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Wow Wow Woww. Ya I have my Mercury at 4 Capricorn and Sun/Moon midpoit at 1 d Capricorn in my 5th house. The houses ruled by mercury in my chart are 2nd and 11th houses! Seems really fitting especially cause my 5th house is ruled by Jupiterand my Jupiter in Taurus is in close conjunctiom to my Mc. I just published 1 of 2 of my songs yahoooooooo

Jan Ragusa

So deep yet so wise... One of your fans here. I often would like to share your columns, this being one of them but not sure what is the best way to do that? Can I send them a link? What is your policy if one is wanting to say, share this on Facebook?


Hi Micheline - Congratulations on publishing your songs!

Hi Jan - Thanks for the vote of confidence. Any time you want to share one or more of my articles, you can a) copy the url here and send the url link to whoever via any medium you want, or b) on FB, I also post the link to the article on my page there. That's the one that Facebookies share with other Facebookies. Here's the link to the FB page, where all articles posted there link back to the original article posted here at the main site:

So either way you want to share is just fine with me. Glad you find them good reading!


funny, I had a dream the other night with the full moon, that I was in a hole in the ground in solitary confinement when suddenly the roof lifted and the light was almost blinding with a deep male voice reassuring and acknowledging my false conviction and unfair punishment and that I was safe and would be recieving compensation... seemed too good to be true and yet looking at what you have written is uplifting enough for me to sense a little more hope that I may be recieving a repreave sort of thing.

I had been concerned that I wasnt moving forward.

I will have natal Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Nth Node and Pluto in the spans noted above, plus the opposition to my moon at 14 Libra, hoping that relates to the dream, had enough of being a squashed mushroom :(


Could you please clarify the degrees of Aries that are written as 21-16? Is that supposed to be 11-16? Also, previous to that you mention a 2 degree orb of Aries that puts me 53 minutes away from orb with Aries Sun being at 10 degrees 7 minutes. How strict is this orb? Thank you for such an uplifting and informative article. I have been struggling with Pluto square to Sun and Neptune conjunct Desc. Lordy. This is the most positive perspective I have read and I appreciate that! Really loving this Full Moon!


Hi Debbie - Sounds like a movie I once saw! We often don't have the perspective to see how we have moved forward and are moving forward. That's the problem with being in the heart of the movement. It takes perspective to see how far we've come since the last time we checked in on our reality.

Hi Jen - Thanks for the catch. It is 21-26 Aries. Already corrected.

2 degrees is the usual orb for the "minor" series aspects, but they can be as wide as 3 with the Sun/Moon or a planet "collecting" the light of the aspect set into motion by other planets. In your case, the Full Moon Sun is tredecile your Sun, and the Moon is quintile your Sun, so yes, that effect is within orb. Me too, since my Sun is 11d 12m Aries.

Saturn triseptiles your Sun right now, and has for quite a few weeks. It will out of orb by the time it hits 7-8 Scorpio. And as long as Uranus camps out on your Sun - all this year and mostly through 2015, you may as well get used to the amped-up energies. Individuation time!!


the Seven Rays? Wow Robert, you’re deep… and deep with a capital D. E. E. P! and these new and full moon articles are so very interesting to read! Thank you for your time on these!

also couple more questions if I may…just trying to integrate this style -

RE: perhaps you can use the energy to regenerate….. and perfect your various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual “vehicles” to express exactly what you’re here to do

That’s so odd…I just read that for the first time,………. but over the weekend I had come to the decision that “perfecting my vehicles” should now be my first priority!

And RE: “This Venus “collection of Light” again activates the very strong favorable forming aspects from planets between 1-10 degrees of the Earth and Water signs. If you have anything in those degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces, you’re in for a very productive time of it!

Is this orb here extendable or flexible… give or take a degree? or is it solidly 1-10? … a planet in 5 scorpio (mars) with an ascendant in 11:45…so does the ASC get pulled in as well by the 5 scorpio planet as they’re natally conjunct?

RE: If you have anything within two degrees of 1 Leo/Aquarius, 7 Virgo/Pisces, 13 Libra/Aries, 19 Scorpio/Taurus, or 25 Sagittarius/Gemini, you’re in for some very favorable and gifted times and experiences during this Full Moon period.

Do both of these clauses include aspects to our progressed planets as well? such as the prog moon or sun?

Also, if any of the degrees are house cusps or other angles, will it activate the house or is this specific to planets only?

Again, just trying to get some footing here in regard to your process as it’s very intriguing and seems quite accurate as well :)


Hi christy - Yes, as I've noted, this is a rolling series of aspects that at various times will activate the first 3 degrees, then the 4-7 span, then the 8-10 span. The orb for one may not be in orb for the other, but the entire span will be activated at various points. So your Mars is triggered well before you Asc.

Yes those tredecile/quintile spans include progressions if you have one. I don't do aspects to house cusps. Even though some do, I have never found them very indicative of anything, since the house cusps vary with what system we use.


thanks Robert, for the insight!

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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