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Thanks Robert! Question: This solar eclipse of the S.Node falls in my 11th close to my natal N. Node with Taurus on the cusp of the 12th. Jupiter conjuncts my S.Node in Scorpio. Any ideas on eclipses conjuncting natal nodes and how to make the most of this energy shift?


My AC is 21 Taurus, Robert. Talk about new ways of thinking...
what a earthling fiesta this is. ps--what does TransPluto Leo mean? Gracias, from the exact tropic of cancer...


Hi Claudia - It would seem with the "crossed nodes" that you'll be learning and growing from what is usually easy for you, and you'll find a new way to grow in expressing your Jupiter/SN energies. So now you're growing toward what you already know, and demonstrating what the larger growth patterns are.

Hi Jan - Welcome to flashes of blessings, showing which way the winds of destiny are blowing. This will shut down an old self image, and allow the birth of new discoveries. You have rewards coming over the next few months via the last Full Moon Eclipse two weeks ago.

TransPluto is Divine Mother energy. Parvati. Percephone. The feminine "lord and partner of the ruler of the underworld." Vast and broad redemptive power, unifying field of feeling, blessing and protecting ALL Her children. Sharing is what we are learning to learn, learning to demonstrate, learning to appreciate. Welcome to the blessing of the 21st century!!


Hi Robert, If I do not have any planets in Taurus on my birth chart at all, what does this eclipse mean to me or does that mean I will not be affected? DOB 2/27/52 1 pm Framingham MA Thank you, Bev


Robert, my AC is 24 degrees Scorpio...any secrets to be revealed?


Dear Robert,

I know you have said that generally - and especially those of us with planets at the final degrees of signs - we shouldn't pay much attention to the notion that we shouldn't do such and such during a "void of course" moon. However, given the practice I sometimes have of writing intentions at the New Moon, and this being an especially powerful one with the solar eclipse, what would you advise as good timing for writing intentions or affirmations this time, given the very long void of course moon that occurs with this new moon ?
We folks out there who sometimes like to write down our intentions for the new lunar cycle would really appreciate your take on this ! Many thanks, magenta


Uranus is at my IC 11' - can you enlight me about this? (Cancer Sun 25, Scorpio Asc 25, and this new moon is "close" to my Desc in Taurus 25).

Wild Horse Running

Hola Senor...

Hope this finds you well :-)

This solar eclipse conjuncts my natal moon in the 8th house, opposing my sun, which conjuncts my mars in the 2nd. The Nov solar eclipse was conjunct my sun at 22 degrees scorpio, oppossing my natal moon in the 8th at 21 taurus. The lunar eclipse of April 25, conjuncted my neptune in scorpio in the first house 7 scorpio.

Im "seeing so much more"...and my "feeing capabilities
have opened", and I have much healthier boundaries than I have in the past.....As the 2nd house is self-worth/possessions...and the 8th death/taxes/inheritances/endings/beginnings....and both recent solar eclipses conjuncted my sun and moon that opposse each other....does that mean death/rebirth....and new identity???

Muchas grasias y Que tenga un buen dia :-)


Hello Robert......WOW, what an incredible writer with such depth of insight!!! Thank you for posting these amazing articles!

This Solar Eclipse is right on my SUN and my Midheaven, and opposite natal Saturn in Scorpio sitting on the 4th house cusp. Guess I'm in for a ride! Can you tell me what to expect?



Hi Bev - It means that wherever it falls in your chart, something of that life area shuts down. Because it doesn't conjunct a planet, it means that you don't have one of your "inner lights" transforming through direct loss, though much can be seen by the aspects this Eclipse makes to planets in your chart. Neptune's on your Sun anyway, and you just went through your Saturn return, so you've had plenty to deal with over the past several years. All Eclipses affect ALL of us, just in different ways.

Hi Suzanne - Self-adjustment toward something more pleasurable. Exteriorization of your self-image. New types of relationships to be cultivated. The end of a power struggle.

Hi Magenta - Again, there is no VOC Moon phenomenon. A leftover from ancient Horary techniques that were not applied to natal charts until recently. And right now, when at 26 Taurus it quintiles Chiron, at 27 Taurus it sesquisquares Pluto, and at 28 Taurus it quadranoviles Saturn. So there are plenty of aspects forming in the late degrees.

