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La Mer

Robert, I know that in 1854 following the conjunction @ 29-30 degrees of Aries (with transiting Uranus already leading Pluto in the sign of Taurus) millions of acres of land that was protected and honored and lived in by Puget Sound Native Tribes was stolen in a treaty. Next conjunction in Virgo during the late sixties (Viet Nam) brings us now to a coming together of inner truth-world truth about America I trust by 2015. Thank you for your fearless, artistic, music-loving blogging.


1493 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain and Leaves on 2nd voyage. , Maximilian I succeeds father and becomes Holy Roman Emperor. 1494 Portugal and Spain divide the world between themselves.1495 first english speaking medical college founded in England, 1st lnown batch or scotch whiskey recorded,1496 Leonardo Da Vinci unsuccessfuly tests flying machine,1497 Bonfire of the Vanities, Cornish rebellion in Britain and most importantly Catholic Monarchs issue ordinace of Medina Del Campo the Basis of modern currencies including the US Dollar 1499 Edward of York last of the HOuse of York executed, Swiss gain independence from Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian. So modern currency set up, Switzerland independant,
New world discovered and exploited by Columbus, Vasco De Gama, time of Leonardo Da Vinci . Repercussions felt to this day an earth shattering decade.

Priyanka Majumdar

as the horoscope says and what my life experience confirms so far, my major-est growth spurts are through relationships. last year i was in a very brief but life-changing relationship (we met on facebook first) that opened up my awareness at different levels. its first phase ended around nov, and in dec (my birth month) i suddenly found myself super-interested in astrology, hence horoscopes, sun signs, tarot and such like. this got me to the realisation that i might be born in one sun sign but that's not a monolith, there are layers of other signs influencing my sun sign.

letting go began and this relationship finally got over in march this year. overlapping, in dec, suddenly someone began interacting with me on facebook. he's born in the late 1960s, i'm early 1980's born. he says he loves me. right now, i have just decided to surrender to what's happening. all i can see is things are moving fast while seeming non-moving, and there are huge disruptions leading to new stuff at different levels.

i came to this site on a particular occasion when most astrology related sites were giving warning bells about a certain cosmic happening (i forgot which). yours gave a balanced pic. the long-term and rounded view of things - including art and this and that here, is very deep and open. so, thank you for all this.

Priyanka Majumdar

the funny part is, through the previous partner, got aware of different levels of awareness. and also the power of flow and how amazing it is. and now, with this person, born late 1960s, he's very scientific and rational and absolutely pooh pooh's anything on the astrology front, as irrational. h'e born on the aries-taurus cusp. i am sun sign sag, jupiter scorpio, and the previous partner, who was my soul partner, is a capri-aqua cusp.

the common factor between all three of us - is intuition :). the previous partner showed how communication could be all the more powerful, for not being through words or material media. he smokes up a lot, and i just began smoking up a bit, out of curiosity. he's always been telling me to be a bit aware of surveillance and stuff, when communicating online.

the new person, whom i have not met so far (he stays in the US and i am in india)is also very intuitive and communicates without words, but does not believe such communication is possible. :D (incidentally, he sent me a book called 'gospel of anarchy'.) also, he's very very curious about trance and flow. so though he's not open to notions like astrology, sacred healing etc.(infact he does not believe in soul), i can communicate with him intuitively a lot, though of course there are blocks cos some deep beliefs don't sync. he's quite political, and i am pretty apolitical :) so these are all interesting places to dance with. if i tell him i'm with flow, he translates it as being too passive. (just wanted to share some of my story.)

also, i love how so many different happenings in the same period in different parts of the world, come together in this article.


i commented on your last Uranus post and it didn't come over for some reason. i like when you write about the history of transits in astrology. it's wonderful to compare notes. King John was my ancestor... now i await the changes you are hinting at. i'm a Cancer with Uranus in Cancer and things are pretty quiet. must be the eye of the storm. thanks for a fascinating article! namaste! :)


"When the Transpersonal Individualizer grinds up against the Transpersonal Transformer, we have two extraordinarily powerful spiritual forces working at cross currents to each other."

From where I stand, these two forces work TOGETHER to bring about certain results. They are not working "at cross currents." The seed will forever just stay a seed, unless it germinates to become a tree. The forces (moisture, the sun, humidity, etc.) that allow this to happen are working in concert (not at cross currents) with nature and that which it is organically destined to do, or has the (if you prefer) potential to do. Of course, the friction, heat, etc. may appear to be inharmonious or unwelcome from a homeostasis point of view, but from a larger perspective, they are exactly what the doctor ordered.


Hi manitoo - While I agree with you in principle that none of the "outer Invisibles" work apart from each other, that's a tough sell to someone dealing with devastation.

I have also found that there are cross currents in Nature. Literally. It's what creates extreme weather phenomena. Cross currents create tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and firestorms. That's also a part of our deal. Uranus square Pluto is more apt to wipe out a region than sprout seeds.

While I'm all for a revolutionary, individualizing new Age to "square" ie, "challenge," "put the brakes on," or "turn a corner into a rough new environment" for those coercive, corrosive Pluto in Capricorn toxic systemic structures going through widespread "breakdown and breakthrough," it's still a tough sell to those who have lost everything, and are starving and/or dying in the streets, or seeing their children starve or die, or those in the Pacific facing the possibility that Fuku will wipe out their lives in the future. We did not need Fuku to know it was a disaster waiting to happen. And it sure doesn't seem that those in power care that it's getting worse. This criminal neglect is at cross currents to life on Earth. And TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

If the Earth shifts its axis, while it may conform to its larger evolutionary pattern, a lot of life will be wiped out. And that's not something to feel good about, even if we must accept and find peace in the fact that we have no ability to change that whatsoever.

Since I do not believe we "have to go through hell to get to heaven," nor do I believe that human suffering is necessarily a good thing, it would seem that widespread devastation is at cross purposes to the ultimate aim of humanity to lessen suffering however appropriate. We certainly can practice compassion without needing a disaster to bring it forth. And I would never minimize another's suffering by pointing out that somehow a catastrophic event somehow was perfect for what they need.

That's why I don't take a lofty view of configurations that accompany disaster after disaster.


Uranus Square Pluto is manifesting in the unprecedented nuclear accident at Fukushima Japan.

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