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I really love the way you explain this!!! It makes much more sense. Yes, sometimes life hands you lemons! It is up to us to figure out what to do with those lemons! Maybe its lemonade or mayby a salad dressing!!!


ok, so I have been watching everything that was coming (mars, et al) to trigger and yet still.....nada

I swear, I've never had an experience like this where Jupiter is transiting the 8th and not bringing windfalls of cash

could it be because saturn is retrograding in the sign of Scorpio, the natural sign of the 8th?

in which case will we experience a "breaking of the log jam" when it goes direct on Monday?

I literally can barely breathe with it directly on my's soooooooo oppressive.....and so stagnant...everything feels like it ground to a halt....everything

and you know I've had my share of pluto... conjunctions, over my asc, on my natal moon, thru my first house, etc) interactions/aspects and yet, I must say...this the most oppressive and depressive aspect I've ever experienced


Hi Micheline - At least it helps to use the planetary energies favorably rather than feel the victim of circumstance!

Hi Christy - You seem to be misunderstanding Jupiter. Jupiter does NOT necessarily bring money. Venus rules money. Your second house shows what you can capture. Planets in the 2nd are the "lord" of the financial affairs. Eighth house shows what you desire, and planets in the 8th show you what will govern losses, legacies, and other 8th house affairs.

I have Jupiter in my natal 8th, and did not have much money for many, many years. Jupiter in the 8th can bring big losses, truths about legacies, magnetism, and desires, philosophical lessons around death, loss, and learning how to hold the void, higher awareness of shared values and resources, as well as societal values. There are ten thousand ways to interpret Jupiter in the 8th, whether natally or by transit.

If the generic Saturn in Scorpio were the culprit, then NONE of us would be receiving cash. I have no idea when your personal log jam will break; what I write here are general tendencies that apply to everyone. That said, yes, Saturn direct will help some things ruled by that planet to move forward, whatever that means.

Also remember that the planets do not make anything happen; we are the ones who are acting, reacting, or being acted upon. All the planetary aspects do is show us what is favorable or unfavorable for us to do, not necessarily some windfall a) if the natal planets do not indicate such a thing, and b) if we are somehow not cooperating with whatever could have brought us the windfall under other circumstances.

And there is a big lesson all students of the craft need to learn: when something happens, you will definitely find a combination of aspects. But a combination of aspects does not necessarily indicate that "something will happen," at least at that time. Some things can be set up by aspects that don't trigger for months or years, or even ever if the person decides to scuttle that line of endeavor.


re: "If the generic Saturn in Scorpio were the culprit, then NONE of us would be receiving cash."

oh that's true, and once of the rasons's i stopped looking at charts for a couple years is if can be anything (10,000 choices) then why think it's astrology

but I actually am beginning to think that Saturn in my 12th is going to necessitate some professional help - it's going direct in 3 days, but I don't think I can manage it ...

because as it went retrograde over my ascendant it literally took away everything I had rebuilt in the last year and a half...and now it's all in shambles...again


Hi Christy - You ignored my final two paragraphs. "It" is not astrology. "It" is us living our lives. AND! The final paragraph holds the answer to your issue. Astrology is always "involved" when things happen, but astrology alone does not determine whether something happens or not. In all probability Jupiter is what has taken whatever away, if it's in your 8th. But nothing can be lost if it truly belongs to us and if we still have something to learn from having that in our lives. And we cannot hold on to a thing if it is not true for us, even if we seem to have it for a while. I have no doubt you'll do well once you see what your true response-ability is.


so the question then begs.....

if this is my repsonsiblity and my doing, why then can I not manifest the powerball jackpot?

because I would far prefer to manifest that event than this current nightmare!


Hi Christy - Because (to quote myself) WE DO NOT CREATE OUR REALITY! "The Secret" set a lot of people up to fail by failing to mention that we can only manifest what we think we want when a) it is true for us, and b) it is not being distorted by subconsciousness or our desire mind.

We do create our experience of our reality, and we can move into "true function" (Dharma) or away from "true function." But we can never perfectly manifest what is not true for us, except briefly, since it cannot be sustained.

What is true for you is shown in your chart. The desire mind (kama manas) is very unreliable for knowing one's highest good. If winning powerball would somehow move you away from your path of highest learning, then it will never happen.

Anything that would create inertia, separateness, a sense of "specialness," and/or self satisfaction is forbidden to those who would walk a higher Way. And huge wealth often does foster those problems in an ego. Take it from one who has had billionaires and multimillionaires as clients. 98% are very self-separate, believe their own press releases, and money becomes a mythology that they use to play mind games.

I have known very few rich ones who walk the talk. Most just want more money, and are convinced you want their money and that's why you're there. And because that's often true, wealth without wisdom can create massive wreckage in a life even for the most altruistic.

Your only responsibility is to listen to what Spirit has to tell you about what to do to further your greatest good. Then go do it with all your heart while maintaining good will and a sense of humor and generosity toward life. Spirit is all, and matter follows thought, if thought is aligned perfectly with Spirit, a rare occurrence indeed!


re: "Anything that would create inertia,"

well that is what I rebuilt would have caused (& did cause) but I wasn't doing it to "stay in that place" but merely to have some income while moving forward - now...I have 0 income (tricky for someone self-supporting!) and though I do have a retirement account, it has no hardship clause, so I cannot access it!! -- so now I literally am without any income or savings, at this point

and Robert thanks so much for the details, they are very helpful!


