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Robert, do you have any words of general guidance for those of us whose personal planets are getting squeezed by this phenomenon? I've been trying to think about it as an intersection between the collective and the personal. I have a sun-pluto conjunction at 12 and 14 libra (in the 12th) and I feel an incredibly oppressive psychological pressure. I just wanted to explode yesterday with some nameless angst. I should be trying to use the square to clarify solar expression and capacity to transform energy in 12th house matters, right? Any other opportunity I should keep in mind as I breathe and try to take the long view? (My chart ruler, the moon, is at 15 cancer in the 9th, widely in the Cancer part of the void). This pressure is extraordinary-- surely it will form a diamond!


Just realized the Uranus-Pluto square is also tightly semisquare my natal Saturn. I suppose that explains another part of the heaviness. Would it be fair to say that those of us whose charts are lit up by these squares are meant to be shaped by them to play a specific purpose in later phases of social restructuring, or is that a stretch?


Hi Shekinah - Good questions, some too complex to answer in a comment stream. I had already thought of doing an article next week on synthesizing this aspect with possible other aspects in charts. This square is a radical transpersonal restructuring by generalized "forces beyond our control" affecting various parts of our lives and the lives of our families and friends, as well as our groups, such as this community.

I will respond so that others who read this with Sun, Moon, or Asc in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn can get a general sense of how I would approach counseling what to be aware of. I won't respond to any more requests to tell you what this means in your personal charts, as I just don't have time to write that much, and it's something I would speak about in personal chart sessions. But I will use this one time to offer some angles of approach.

Generally, your particular situation with Sun-Pl Libra 12h is that you have a fortunate karma, if somewhat absolute. Plus fantastic sensitivity to larger truths and great intuition re: signals in immediate environment. You are completely protected, but must find the right perspective and proportionality in your judgments at the end of cycles, whether large or small. Many life lessons involving purification of motive involve how you respond spiritually regarding money and power-sharing.

Pluto is waxing (lower) square your Sun-Pl. This is a huge reality check for your Light/Life. Emergent forces beyond your control force you to be aware of foundational breakdown and rebuilding from personal authorship resulting from life experience. Find self confidence in the midst of the outer chaos. Use deep insights and self discipline to bring your light into laser focus without yielding to coercions and manipulations.

Uranus is opposition your Sun-Pl. This is coaxing higher synthesized awareness of your individuality that won't give way to your Sun in Libra. Manage nervous energy. Be your Higher Self in all one to one interactions. Allow your special qualities to move into the world in visible ways. Allow others their individuality while claiming your own.

The T-square to your Sun-Pl does throw the void into Cancer. That's what's needed when this touches planets in Libra, just as Libra is needed when this touches planets in Cancer. In your case, the void includes your Moon in Cancer, very powerful nurturer and protector in its home sign. This obviously is challenging your natal Cancer-Libra square. It could be said that those parts of you are the exact thing your world needs to fill in what is needed due to the larger chaotic field.

Yes, your 12th house response is being purified and transformed. You may see the core of the "movie of your life" or how you have only claimed a superficial motive in the past when deeper things were involved. You may understand how some of your need to over-balance needs to be more focused via 9th house Moon in Cancer expressions. Obviously your Cancer is polarized with Pluto while also waning (upper) square Uranus, and all of these tensions together would be like walking a tightrope.

The pressure on your Moon is relieved by Saturn in Scorpio showing you the way to resolve the opposition is by invoking good Taurus energy. The pressure on your Sun is relieved by Jupiter in Gemini showing you the way to resolve that opposition is by invoking good Sagittarius energy.

Again, this concerns some basic building blocks of the Art of Synthesis in Astrology. When I can get my act together and figure out how to do webinars, I'll start holding classes. Until then, I'll post this, and use it next week as part of a larger article.

One thing to note: Uranus is the exact degree of my Sun, so perhaps for those in this community, what I offer you here may be the higher Uranian manifestation in your lives releasing productively through Pluto. Obviously it's not the only one, but certainly what you read here could be a possible Uranus in Aries expression in the collective atmosphere.

jo garceau

I've been looking at the full solar eclipse at 30 degrees Pisces on March 20, 2015, 4 days after the last Uranus Pluto conjunction. Nice trine there involving Juno, Sun/Moon and Saturn. Looks like Saturn is stabilizing, Great Mother overseeing a brand new beginning. Her long labor results in a rebirth?

Juno was the Queen of Heaven in the Greek Islands before Zeus arrived on the scene. I may have underestimated her all these years. And Zeus/Jupiter is widely conjunct, maybe they are getting together?


Thanks Robert. With a moon in the 12th at 9 Aries and Pluto 29 Leo in the 5th, I'm glad I have Taurus rising with the 'Keep Calm and Plod on' vibe which helps to hang in there!

