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Hi all - This started a conversation over at FB that I thought I would repost here. As I said over there, something has already "fractured" in a big way for me since yesterday. It's not a disaster, but it's incredibly inconvenient and a huge monkeywrench. And I don't know how it will turn out, as per Mercury RX. That said, it's not bad, and in fact could turn out quite well, once the unexpected turns happen via the RX.

And yes, some things are way out of balance. That's why we need good Libra energy, and be aware of when it's not good Libra energy. Some things are incredibly unfair and in a state of imbalance and/or "a momentary lapse of reason." And with the trine, feelings are very high and all over. Many are clear, whether for good or evil, (whether the latter know it to be evil or not.)

And of course, if one way doesn't work, find another. Just avoid extremes.


do you suppose that the Zimmerman verdict is an example of the grand cross? it sure fits your description... talk about a momentary lapse of reason.


Make sure I don't challenge the flow?
Good advice.
However,I'm known as the feather ruffler. Jupiter is squaring my natal Merc. and inconjuncting my natal moon.


It's as important to know when to pull back as to when to push forward. While I seek harmonious elements in my life, there are always outside disharmonious elements that insinuate themselves into our lives.

Isabella Dove

Excellent !!!

Aquila Ka Hecate

Ha! And I dreamed of a fatal car wreck on the highway last night, only to come here and read about Jupiter...
Terri in Joburg


hi there Robert - lovely insightful beautiful post - as always.
i just wanted to ask if you could expand a little on the 'car wreck' anaology of this degree.../
many thanks for all that you do and all that you are
x charty


Hi Robert, is it possible that one (in this case I) almost always feel the effects of the different constellations 1 or 2 days earlier?
Thank you.

Terri also

This week Jupiter will be on my MC at 5 Cancer. I also have natal planets that conjunct the grand trine; Saturn transit conjunct natal Neptune (2H), and Neptune transit conjunct my Sun (6H). This should be a positive transit, right? I'm beginning a civil suit this week and will be filing the paperwork today.

Last night I dreamed of being stranded on a deserted Hawaiian island that was overrun by zombies! But I attribute that to watching too many episodes of Lost last night. :o)


Hi all - I forgot to include the fact that on August 10-11 the Moon in Libra will re-trigger this Grand Cross. Mark it on your calendar!

Hi Valerie - It is a sad day for a nation when an adult can stalk a child, shoot them dead, and be found "not guilty."

Hi Iris - I don't have a problem questioning authority, but it's equally important to choose one's battles with care. Jupiter square Mercury challenges you to see things through the other's eyes and work them back to your point of view without getting deflected into irrelevancies.

Hi BethinSoCal - Yes, since it's no big deal to be good in Heaven. We have to demonstrate our realizations in practice, which usually works out through various push and pull "people" in our lives. I have found that sometimes a self-exile is the best antidote for dealing with irritable or difficult people.

Hi Isabella Dove - Thanks.

Hi Aquila Ka Hecate - Sounds like your subconsciousness is tuned to superconsciousness!

Hi heyho - It's the Sabian Symbol for 5 Cancer. We turn a huge corner and reorient in major ways at 1 Cancer. We get a broader view at 2, and move into unknown zones of experience at 3. The cat and mouse games at 4 Cancer are the inner or outer arguments and second guessing we do after a commitment but before we've fully embraced the new way.

That leads to the wreckage, the "karmic adjustment," at 5 Cancer, where whatever vehicle (the car) would challenge our new way is crashed when it recklessly attempts to be at the same place at the same time as the train, which is ruled by Pluto. Once that adjustment is made, it leads to the "game birds feathering their nest," a degree where the past gives up its life to feed the future.

There could be an entire class discussing the implications of this seemingly negative symbol. For example, it is anchored by 5 Libra, exteriorizes at 5 Capricorn, and culminates at 5 Aries. And of course, it harmonizes with the 5th degree of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Hi Kati - Of course, if you have planets involved in dynamic aspects with whatever planetary influences are present.

Hi Terri also - Welcome to a year of Jupiter in your 10th! Saturn is maturing your ideals, while Neptune is tuning your Light into collective consciousness. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde, so take care that your paperwork is timely and in order.

Make sure that the rulers of the various houses are in your favor when you file the papers. All lawsuits are a 7th house matter, and it's set up as a "contest" horary/inceptional chart. Make sure the Moon is good for you, as well as the various 1st house planets and rulers if you are the one filing. The judge is ruled by the 10th, results are ruled by the 4th. And don't let the zombies - the walking dead - overrun your life. Lawyers can be like that, you know.....


Hi Robert

Just wondered if you could give me an insight into what is going on in my life at the moment. Having a hard time standing up for myself and not being a total doormat. I always aim to please but seem to attract bullies into my life. Any clues that could help me here would be appreciated.
My birthday is 8th November 1966 - Sydney Australia


Hi Lin - I ordinarily don't answer questions like yours in a comment stream, since there are too many variables to do an adequate job of analysis. This is usually done in personal sessions. Still, I'll try to do a one time offering here so that readers might learn how I approach such questions.

First, the human factor: If you're having a hard time standing up for yourself, then you need to ask: A) Why are you having to "stand up for yourself?" and B) Why can't you express yourself appropriately? Attracting bullies usually happens because you are not clear about bullying traits, and haven't yet spotted your and their patterns that create the means of attraction. Change who you are attracted to and you will stop attracting bullies. If necessary, make a list of all the bullies you have attracted and take a new look at their traits apart from the bullying, and what triggered the bullying. Then you will have clues.

You have Sun, Venus, and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio. You have Mars, Uranus, and Pluto conjunct in Virgo all opposed Saturn in Pisces. Occasionally you go in the wrong direct too far too fast, and then have to back pedal. Sun in Scorpio is here to be illuminated through what they can and cannot attract, and what magnetism needs to change so as not to attract what you do not want. Also Venus conjunct Neptune often is very idealistic in relationships and not always clear about the truth of another.

Right now Saturn is on your Sun, Venus, and Neptune, which has brought you to a place where you must slow down, seek the mature approach, restructure and reorganize your Light/Life, ideals, and relationships. All relationships get tested when Saturn conjuncts, squares, or opposes our Venus. The good ones get deeper and stay with us; the ones that no longer express our likes and values go by the way side.

Also, you have Mercury RX in Sag. Always looking at the bigger picture and often overlooking the obvious. You're a good sport, but can get distracted. With Neptune now square your Mercury, get clear about what roles you're playing and what roles you're NOT playing. Do not allow yourself to have mental patterns where you put yourself down, or let others put you down, or take you as inconsequential or a nonentity. Find a different way to view verbal interactions, and stay alert to criticisms or digs that undermine you.

Terri also

Robert, thank your for your comments to my post. I thought I would let you know that you were right on about the Mercury retrograde when you said to "take care the paperwork was timely and in order." I mailed my paperwork last week, registered and priority mail, and thought it would be delivered two days later. Well, the USPS lost my paperwork. I had to call them and make a case number for investigation. Well, miraculously they found it and delivered it today, 17th at 12:01 PM, ten days later! Don't worry, it wasn't anything that needed to be filed by a deadline.

In re-reading your articles about the Grand Trine and your advice, it looks like the delay was in my favor.

Also in keeping with Mercury retrograde, this paperwork had been submitted last fall to another court in a different jurisdiction. It was ruled it was not in the proper court so I had to re-file it in the proper court. So this paperwork is a re-do, and it's much improved.

The comments to this entry are closed.


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