Hi Christy - Well, having been in that EXACT place once a long time ago (with no retirement account), I just set to work finding a job as a cook while figured out what was next. It seemed like a good thing since I could cook and also eat for free at that job. Seeing it as an interim skill merely to make money opened me to thinking in ways I hadn't before, and when that chapter was done, I wound up doing what I was supposed to do. I cooked for money, and studied something I loved that others needed. Eventually, when enough expressed an interest in paying me for my learned skills, I quit one of the restaurants I worked at, and began to make money at what I loved. Find something the world needs that will pay you a reasonably good wage, and start studying and practicing. You never know what might show up.....


:) good plan -- I waitressed for the same reason at one point - free food

(the truly exasperating and maddening part for me is as said, I DO have a retirement acct, they won't let me access and I DIRELY need it)

this time though I'm now without EVERYTHING and although landing on my feet is something I have always managed in the past ...this appears to be beyond my further coping capability at this point... I think -- hence my urgent desperation for wanting saturn to go direct -- and for 4 months I've felt like a "whiner' and I so dislike whining!!!!

and again Robert, I so appreciate your comments and your time!
thank you!

Kate Minogianni

Hi. How I have been following AP for a few years, this is my first comment. I have a warm interest in astrology. My intellectual curiosity finds a lot of answers to my life's whys as well as food for thought in it.
Regarding Jupiter in 8th, which I, too, was misled to believe that it is a positive thing. I have Jupiter Aquarius conjuct Saturn Capricorn -in 8th. Jupiter very close 9th cusp, it could be considered 9th house. In my 2nd house - Cancer - Mars square a stellium of Mercury, Moon, Venus,Sun in Aries in 11th. At the same time, Saturn squares the Sun and Jupiter sextiles Mercury. But Mercury and Jupiter are the sides of a yod with Pluto retr. conjuct South Node conjuct IC in 4th Virgo. And right opposite them and mid point of Mercury/Jupiter Chiron conjuct MC.
I am a forensic psychologist working as a drug and alcohol counsellor. the conjuction of jupiter and saturn has helped me to make slow progress in my life. Big changes in myself. I can say I have lived 2 lives. I am a late bloomer. Very immature youth till late in life. I have experienced a lot of money problems in my life. Though an only child and as I grew up I had everything provided by my parents and grandmothers. After a point, the problems started. It was after my progressed New Moon that took place in September 1991. The synchronicity of the New Moon aspects and the facts!!!! Later I had problems with my parents. Instead of taking care of what they would leave me, they made a lot of mistakes that would cause me a lot of problems with taxes etc. Let me not get into details here. But I have had a harsh fate regarding other people's finances, considering the fact I marries a pathological gambler when I was 24. You can imagine the plot of the story. So, it is due to my very strong survival instinct and my determination that I have kept myself at a distance of a lot of problems that could have overwhelmed me otherwise. So, I am constantly making a lot of efforts to earn a living. Recently I worked for 9 months in a rehab on an island in Thailand. I am looking for a job out of Greece where I live again. Wanting to leave my home and country has always been my obsession!!!! I owe that to Pluto/South Node/IC :) The synchronicities have no end!!!!!


Jupiter conjuncts natal sun sextiles moon. Also a sag NN. Jupiter is alot. It can be overwelming. Focussing on what belongs instead of where do I belong and what am I supposed to be doing. It's that choice thing. The push push shove shove ghost takes a bow and leaves the stage. Ah no more back pain from the push push shove shove demanders.


Hi Kate - It sure sounds like you have had some extremes this life! Congrats on making it to this point! 8th house is pretty much misunderstood in my experience. Jupiter too.

My Jupiter in the 8th has brought me countless deaths this lifetime, including my own in 1984 when I went to the other side and was offered the chance to come back. I lost an unbelievable number of friends before I hit 35, and another batch of loved ones and friends checked out in the late 80s. I have one friend left alive from before 1975. So everyone I knew in my late teens and early 20s is gone except for one. I still have quite a few from 1975-1982 left, which is a great comfort.

I believe we're always learning how "to make a living," even when we're well off. Our Soul is here to grow through new experiences that feed our higher awareness and ability to serve our world the best we're able. And of course, blessings on your efforts to create a life abroad. Sometimes circumstances force us to seek a life in foreign lands, where we might find friends and purpose beyond anything in our native land.

Hi caliban - Opportunity is all around! You just have to cross the room, open the door, and greet the guest. Very glad that you've shed the pushing and shoving energies and can now just do your thing.


But oh so many doors.


Found 'the' door. So far so good.


Took a while for this to sink in. But by jove, I've got it. I like it. I'm really happy with it. Thanks thanks thanks. What a pressure release.

Kate Minogianni

Thank you for the reply, Robert. The interpretation of Jupiter in the 8th the way you do it, sounds unusual to me.So much misunderstanding about Jupiter being the planet of luck. I saw your video on youtube about astrology. It is an old one but I enjoyed your spiritual approach. Due to some strange synchronicities - I have read a lot of books on spirituality recently, the spiritual dimension of astrology included - I have made astonishing progress on my spiritual and personal development. I guess it's my transits: tr.Neptune opp. nat.Pluto and conjuct nat. Chiron,south node and MC. And that is at the midpoint of natal Mercury in 11H Ares and Jupiter 8H (beginning 9H)Aquarius. I always used to read, but when tr. Neptune transited my 9th House and Opposed natal Uranus in the 3rd, which rules 9H, I became a bookworm with particular interest in astrology and philosophy. That was a few years ago. Now I am a different person. A lot more knowledgeable and open minded. This transit of Neptune opp. my Pluto has brought a new wave of interest in the spiritual and metaphysical.

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