Angela Brown

Thank you for writing the above more in-depth reply Robert. Your words of insight and grace are helpful...


Hi Robert - I just found your site -- what an amazing wealth of information you've offered us!

And clearly you've studied astrological disciplines that differ and are more in depth as well, than anything I have done - so a couple questions if I may, please?

I have read schools of thought both in support of and against, the premise that traveling on your birthday affect solar return chart placements and thus the manner in which events occurs, for the year to come (though obviously the planets still aspects whatever they are going to aspect in the natal chart. Do you have an opinion on the effectiveness of this?

Also, diurnal charts as a predictive tool, do you subscribe to their accuracy? - for the uranus pluto square, (particularly for Monday and Tuesday) as you said, will be effecting everyone -- I typically look at a diurnal to confirm upcoming aspects - for example the Uranus Pluto square is afflicting the natal sun in 12 cancer in the 8th house -

so then I looked at a diurnal for Monday and the tranisting libra (15 degrees) moon occurs in the diurnal 1st house exactly squaring the natal venus and natal uranus in 15 and 14 Cancer respectively - with the uranus pluto square occuring in 4th and 7th houses but not on the angles though they do square that natal 12 of cancer sun in the dirunal 10th also -

so this is confirmation of personal involvement of the person with what the square is then bringing forth, correct?

So glad to have found this site!

thanks much,



Hi Robert: would it be a hard time for Aries? Better to avoid tomorrow, eh?


Hi Jo - I believe a lot will stabilize within the larger flow beginning soon, given Mercury and Venus in early Cancer are setting up the Grand Water trine in early June. Obviously this will be in full play by late June via the Sun and Jupiter, and then Mars moves everything forward as Jupiter enters a long term trine to Saturn. Yes!

The Solar Trine of 2015 you mention is EXACTLY the extremely powerful Solar Eclipse at 30 Cancer in 2009. Plus as you know 30 Pisces has been stimulated a lot of ways since Venus went SD conjunct Mars on that degree in April 2009. I suspect the 2015 Eclipse will help many to get clear about the thought forms they have been building, and how they are seeing the results of prior waves set into motion at other 30 Pisces points set up in previous years by various transits and stations.

Also, speaking of Divine Mother, remember that Saturn in this part of Scorpio hit its station quintile TransPluto, and is rx'ing back to a bielftile (65+ degrees, part of the 11th harmonic series). Faith will pay HUGE dividends beginning this Summer and lasting for awhile (think inner transits to 5-6 Scorpio coming this Autumn).

And while I don't do that much work with the asteroids, I do note that late 2015 features Jupiter square Saturn, Jupiter conjunct TransPluto, Saturn square TransPluto, with Jupiter and Saturn making a long term T-square to Neptune (void into early Gemini, where Jupiter's been teaching us). The Venus, Mars, and Jupiter conjunction in Autumn trine Pluto should also be excellent!!

Hi Ann - This period has been revolutionizing your personality, ruler of your 3rd. Read things that awaken the mind to your true higher individuality. Saturn shows you are preparing for a newer, more mature level of relating to others. You should be feeling good by this Autumn.

Hi Angela - Sure. You're most welcome.

Hi Christy - Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina! Yes, I've made it clear that where one is on the Solar Return most definitely affects the chart for that coming year. Really, you can only be where you are at any given moment, and that space-time coordinate where you're breathing has a chart. That's the SR. The aspects stay the same regardless of where you are, the degrees stay the same, but the house positions differ.

While I studied diurnals when younger, and found merit in what I found, I never followed up on using them specifically, since everything else I use seems to do the trick. I cannot really say if what you've stated "confirms" anything, since it would require more elaboration on what this is about specifically to you or whoever, and that's probably beyond this comment stream. Generally, as the planets rise and culminate and set in the course of a day, they will make aspects that could trigger events in the lives of those affected by those aspects in their chart positions. That's why when the Grand Irrationality is in motion due to transits of planets, I always remind people that during the times of day the Asc and MC move through those zones we can expect precipitating events.

Predictive astrology is an interesting thing for me, since I trained specifically in such things back in the early 70s, including predicting contest winners and so forth. However, I also came to realize that anything governed by human free will could not be predicted, since anyone can behave any way they want at any time. While there may be indicators that show a very high likelihood of something being in a certain place or something happening, again, if a person decides to screw up a multi-million dollar deal that's already effectively done by refusing to sign on the line, there's nothing that could predict that, since it's purely free will.

Hi Lorochka - Not necessarily. Could be a fantastic day, given Mercury and Venus are favorable for Aries now and for the next week or so. And don't underestimate Jupiter still being favorable for Aries.


