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Dear Robert, for the benefit of those of us who are feeling cloudy or clueless, please give us a relevant example of an opportunity to "reverse magnetism " and
how to do so. With gratitude, as always.


Hi all - As I just posted over at FB, I got an interesting image for this which I'll expand on here.

I saw Venus dancing darkly, with intensity, precision, and elegance, with an older person who instinctively knows the moves. This is where passion meets discipline. This is where the intense "urge to merge" meets that which is mature, structured, experienced, and understands. You want to feel deeply? Welcome to a very deep feeling connection within and without.

stacie jaye

wondering how long venus will be in scorpio?


Hi Robert - my ascendant is at 9 scorpio. I'm wondering if that makes this more significant for my "new year cycle of activity," mentioned above? Any idea what this could mean for me?

Thank you~

Aquila Ka Hecate

I'm getting an image of Jung's "Elijah" and "Salome".
Terri in Joburg


Venus/Saturn/Nth Node all conjunct on natal neptune in 1st hmmm interesting.. in fact the song that keeps coming to mind is "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins which I realise was supposed to be about accountability due to the negative and yet when saturn at play Karma is involved which also has the extreme good potential, I have a feeling this is the moment I have waited for and worked for all my life, one way or another, all will be revealed and all held accountable in my little piece of the world, hoping and having faith, I have done the word well.


G'day Robert,

"This will intensify the life areas with Taurus and Libra on the cusp."

Say, one was to have Taurus intercepted in the 5th house and consequently with scorpio in the 11th? How would this upcoming venus conjunct saturn pan out in someone with this config in the natal chart?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Magenta - Thought of an answer, and it turned into today's article. Enjoy!

Hi Stacie Jaye - Easily found in any ephemeris. Oct. 7. By then Mercury will have been in Scorpio for just over a week.

Hi L - Your life has begun to change radically and relentlessly for the long haul since last October. This is restructuring your authorship of who you are and how your experience can serve your purpose of being on Earth. Consider this a "learning rigor" where you are coming to some form of personal power based in your maturity. This ends whatever began back in the early 80s. "You're not a kid any more...."

Hi Aquila Ka Hecate - I had to go search. Thanks for the analogy, which seems perfect. "The Wise Old Man" and the anima.

Hi Debbie - Just heard the song yesterday on the radio. Something does seem to "be in the air." While we all have a lot to go through, the dawn will begin to break about 2300 days down the road.

Hi RodJM - Intercepted signs mean that though we view those house affairs through the sign on the cusp, we still have all the next sign plus part of the sign beyond that which is intercepted in that house. Very wide span of experience, since it must be somewhat beyond 30 degrees.

This transit implies that the non-obvious (intercepted) Scorpio energy of your 11th will intensify. You still have Venus, Saturn, and NN conjunct in Scorpio in your 11th regardless of its interception. And with Libra on the 11th cusp it makes the Scorpio quality of that house more obvious each time Venus transits Scorpio.


Scorpio is completely contained in my sixth house. Saturn/venus/north node have formed a sextile to my natal venus in virgo 10 degree's, in my 4th house.
I just started a new job which appears to be a dream job I have worked to secure for years, as a special education teacher teaching gifted students. How can I best use this energy combined with the full moon on my 4th/10th house axis to ensure my new career direction stays on sure footing?


Hi James - Well, why not consider what's happening as a clear signal you're on the right track? I would think your career IS "on sure footing." I've always felt that showing up, doing your best, having a sense of humor and detachment while being a team player ensures good working situations. Also clearly separating the professional life from the personal in every way possible. That way there are no "misunderstandings."

As a formerly "gifted kid" way back when, I always appreciated it when teachers pointed me in the right direction, recommended books for me to read to become more knowledgeable about a subject I was interested in, and encouraged me to explore different views when I had questions. They explained the best they were able while still encouraging me to investigate further.

I believe that cultivating critical thinking skills is the best we can do for the young, along with teaching them a sense of "cooperative competition." Then the eternal urge of the Soul to investigate, discover, learn, and continue learning is set as a pattern, and in teams we learn that the whole is usually greater than the sum of the parts.

