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This one am really feeling is going to be a big one for me and tres important!!! It conjuncts almost exactly my IC, and my natal venus is in Scorpio at 14 d! I also have the progressed moon In Scorpio at 11 d!!! This SE also has Mars in Virgo at 11 d and thats really close to my natal Mars!!! I do have one question for you Robert! Should I look at my relocated chart as well?


Hi Micheline - It should be a good one, all things considered. And since you mentioned it, I NEVER do "relocation" charts since they assume we can be born other than where we were. I use geodetic equivalents and charts for nations, states, and cities, but do not accept the premise of astrocartography, having studied it for decades. When someone demonstrates how its assumptions work without another astrological factor also explaining what's happening then I will dialog.


Happy Diwali, all. Thanks, Robert for including mention of this day celebrating the ever-victorious Light. I have noticed many interesting parallels between Hindu holidays and Jewish ones, and loved that you made the link too. Ageless wisdom knows no boundaries.

This eclipse is conjunct my natal uranus in the 1st. A closing down of an old self-expression and an ushering in of a new one, I suppose. Looking forward to its unfolding. I've noticed how much the emphasis in Scorpio is bringing up unaddressed grief.

May the Light shine forth purely in all our hearts!


Thank you Robert, this resonates very well, even to the point of revealing to myself a couple of good ways I may use my coming Saturn in first house opposing my natal Venus in 7th at 15 Scorpio/Taurus, especially as I found the courage to end an abusive marriage when he conjuncted Venus and had to work hard on myself to uphold my values and have faith in my healing understandings to help myself and my children through life threatening situations, often as a result of others not honouring their own responsibiities or even deliberately trying to destroy me using my love and gratitude for the blesssing of my children and distinguishing, ethically without attacking or blaming, simply facing the fears within me that were fueling the situations when the square occured. I have to be honest from those past experiences even though I have done my best to work with Lord Saturn's and Divine Mother's constant bombarding my chart, I was honest with myself that I had an underlying fear of this coming opposition and have been searching and re-searchng (thanks to merc rx)to find hope to support my faith especially with these other challenges affecting us all, and the light bulb has gone on, not once but 3xs with what you have written here, I also sense "the power" flowing much more freely through your own words in your current writings, which I am acknowledging.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Debbie xxx


PS love Joni Mitchell, off to listen to "I really dont know love at all", even if it does always trigger tears :)


Hi Shekinah - Ultimately, we all should be celebrating our connection with the Divine every day but who's counting? Out with the old Uranus, in with the new!!

Hi debbie - You're most welcome. Bet you like this!


Robert, most delighted to hear that per certain Eclipse energies, Wise Ones are, by definition, quick to learn from mistaken experiments and that, by definition, Wise learnings translate immediately and directly into the shutting down of certain unwanted Scorpionic influences (e.g., energetic drains and hangers-on). As you say, indeed, this is the Season wherein communities hold members accountable for growing up instead of skulking around and behaving wistfully and impatiently. To get real instead of continuing to act as if. To wit, if the proverbial 8-Ball has already rendered an unmitigated NO for an answer, the most fixed and fixated among us are just spooling some seriously negative Karma for themselves by attempting to change the answer by using subversive means (Some things never change). Am loathe to use the word 'should', but some, by Now, should know better. May this date, on all levels, signify the threshold of a once-and-for-all-Time, turn-the-page, New Year. I think this is the happiest I've ever been to hear the words, "shut it down."


Thanks Robert. The eclipse hits the cusp of my 12 house, to the degree, and I'm having my Jupiter return. Cleaning out the unconscious in preparation of the good things to come! My dream life has been incredibly active lately - have Neptune at 25 Scorpio.


Yeshe, NepSCO@26 here. Imagine a certain cohort w/in a range (arc in either direction) of this SCO Rx may be having an especially active dreamscape. Anyone else? Tho some mornings, zero recall; others, several pgs worth of dream journaling w/illustrations. Not to mention, the veil is rather thin. The impressions/ethereal reverb can seem to linger for days, until it runs (a more or less) natural course. As you mention, Sweepy Sweepy. And so it is. Just read something profound tonight about the threshold of old/new. Most resonant this year. :)


Hi zm, happening in my 12th. So yes, dreams. Sometimes really odd vivid imagery that does not seem to make sense. Like me on harley for one example. Like whadup with that? LOL. I usually don't get too caught up in the actual dream, like erase, and then pay attention to what comes to mind for me. That's where I find the meat.

But the re-occuring feeling when I awoke this week is that two things were coming together. I sorta get that but it's kind of like what Robert wrote in his article on Astrological Aspects-The Septile Series back in 2005: 'Any planet septiling, biseptiling, or triseptiling any other planet has hit a fork in the road of that process, a point where reason and rationality may not serve your ability to choose.' The change seems to be coming from something other than reasoning and rationality. It's in those kind of dreams (which never seem quite right, as that is the nature of dreams) where I get a sense of the change happening on some level.


Thanks Robert for anwering my Q!!! Actually, your Right. I don't see how relocating my chart is all that important anyway! The Natal Chart, progressed chart and Solar yearly charts are good enough for me!!!

Jason Powers

Always great stuff Robert. I ready you nearly every day. Just not posting as much...

