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Jo Garceau

Robert, thanks for this article! I've been having major cellular healing work since May. The past week to ten days I've been more sick than in years with a summer cold. I decided we may have two grand trines and a grand square...but we should be aware of the six oppositions! It's a big release to have your comment that we are grounding a lot of stuff in a new way. It fits with my thoughts on why I've been so incapacitated.


"This quote seemed relevant for now and the near future:

The sages do not consider that making no mistakes is a blessing. They believe, rather, that the great virtue of man lies in his ability to correct his mistakes and continually make a new man of himself. - Wang Yang-Ming (1472-1529)"

24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)
Six in the fifth place means: Noblehearted return. No remorse.
When the time for return has come, a man should not take shelter in trivial excuses, but should look within and examine himself. And if he has done something wrong he should make a noblehearted resolve to confess his fault. No one will regret having taken this road.


Hi Jo - May began new Mercury-Jupiter and Venus-Jupiter cycles in Gemini. Then the Grand Water Trines began first thing in June. The flow followed by the plunges of the Cardinal T-square threw the void into Libra. As I've noted, this requires finding the right balance and "proportion" in all things. So perhaps you're "recalibrating" on the cellular level. And yes, the multiple oppositions from Cancer to Capricorn still continue, with Mars the most recent and Jupiter on the way. Avoid extremes and find ways to take care of yourself. I suspect Jupiter in Cancer will favor the "food as medicine" approach to healing and forms of water therapy, including juice therapies.

Hi Sagars - In the I Chine, Hex. 49, top line, seems relevant in describing the process of this Great Sextile:

"The superior man changes like a panther. The inferior man molts in the face.
Starting brings misfortune. To remain persevering brings good fortune.

After the large and fundamental problems are settled, certain minor reforms, and elaborations of these, are necessary. These detailed reforms may be likened to the equally distinct but relatively small marks of the panther's coat. As a consequence, a change also takes place among the inferior people. In conformity with the new order, they likewise 'molt.' This molting, it is true, does not go very deep, but that is not to be expected. We must be satisfied with the attainable. If we should go too far and try to achieve too much, it would lead to unrest and misfortune. For the object of a great revolution is the attainment of clarified, secure conditions ensuring a general stabilization on the basis of what is possible at the moment." (Wilhelm/Baynes ed.)


Hi Robert,
Once again, thanks so much for your insight!
"We are the God we seek...Over time we shape our lives consciously at critical points, or choose to turn it over to chance and circumstance. This is where apparently minor decisions and realizations could generate major effects down the road." Wise words indeed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Blessings to you!


The only frustration I have at present is that I am not releasing as readily or so it seems. There's something I'm working on but it will probably take the mercury rx in scorpio to really get down to what it is. Waaaaahhh!!


Thank You Robert for "framing" this time of personal evolution. It's been an unsettling process for many of us, but as you say, the fruits of these changes will soon come to bare. I think that once Mercury passes its final shadow point, Aug 4th and the new moon takes hold Aug 6th, we'll see an anchoring of these new feelings (Cancer) and awareness that have been morphed into our "being" through this period. It's a maturing of consciousness and Mercury has significant role in our understanding of the greater dynamic that this "recalibrating" has and will have in our lives to come. The "Great Sextile" promises a more balanced and spiritually integrated life as we move and and as you say "groove" toward our destiny. Bon Voyage to us All!!!


Robert, that quote at the end was just what I needed! Thank you for that.


You articulate the evolution of human consciousness so very finely Robert. Thank you again for your honest guidance.


To me, the peace and light, goodness I felt during the Merkabah was simply to re-"mind" me of what I am aiming to feel and the clarity of my thoughts by being my natural self, living it and creating my own good world in order to contribute that good "piece" of the puzzel or that good "peace" to the overall whole energy.

My quest this lifetime is definately to learn the philosophy of the true purpose of "the mother" (Cancer sun and mercury in 9th house) part of the triple feminine, to live it and share the philosophy of it. I have lived the philosophy and experienced the cruelty and unfairy of the judgements of a female putting that first no matter what the "reason" and it has brought me to a place where I am experiencing poverty, no place of my own to house my home, rejection and others who would have me believe I "should be ashamed" and I have worked through my own responsibilities on this with the help of the energies of "the divine mother" or transpluto these past years on my sun and my nth node. I lived my truth yet experienced what looks to others, failure in my current situation, yet i Know in my heart i am successful and the outcome as it appears up till now I could get caught up in, yet I take responsibility for that outcome regardless of who did what, because I ended up in this situation because "I was trained in younger days to believe that is what would happen if I didnt hide my "unacceptable gifts and way I saw things" and tried to live them, this of course "stuck" as the final root cause, a self fulfilling prophecy and now I am working on changing that belief. I need to bring into the light the "true lillith" the channel of the power of the sacred feminine who is good and powerful unless infected by fear, then she becomes very dangerous, which is why she retreated to the shadows to me, yet I also have true lillith in leo 10th house, 5 degrees before my transpluto, 5 degrees after my MC and in opposition to my 4th house POF in aquarius. My moon in 12th house libra is quincunx my 7th house Venus, I needed to uncover the negative emotional psychology of "the mother" that grew through many generations in order for my true values to come to light and create good relationship with myself (fem and masc) in order to manifest it in reality either in this lifetime or those ahead. This is simply my understanding' yet it really does make sense to me, it always has, yet now it sits in a peaceful state of realisation, I no longer fear my own mind, my own nature, my pluto at 5' virgo opposing chiron in pisces quincunx my jupiter/IC conjunction is almost at ease now too. with the philosophy I understood and spouted age 8, that I brought with me now that I have lived it and understand it. This is my belief and I do care, yet no longer worry about how others choose see me, almost time to trust my own uninfected channel to let the power flow through and make it so?

I respect my understandings are as different to others as is my individual life path, but hope that how I am piecing my own different process together, may help others see their own way.

Thank you Robert, your sharing your way on this site, has helped support my own courage to be safe in mine. Namaste.


Hi Caliban, I dont know if what I discovered will help, so I will risk sharing it in case it does. I found asking myself and meditated on it as to whether the "unsettling" feelings are real or simply "ghosts" (imprints on the energy) that are tempting us to redirect energy to the past and re-establish their power? I found they were simply ghosts, so like any good mother (I am cancer/merc sun) I loved that ghost of my old self away in a kind and nurturing way, no conditions for that love, just is and then re directed my thoughts to how I would enjoy life being and feeling and it seems to be working :)


I feel similarly to Andromeda.

The quote at the end of your article here, is just what I needed. I'm glad to know that as we were told in grade school, "trying counts"

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