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When you say persistence has it rewards....
What rewards?
I've been slogging away day after day and month after month and nothing changes.
The changes only ever seem to be in a negative way and never in a good way no matter how PollyAnna I attempt to be.
Is there ANY good news on the horizon at all?


Hi Mlmcinnis - Just remember the wisdom in the old phrase, "Search alone is not enough. Those who search in the wrong place for what cannot be found there are sure to be frustrated." We who have tried to teach pigs to sing understand this.

When things are not working, either we're in the right place doing whatever the wrong way, or we're in the wrong place, whether physical, psychological, or both. When we've cared for the ground but getting no crop, then find out why, and if necessary, fold your tents and dance on down the road with a good attitude. It does no good to get angry when the ground is just too salty to grow crops. Being frustrated won't make the ground less salty.

Life is about learning new things, maintaining integrity and a sense of humor, not making assumptions or taking things personally (even when they are), taking nothing for granted, and doing our best even when we don't feel like it. Life can be painful, but we do not have to suffer. And we do have to break the link between pain and suffering, or we will suffer as a function of life's inevitable pains.

Search in new ways for new things. If the changes "only ever seem to be in a negative and never in a good way no matter...." then you obviously need to do something new at this time in your life. The good news is that all of us, at any point in life, can open to the signals from Spirit, and when we get a clear one (which ALWAYS happens when we sincerely ask) then we must move in that direction with gratitude and resolve.

I have never encouraged a "Polyanna" view of life. Life is rough, tough, starts in contractions and heaving and pain, and then we come out into a very bright, cold, harsh world where we feel separate in a world of fearful people. We get tough or we die a thousand times in a thousand ways. The trick is to keep our human-ness, our compassion, our sense of humor, and our sense of gratitude while we're getting disappointed and disillusioned. It all hinges on seeing the patterns that are unfulfilling, and move in new directions in actions, feelings, and thoughts.

More good news comes from the fact that you have the power and free will to embrace a newer, better way, with a different view of what you're here to do and BE as an Eternal having human experiences. Since the destiny of the Soul is to explore and quest, learning and experiencing forever in an infinite Universe, then open to realizing what you need to realize, and then follow those promptings from Spirit into new knowledge and skills. Doors will open you could never have imagined before then.


this 'comment' should be elevated to a post...awesome. i feel exhausted most of the time with the same old shit...but then I see a bit of light through a crack, a wonder in the natural world, most often, and i can refresh and go on. praying for a shower of blessing on those who are in the grey!!!

Marie Aunio

Thank you for the words of wisdom. They hit home. Patience...of special note I'd like to share with those on the Path is the book "My Big TOE" (Theory of Everything) is a brilliant, spiritual, loving conversation and exposition that ties metaphysics, quantum physics and has made practicing patience and not taking things personally much more natural, more spontaneous. The only clue that it is relatively 'easy' is seeing how those around me are losing it. I know I would be in a way more hotter mess if not for Thomas Campbell's masterful work of a book...Thank you, Sir Robert, for being the space of wisdom, love and gratitude...Infinite blessings to you...<3


Being born with Saturn conjunct North Node means I am freaking used to this energy. (sighs) Even though I *could* move quicker, I've been more drawn to laying a strong foundation, brick by brick. And have found that trying to rush into things without stopping to read the fine print or being cautious tends backfire with a gusto. But on the upside, authority figures tend to be quite lucky if you stop long enough to pay attention to the advice they are giving --implied or explicit. This energy is slightly nicer with the Venus conjunct but with all three bodies in Scorpio, I can only glean that a lot of what is transpiring is far beneath the surface of life's niceties and will surely show its face in time. A strong, steady beautiful rosebush. And lots of thorns to be trimmed. Hence Saturn in Scorpio style :)


honestly i don't feel that sludgy or stuck this week, just more relaxed. last week i had a humanitarian concern with a neighbor that seemed to be unmovable but it has worked itself out due to the greater universal forces. i'm actually very patient and calm in spite of things- must be my maturity kicking in. i have fixed signs on the angles, Aquarius rising. Venus is conjunct my Saturn in Scorpio and Mars just crossed my Venus in Leo. thank you for another interesting article! namaste :)


Robert, your reponse to Mlmcinnis was wonderful. It really resonated with me. I love reading your wonderful words; wish I understood more about the planets, etc. but look forward to seeing you out here. Bev


Thank you so much for illuminating this sludgy challenging time so succinctly and framing my exact experiences threefold. Holding on, staying centered, constantly revisiting focus, purpose, spiritual path for centering ... my mantra is "don't push the river" while the swirling currents impede progress - I am the rock, the fish, the caught up leaf piles ... the glint of light, the shadows, the rooted tree. I will revisit these words again and again for solace and guidance.


Lock step . . . that seems to be about right.


"this 'comment' should be elevated to a post...awesome." [gale]

I agree...!
Thank you for your comforting words Robert, which have certainly made me think, and feel a whole lot better today. Let's hope these sludgy times shift on sooner rather than later! I am feeling exactly everything you describe in your article; I am in a merry sludge dance with my next employer waiting to start work, and every week I say "I will start work next Monday!" and ...another week goes by. Certainly had moments of feeling like pulling my hair out or losing my temper with a frustrating process of bureaucrazy! (Had my interview on the 6th of August) Really hoping this energy shifts soon for everyone...!:-)


The last time I heard painstaking struggle about time was from a writer during the saturn uranus opposition. Would the triseptile between those two be twerking the perception of time.

Am also thinking about jupiter being in the zone of its upcoming retrograde where it will square uranus and oppose pluto. Speed is measured by distance (jupiter) and time (saturn).

But that doesn't explain the energy force needed to do work or move objects. And I suppose that would fall in mars domain.


My understanding of this article and thus, the present time goes along the lines of this:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own"

I believe a well known historical figure that leads one of the most successful religions in the world said that.


Good post and your feedback made it even more clear. ...All cannot understand by brain.

I have felt even love in past weeks. Clumsy, no even good planned, who knows how weak.
...But I have also played more piano. That is a good sign - good enough.


Thank you as always for your wise words. We Texicans know the story of the two vultures sitting on a power line in the desert of West Texas. After sitting there for three days with nothing to eat or drink, finally one vulture looks at the other one and says-"Patience my ass, I'm going to kill something!"


Thank you Robert.

I have been feeling rather sluggish :-) for the past couple of days myself and what I have been doing during this slow period is watching tons of movies on Netflix online, mostly Masterpiece Theater films :-) Things like Great Expectations by Charles Dickens etc. and I am really enjoying it.

Last night around sunset I looked out my study window and there was a big and long slug moving her way up my window :-)

I immediately knew that this was a sign and I looked up what slug totem medicine means. It is very similar to what you shared in this article and resonated very much with me:


Slug teaches to smoothly move in your surroundings. She shows the art of pacing oneself and focusing on the goal along with determination, strength and persistence. She shows how to move in a slow and steady pace by grounding in attitudes and principles all the while taking small steps toward the goal. Slug teaches the power of letting go of what is not needed. Letting go of harmful thoughts, ideals and emotions, this is how to move forward! It is time to "leave it behind." She also teaches navigational abilities and agility in the dark, unknown and all that is hidden with confidence. Heightened sensitivity to vibrations, the ability to see with clarity and the tactics of reservation and withdrawal when needed. Slug will show when to move and times to rest. There is great power in this timing. Pay attention to your perceptions and senses along with your dreams for they will aid you in the direction you should be going. Slow down and enjoy the moment.''

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