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Wonderful article my brother


“the end of the end before the beginning.”

Oh how appropriate. Let this truly be the "end of the end" for all those in the cantina looking to close a chapter in their life and seeking to open to something newer and better by the next new moon, which marks the Jewish new year.


Oh well, I have dear old Pluto bang on 29 Leo in the 5th. Even more upheaval probably! Still, if I think about it, upheaval is now normal! There's certainly a lot dropping away, like cliffs dissolving into the sea.


"Just too much writing each month, and I’m not sure how many actually care about some of the obscure, but important, astrological analytical tools I offer."

I cares!!! :P

"Should you lift the dirt and plant the seed
And watch them grow
Should you wet the ground with the sweat from your brow
And believe in your good work
Your good work
Your good work
Your good work"


Uranus in Aries hovering your natal Sun asked Sagars Waters to dedicate this song to you:


We care a lot about your detailed virgo astro analysis. You have a very distinct style that I think is much in demand in the over-esoterized astro world. Still its a good idea to make your articles more concise, as, indeed, sometimes they get too long. All the Rhudyar and Edmund Jones stuff you dont have to repeat all the time, people can find it all over the net. Though dont give up on your personal style of interpretation, thats the important one I think, even the bi-septile obscurity stuff, this is what makes your blog unique. Its the Leo month so be proud and come with the nu style much respect and love from berlin /another robbert


My leo sun in 29 degs venus is conjunct my natal Jupiter with my cappy ascendant at 6 degrees. This feels nice,and big and needed. That butterfly thing might finally happen at 44 on thursday lol!

Aquila Ka Hecate

I care about your analysis, Robert. There's 'way too much ignorance, instant gratification and know-nothing-ness rising in the world right now. Keep the intelligent, deep, exploratory flag flying!

Terri in Joburg


Robert, please don't shorten your insights to please one reader. I, for one look forward to every one. Everyone has the option of not reading something. Bev


Wonderful information Robert, and yes I understand from my own service that it does take a lot of work to provide so much information that not everyone needs, however some do and I have appreciated your efforts and hard work very much.

This full moon is bang on my nth node 29 Leo/ sth node 29 Aqua axis, Venus is tringing my Jupiter conjunct IC thus various good or easier aspects affecting natal Sun, MC, Sedna, Vertex and Chiron, whilste the Uranus/Pluto activity is affecting my merc and moon. The passion to be speaking up in a good and respectful manner, to acknowledge the hard unseen work of others while also acknowledging my own, to myself is so powerful yet the fear for the first time that I always allowed to block it or influence the outcome is almost not there if at all, faith is very strong as Saturn also approaches my Neptune in 1st house at 8' Scorpio.

Thus I truly and genuinely am acknowledging all your seen and unseen efforts to contribute to helping others understand, from your area,that such a humble man is unlikely to say out loud to others, knowing you do so with the intent of contributing to the possibilites of the good that lay ahead for us all, no ego fluffing, simple acknowledgement. Namaste


Robert, these writings are so important. They potentially pique the interests of the student--a point that professionals and students alike should note--and enhance even the learning foundations many of us professionals have only touched on, if that, through the years.

Don't sell yourself short. Keep it coming. Those who aren't interested simply lose out. Why diminish your work for those who either don't care or don't get it when so many do, my friend?

Keep writing.


Hi all - As you can see, I am still writing. It's just after almost 10 years, I find I need to write books, monographs, and folios on other material than this. In my opinion, there are much more important things in my brain than a lot of what I write here.

Also remember I have done this blog for free. Never charged a dime. I thought about creating special articles for subscription, but I am tired of writing so many pages each month. Just tired. I do appreciate the donations that have come in over the years, but they are relatively few compared to the quantity of material I publish. If I even got a buck a week from people who come here my life would be much different and I'd already have created an international center for the study of astrology and metaphysics.

I know everyone loves what I write, as this site averages about 13,000 unique visits each week. However, I have now come to the realization something has to give, since I have almost no personal time any more and writing hundreds of pages each year for no compensation is more of a burden than enjoyment. In the history of this blog I've done almost 2900 posts averaging about 2-3 pages each. And for many years I answered every comment, sometimes with a full page of explanation of what was being discussed. Right now there have been almost 24,000 comments.

To give you a sense of perspective, according to MS Word the total of the 3 New Moon articles was 18 pages the last few months, and the total of the 3 Full Moon articles were also 18 pages. To compose 18 pages every two weeks is an impossible writing load. There isn't one columnist in the world who could keep that up as long as I have. As it is, this Full Moon two-fer is 12-13 pages, which is still too long.

I'm about to change what can be accessed in the archives, since I have at least 10 volumes of material that could be used for research that I plan to pull from publication and make available for a small fee in the future. In the future I will continue to write, but some of it will not be published here. I will begin to write on specialized topics that will be used as class materials for webinars on those subjects of great importance to everyone who wants to know more about critical points in their future, such as long range Eclipse effects, Mars transits, chart interpretation techniques, and more.

So yes, I've been researching how to do classes via webinar for those students who want to know more about the analytical techniques I use. I will be offering the first webinar in the near future. I'll announce it on this site, and it will be limited initially to the first 20 who sign up. From there we'll figure out how to do others on topics of interest to those who want to know more about whatever. And on that note, even this comment is too long given my work load for today.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight as you have.

Some of the more technical stuff you write about is beyond me, but the richness and "feel" of what your write resonates much with me and I appreciate having being able to dip in here now and again over the last couple of years.

I wish you happiness, appreciation and satisfaction ~ may your rewards be plentiful ~ in your future endeavours.

Namaste _/|\_


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