Your Highness,

With Uranus at 12, during this "shake up" is it possible for this "activity" to loosen the jock strap on my 5th house Leo 11 Part of Fortune???? I could use some of that now..ya think?


Thanks for the bread crumbs Baba Yaga!
Good to see a review and one stop shopping of these perinient articles (yeah, the heat is on!). I loved your recent spot (once again) on blog talk radio and think we think you should have your own blog talk radio thingy!

Keep crankin' em out.



Hi chickie - Yes, in prep for what's coming when first Mars, and then Jupiter, cross that point. Things should break loose to whatever degree in mid-June.

Hi Jean - Well, not knowing what you were talking about, I looked it up. Tremendous compliment!

From Wiki: "In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a supernatural being (or one of a trio of sisters of the same name) who appears as a deformed and/or ferocious-looking woman. Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs. Baba Yaga may help or hinder those that encounter or seek her out and may play a maternal role and has associations with forest wildlife. According to Vladimir Propp's folktale morphology, Baba Yaga commonly appears as either a donor, villain, or may be altogether ambiguous.

Andreas Johns identifies Baba Yaga as "one of the most memorable and distinctive figures in eastern European folklore," and observes that she is "enigmatic" and often exhibits "striking ambiguity." Johns summarizes Baba Yaga as a "a many-faceted figure, capable of inspiring researchers to see her as a Cloud, Moon, Death, Winter, Snake, Bird, Pelican or Earth Goddess, totemic matriarchal ancestress, female initiator, phallic mother, or archetypal image"

A flying mortar and pestle with wings living in a hut with chicken legs? Wow! (Sometimes I feel like a "trio of sisters" who appear deformed and ferocious!) As far as "enigmatic" and "ambiguous," well, I have been told that before....

Death and Winter are familiar friends. Snake reminds me I was just stung by a bark scorpion a few weeks ago, and instead of doing the 40K hospital treatment, I cured it completely with about a buck's worth of carrot and garlic. (figured you of all people would appreciate that!)

And I do consider it a high compliment (to the degree I could never live up to it) that you would compare me to Baba Yaga, the "totemic matriarchal ancestress, female initiator, etc." To be a Matriarch AND a "fortune teller," well that's a heavy gig, man.....


well this transit is calling (yelling) (screaming) my name. i have sun @ 12 deg cap, already in a natal T-square to pluto @ 11 deg libra and jupiter @ 15 deg. aries. so transiting pluto has been h o v e r i n g over a very sensitive point and i am well soaked (blown apart) (trying to make sense of it all) (one day at a time). i suppose the uranus energy is making me all feisty and provocative and outspoken about what i find as i sift through the rubble... i know this intensity can't last forever. i feel like i will emerge from these next few years like the woman of steel!


Oh my goodness, Robert, thank you so much for using my situation as a case example. How very generous of you to take the time. I really learned a lot from what you wrote and am continuing to, as I try to stay centered in what feels like astonishing amounts of energetic strain. About the art of synthesis in astrology, I really appreciated this part of what you wrote: "The pressure on your Moon is relieved by Saturn in Scorpio showing you the way to resolve the opposition is by invoking good Taurus energy. The pressure on your Sun is relieved by Jupiter in Gemini showing you the way to resolve that opposition is by invoking good Sagittarius energy." I had thought about trying to access the trines, but didn't really understand how the opposite signs fit in. It's blowing my mind and helping me understand how to use balancing of opposites to create harmony (what a Libra task!).

Interesting how much I see a purification of imbalanced and somewhat perverted expressions of Cancer and Libra in me as they are pushed by the hard aspects. I hope that their highest vibrations will shine forth as the lesser falls away.

I loved the final note on your Uranus-Sun contact and how you are expressing it and helping all of us access Uranian wisdom. Shine on! And thanks again for sharing your genius (spot on name for you, Baba Yaga!).

To Transits4Me: I'm right there with you! The intensity is incredible, isn't it? I've never felt anything like it. Hang in, sister. We'll be able to express what we need to to help our world better once we're through this.


Thank you Robert. I appreciate what you've said very much. Just been given notice to quit the house I'm in as the landlord has gone bankrupt. The changes just don't seem to to have slowed down since 1997! Like dominos!


"When virtue is aware of itself it becomes vicious"
Robert, it was not undue flattery. Having had several of your readings and being a regular follower of the "Papers", you are an excellent guru and astrologer. I think the compliment was apropos.




In the past, together with the Grand Cross impacts, there happened to be the ' rise & fall ' of some nations., i.e. the rise of Russia, Britian & USA respectively. Could you pls. let me benefit from your respectable insights on the possible ' rise & fall ' ones in the coming years ?



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