Intentions expressed as precise affirmations are good just about any time, with the way they work out shown by the chart of their creation, since that sets the wave forms into motion. A thought form is a thought form is a thought form. For example, Friday from 11:30 am to 1:15 pm EDT would be a good time for something related to Moon in Taurus at the degree of rebeginnings conjunct Venus in Gemini on the Santa filling stockings degree. That said, any precisely crafted thought form that could be true for us will manifest over time. This Eclipse brings blessings and much higher states than we've been experiencing before now. More in future articles.

Hi ulrika - Already spoke earlier about this Eclipse in 6th conjunct Dsc. I have no idea what to say about your IC due to lack of info. I can say you're beginning a new 12 year cycle this Autumn, so close out the old, stop clutching at echoes of memories, and be gracious in receiving the rewards you are due between September 2013 and June 2014. New truths are on the way. Learn how to hold empty space. You have to figure out a new perspective early 2014 so you can move forward unencumbered by old conflicts.

Hi WHR - Well, as well as well can be, given recent events. Hanging in there is more apt, but at least the storm seems to have passed for now. Just trying to stay current given the work load.

It would seem that since last Nov, an old way of expressing your illumination and heart has shut down, allowing you to "see the stars during the day." Now the Moon, package of personality, will get to let go of old inertias and find new ways to enjoy yourself, take care of yourself, probably target some new needs that will help you relax into life.

Remember this is an Eclipse promising blessings and forms of abundance, or at least new ways of using and enjoying what we have. So this time in your life your old light was shut down allowing you to see new distant lights that are the backdrop to the Great Light. This whole time you are understanding your Neptune through new eyes, and I have no doubt that Saturn is helping you restructure your ideals and self image, preparing you to take on a new rigor later this year. Jupiter in Cancer will be a delight to you. Todos somos más inteligentes y más capaces juntos que por separado.

Hi Carol - Thanks for your kind words regarding the work. I just described how an eclipse might work when conjunct the Sun, so please read what I just wrote above this. You have a new light, a new truth, a new future, and new understanding opening after some old ones end. With Saturn "down under" train your mind and speech to express only what you want to see made manifest, and cultivate a positive and mature outlook on things. The restructuring will show as a new view of your environment and neighbors, preparing you to cut loose from old unhelpful memories of your early life. You are setting the foundations for mastery, recognition, and/or important responsibilities to come over the next 15 years.


Robert - thank you greatly for your reply. I can certainly feel the "undertow" and know there will be many changes in my life in the near future...all very exciting as I prepare to go through my 2nd Saturn Return by the end of this year, although I know I'm already IN the energies of it!
Blessings to you, and thank you again!!! ~ CAT


Dear Robert,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. My date of birth is 21 august 1979, birth place Chandigarh, India. How will this impact me?

With gratitude,


Hi Robert,

My Venus is at 21 degrees Taurus. Dob: 3/26/80 9:06am SoCal. Does this have any meaning? I just came upon your page this year...very good stuff. Thank you.



Born on January 28, 1959 at 11:33 pm in Phila, do I get more information??
Thank you

Wild Horse Running

Grasias Senor Wilkinson....

Your reply validated things I have been feeling, and "sensing"? My intuition seems to be awakening,
I have been in a "restricted state" for a few years....head to the grindstone, learning to focus, as I had no choice, no possibilities to "escape". But it was necessarry, as I was a great escape artist :-)
I am looking forward to new horizons, as I am completeing my "sentence". Sorry to hear that your "Cat teacher" Mother shared with me once, when I had lost a "cat teacher", that my heart still had the ability to love, and another cat would come to fill it up again :-)

Blessings to you Amigo....


I am a Taurus, born 23.04.73. Lost my job on 03.05.13 and very depressed, sad, and confined to the couch at home. What can I do?



I am in Brisbane when the eclispe took place and haven't felt the same since. It was like a lightning bolt swept through and changed everything around me.
I am born on teh 3rd Oct 1976. My partner is born 30 june 1976 and everything has also just gone haywire for him.
I have know him since we were 15 and we have been in and out of each others lives for 23 years and only recently reconnected in January and have had the most amazing 5 months.
I am not usre whether this elipse has occured and has seperated us again or whether is means a new begining for us.

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