometimes if we don't think we know then it's time to go to the heart and ask. This is beyond sentimentality. This is about allowing your mind to become a bit humble and stop intruding on "knowing." Ultimately, we are the final judge as to whether a decision is wise or not, but every decision can be made to serve our highest good if we stop jamming our own gears and listen to our heart. Fear of "doing the wrong thing" is a mental problem, since a) there's nothing to fear at all in this world, and b) who is to say what "the wrong thing" really is? Please re-read the recent article on Monadic consciousness, since we often learn more from defeat than victory, and more from an obstruction than someone agreeing with us.

Hi Dana - Yes, going to the inner fount of "knowing" is a good thing. Again, as per my recent article, the trick is to know what or who thinks "it knows." And yes, encouragement and support are always good things, except when we need it to feel good about driving our personality or life into a ditch. The conjunctions of 2011 began your public rise; the next two years is the next chapter. You are at the very beginning of a 20 year rise to some form of power or recognition. Eliminate all negative memories of the past in your subconsciousness, and find your power base and claim it.


And I'm just getting comfortable in my own skin again. I'll look at this as a test drive.


Thank you. An astrologer friend told me the same a few months ago(beginning rise of power). I start to really become a believer.


@ rogue12 - that's awesome...congratulations!


Astrology is like a deep ocean ... anybody can get knowledge through going deeply in water and get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge.

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