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Although an astrology novice, I have been reading your writings for about six years I guess. Although you state that no eclipse is bad in itself, and there is nothing to fear, and although I believe what you write, I have to disagree. I barely made it through the 2001 eclipse trifecta! By the middle of July, I lost my job, my wife, my cat, all my belongings, been blamed by my children for the divorce and they don't speak with me anymore, and became homeless, of which I still am. I haven't had a shower or slept in a bed for two years. Don't fear an eclipse? I'm petrified! Just the name gives me the heebie jeebies, lol.

Believe me, I'm grateful though, as one thing I learned in life many years ago, things can always get worse. Finding work at 58 in this economy that pays the money I used to make is next to impossible. In the grand scheme of things, I have got it pretty easy, as there are always others with issues that would make my problems look like a walk in the park. But then you say that we will feel the effects of the 2011 eclipse extravaganza for a few more years to come! Really?!?!

I trust in your expertise, but for the love of God, some good news would be nice once in a while. It seems as though that astrology is a lot like the nightly news. All bad! I rarely read any positive effects of all that is going in this world called atrology.

But, as not a quitter, I'm holding on to hear something good. Funny, I always said that the human being could withstand a great deal, it's amazing, but only if they are thrown a bone once in a while. A little good goes a long way. Here's hoping!!


Hi Norm - Even though some Eclipses in the past symbolized events that took away everything I ever held dear or real, I got to fill the void with new life material. Endings are tough, but life is about endings. Nothing ends that continues to be real for us. Eclipses only remove what we can no longer hang on to. And the Summer 2011 Eclipse has already run its race. More recent ones are now in play.

To note, this one will be excellent due to a plethora of great aspects. You should have more than one bone thrown your way over the next few months that should prove satisfying. And if the old skills don't land you a job, then I suppose it's time to cultivate some new ones that will take care of your wallet and heart as they develop. This is a time to let go of some old ideas so we can regenerate appropriately.

Aquila Ka Hecate

Hey Norm,
I've been to the place where you are. I'm still here, but not there. :)

This solar eclipse is happening within 3 degrees of both my Sun and Ascendant, but I welcome it. I dreamed last night that I died, and felt my soul flee away...then I awoke.

This dream could be a fore runner for this eclipse - and I still don't fear it.
From where you are now, you can transform your very soul, please believe me.

Terri in Joburg


I am really looking forward to the beauty that will be revealed by change. I am a little scared, however I am grateful for everything. I trust in the heavens and I feel at peace with the dualities that often grate us. I am practicing humility, love, and holding true to sovereign truth. I know it won't be easy, I know I can be fooled, but I will do my best. I feel I am practicing putting one foot in front of the other and it will go off without a hitch.

Chickie Farella

Ur Highness,

If a Taurus sun has Aries as house 5 with the natal Aries moon at 26 degrees plus an eclipse that day...what can one expect? They have no planets in house 11 other than the transiting sun of course


Hi Robert,
Could you please give me some much needed guidance? I've been following you for years & I've always wanted to talk with you. I've never felt so broken in my adult years, as on this weekend, so I reach out to you now.
My spouse of 11 years, has left me this weekend. It was Thanksgiving, here in Canada. My family lives too far away, I'm all alone, & I don't know how to start picking up the pieces. I know time has a way of healing, & I'm still very raw, I just don't know where to focus at this time. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


This eclipse falls right on my south node venus conjunction on the cusp of 8th house, don't know what direction to follow or what to expect. Although i try to "reverse magnetism" and focus on what my heart truly wants, nowadays it seems i'm constantly getting across people, in the most variable scenarios, who are constantly dishonest and overbearing, spiritually unaware and with total lack of kindness or compassion. But in the present, more than ever these are actually are the ones who get way in all situations, in the face of everybody. Fear seems to dominate the other people and situations and i feel i'm the only person seeing it and speaking out, for no results of course. On a macro scale, here in Europe mostly, we have the same with bad politicians, an enormous crisis that rewards only the corrupt behind big companies and its interests. Don't know what scorpio in saturn will be all about in the end, but when will this stop? Right now what i get is that power (or what in the end prevails) is incompetence and abuse... When will it be time for the good?


hmmm so this is conjunct my asc/dec axis, asc 26Libra/26Aries,so it may shut down...the mind boggles actually ???


homeless and jobless 2 years here too Norm after a diabolical time since the eclipse of Aug 99, there's a lot of good folk out on the societal rubbish dump, dont give up you are in good company, we all deserve a break so lets all do it alone, together. I know I deserve better and the whole damn structure I had built my life on before had to go first, time to build a new, I am 52 and its daunting, there is always hope and a few miracles would be very welcome. Hope this sees a good turn around for you!


This eclipse is in my twelfth house... Any advice?

Diane S

As the Dead line goes...what a long strange trip its been! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd go thru and survive the things I have in the last 8 or so years. Gain thru loss is tremendous Soul growth. And it surely does pave the way for newer, better ways of doing our Being! Hang in there everyone, we CAN do this! We signed up to be here at this particular time on our dear planet Earth.


your Eloquence brings Grace through your updates! love and blessings dear Friend :)


Thank you Robert.
The focus was always, the self.
Your few posts since, were enlightening as usual. You speak to me every time you write.
I look forward to the adventure in front of me now. Change is always so much easier, when one embraces it.
I do hope to get a chance to speak to you soon.


Reading these posts have made my heart hurt. I hear the dates and the story's, remember them well. I understand what it is like to spend your life working for those you love and to loose it all by those very same people. It is easy to say to people who have lost the jobs/home/friends pull it together and get new skills-dumb-up. There are some brilliant people that are homeless with hearts of gold but they lost their value and self-worth. That is very hard to get back while you are among the homeless. Will pray for you Norm, you might want to give the 35th Psalm a shot (read 3x;s daily back to back), very empowering. Sorry Robert, don't mean to preach on one of the greatest Astrology sites on the net. You are the greatest, love your work..


Robert, thank you and I want to say thank you also to all that have responded to my post. It was not my intention to look for sympathy but the responses have been heart warming and emotional to say the least. You look for answers sometimes to make some sense of things, anywhere, and have always enjoyed your writing. So I look to your articles and others to see something that I haven't seen or considered before to try and understand, and comprehend.

The word "eclipse" just doesn't sit well with me. And I read so many of your articles with a reference to the 2011 eclipse's still. I know you said an eclipse is not really a bad thing, and maybe not and just life correcting something things out of balance, and hope you are right. Hopefully! Again, my sincerest thanks to you and all who have commented. God Bless You!

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