Happy Halloween. The 2013 year is nearly out...Take Care.


wow ok... I just need to get my head around something new to me from this post. Excuse my lack of astrological understanding but does this mean that if I am located in Perth, people with planets or ascendants around 9* Gemini will feel the effects of this eclipse? even though it is happening at 11* Scorpio? and if so, how do you calculate that?

Animesh Banerji

Hi Robert, being an Indian and a Hindu, I really admire your knowledge about the Hindu festivals, rituals and overall vedic spirituality. I have been reading your posts for many years now but this time, I felt compelled to comment. The way you mention vedic spiritual terms really strikes a chord somewhere in me. Thank you so much for sharing the light with all. Regards, Animesh Banerji


Wonderful article! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to find which house this solar eclipse falls under. Do I look for the house that my moon is in since it's an eclipse or is it the house that my sun falls in because it's a solar eclipse? I'm confused. Thanks for any help.

Robert  Gavrel

I had Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse occur on my Birthday November 3. What does if anything does this mean for me?

Glenda Selonke

My astro book says 11 degrees Scorpio. It was sextile my natal Jupiter
. I am not. doing well, however


Hi zm - It sounds like you're already hip deep in the energies! This is truly the time to shed magnetic patterns that would generate negative karmas in the future while holding voids so they're filled appropriately. Those with Neptune in late Scorpio will no doubt have "dreams come true" or see how what they used to hold as fashionable may not fit their lives any more.

Hi Yeshe - Yes, this will clean out some old ambitions, old motives, and old ways of viewing "the movie of your life." Jupiter returns can be great for re-setting the dream, vision, and adventure!

Hi caliban - Lots of clearing out, clearing up, and different perspectives on old desires and stuck emotions. You on a Harley! Now that's power! And it may not be rational, but it still symbolizes freedom and a big presence.

Hi Micheline - Well, I believe much is seen in the natal, progressed, and transits. Where to go (to me) is a function of that town/state/country's chart and how these relate to our own. To note, the state with its Sun on my North Node was always difficult for me, while the state with its Sun on my South Node was very good to me and for me.

Hi Jason - Glad you checked in, and glad to see you seem to be doing well. See you 'round the parts.....

Hi Krystie - It means that Perth as a place will experience the Eclipse effects in a Gemini way, with the planetary positions in that chart indicative of how the Eclipse will work out for Perth. Those with anything near 6-12 Gemini will feel it most acutely. While it's happening at 11+ degrees of Scorpio (= 12 Scorpio by Sabian Symbol), that's where the Lunation is, not what's on the Asc wherever it's happening. It could be that if you're in Perth, wherever 9 Gemini falls in your chart will be the specific focus of what is shut down for you as a result of you being in Perth, while wherever 12 Scorpio falls in your chart is the specific focus of what is shut down for you in general.

Hi Animesh Banerji - Thanks for your praise of the site. Namaskarams!

Hi Ally - You look to the house where 12 Scorpio would fall. It has nothing directly to do with your natal Moon or Sun.

Hi Robert Gavrel - I mentioned what a Solar Eclipse led to when it conjuncted my Sun in an article linked within this article: - It definitely means a huge part of your previous life will end over the next 40 months, specifically regarding the house your Sun occupies in your chart. Obviously it means many, many more things, but that's beyond the scope of a comment stream. In a session, covering that alone could take an hour or more.

Hi Glenda - Your book is rounding down. It happened at 11 degrees, 15 minutes Scorpio = 12 Scorpio by Sabian Symbol. No astrological event immediately translates into "doing well" or "not doing well." Much that presents itself in the present to any of us is related to past Eclipses, conjunctions, Lunations, stationary points, and other factors in the chart. To note, our inner state is more a function of progressions than transits.

Everything in your life has been a sequence of unfolding steps up to now. You made choices at crucial forks in the road that led you to here. We are always dealing with consequences of past and present actions and inactions, and our present actions and inactions will inevitably lead us to future consequences. Must not we then be mindful of our choices?

To note, there are many who at present "are not doing well." Some of that comes from realizing what they MUST let go of, or how they've attracted something or someone who is really no good for them, or who must leave their lives. In my own case, I've recently had a significant death in my family. I'm only doing well because I know how to live in the "death zone" without copping an unhelpful attitude. Some are going through frustrating circumstances, but how well they're doing or not really has less to do with outer circumstances and more to do with the strength, depth, and breadth of spiritual understanding they've cultivated up to now.

If you want "to do well," what would that look like in your inner landscape? It may be as easy as changing the imagery of your subconscious mind, your expectations, and your mental assumptions. Or it may be that you are shedding a skin you don't want to shed. But regardless of the cause, one thing is true: life is painful, but we do not have to suffer. Breaking the link between pain and suffering is one of the greatest works we humans can do, whether for self or for others. And it can't be done with happy talk or in superficial ways. But the result is worth the effort.

Kathy Hamilton

I'm grateful for the information you are providing. Last month's solar eclipse conjunct end my natal mars/progressed moon/3rd Pluto/12th square at 12 Scorpio. Today's new moon conjunct s my south node at 12 Sag. My speech is being whittled to a bone. Sending the rest of this message telepathically.


Hi, want to ask wat is the effect of this eclipse on my charts?
My date of birth is 8-2-86... I have little knowledge of astrology so please elaborate in general

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