In that sense, learning is more important than knowing. While knowing may confirm learning, learning opens doors while knowing usually closes them, at least until the next learning door is opened.


Goody. Venus + Saturn on my Jupiter. I'm hoping for some Venusian-kissed blessing for having done my Saturn on my Jupiter work over the past year. I certainly have earned it.


Robert - Your response to me really reasonates. The course of my life altered forever in the early 80's when I was just a teen. I've spent my entire life trying to recover, in private - as scorpio's do. I am a different person today and am surprising myself. So much so that I recently said to my father (as a female I'm sorry if this sounds vulgar) "I've grown a set of balls and I have no idea where they came from?!," His response, "It's about time!"

Blessings to you Robert~


Thats very profound of you Robert to bring to my attention the obvious fact that the experience in those house areas of life is very wide, in the case of my individual natal chart, its 38 degrees in those houses. This goes to some extent, explaining why my karmic destiny in this life put me into this position of time in history and country of birth... lots of food for thought... especially with the ruler of the south node also retrograde in the 5th house and the ruler of the north node in the 11th.. I can't help getting deep on this stuff, its always rummaging around in my subconscious...
Thanks Robert, I never tire of reading your articles.. keep up the excellent work!


Hi James just wanted to say I agree with Robert, I have a 155 IQ and gifted in music too and definitely lateral and enriched thinking was the best help for me to not succumb to some of the "pitfalls" about being gifted or higher IQ which actually can be as much of a hindrence as a help in life. Encouragement of understanding rather than simply knowledge, imagination rather than just practicality and encouragement to feel as well as think, as colourfully as appropriate etc. One thing I have found through experiences is that a lot of gifted children especially if its IQ lack what used to be known as "common sense" now adays its possibly best called "rare sense" but thata another story lol, but what is sensed is often blocked by mental logic and although quite capable of unravelling the most complex problem the simple things are often missed or ignored as unimportant, so yep hope that helps, we need our young to flourish well now, what a privilege for you to be given a reward for your hard work! Hope it goes well :)

Aquila Ka Hecate

Hi Debbie,
I was beginning to think that You were Me - that Saturn/Venus/Nth node is also conjuncting my natal Neptune in the 1st House.

But then I read your next post. While I, too have a really high recorded IQ, I'm not at all gifted musically - I nearly got thrown out of music class for not being able to hold a note.

So, phew...while we are, in fact, all each other in truth, at least I know that you're not my exact dopppleganger!

Terri in Joburg


With that Sa/No/Ve conjunction falling smack on my Scorpio Mars at 9 degrees in the 11th house, I'm so looking forward to it!

And to top the beauty of celestial timing off, Mars conjoins my 8th house Leo Sun and the progressed Moon my Node at the same time. Defining times indeed!


Robert and Debbie, I feel this new position is a culmination of many years of hard work and learning. I have 2 Master degree's, 8 teaching certifications, and had 4 career field's in 17 years of Military Service, but my favorite job was as a lifeguard on the beach patrol(5 years). All that thinking! I feel especially lucky with neptune perusing my 10th for the last several years. This op just seemed to open up for me, actually quite amazing, as for the last 8 years I taught Learning Support Special Ed in a horrible inner city school where tha average reading level of a non-SPED student in 9th grade was 4th grade. I was stabbed there with permanent damage to my arm, and had my shoulder torn all the way around protecting myself from a different anslaught. I finally have a chance to inspire and, as Masefield wrote, "urge to heights as yet unguessed." I even have a non-proffit tree project in mind, connecting all the beaurocratic dots which will apease environmentalists, Agenda 21 corporalists, the actual environment, and can meet and/or exceed sustainability for wetlands in the future; and it even includes particulars for Federal liscensure. How's that for a guy with mars conjunct virgo in Virgo/4th house? I also have mercury conjunct uranus in the fourth house, but in Leo. (I have a gemini ascendant, so capturing the thoughts before they are replaced with new inspiration, is the challenge). After struggling throught blind faith for decades, I feel I have finally arrived. The world is my oyster, I must be the grain of sand!

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