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Ever since a full-on spiritual awakening that came from an encounter with an unrealized love last Saturday, I have been searching everywhere for answers. This explanation is helping me to heal, integrate, and move to a higher level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this knowledge and blessing.

Kate Minogianni

What can I say? During the last few days I have come across subjects that i would like to use in my practice as I have outgrown the need to abide by conventional psychology. I have found energy psychological healing on the one hand, and past life regression on the other. My studying and applying on myself, I have been fascinated by both. By reading your article, I think that you have written it to fit my experience, or that my experience fits your article? what way is it? :)


Hi Shelley - Glad this helps you understand what's being navigated and why. And of course, healing and integration and moving to higher levels is always a very good thing!! Of course you are most welcome.

Hi Kate - Just glad to be able to call it as I see it, and that your life and ongoing realization process is in tune with the larger pulse.

A little history: I bailed on a MA in Counseling Psych in 1972 since I couldn't see straightjacketing myself in someone else's rules that made no sense and clearly indicated a game was being played. That's how Professor Robert came to be who he is today.

I am cautious about past life regression therapy, since in the 1970s I did a lot of counseling about past lives as they are shown in our birth chart. I came to realize over time that regardless of what was indicated, NOW is really the only time there is, the only life there is, and the only moment we can do whatever about whatever. That said, I'm a big fan of Brian Weiss and "Many Lives Many Masters." And if you haven't read it, another take I found interesting is Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls," which focuses on the Life between lives.

After analyzing hundreds of past lives, I kept being brought back to the universal punch line in counseling: "And what are you going to do about it?" We can know (or believe we know) the sources of confusion, fear, doubt, aversion, and other problems, but in the final analysis it's all about NOW, changing pattern if appropriate, and moving forward in our unending journey from darkness to light. That's why regardless of our past life issues, if we practice our life with detachment, compassion, dispassion, discernment, and learn to generate positive movement toward our highest best interests, here and now, whatever that may look like, then it doesn't matter what seemed to be in another place and time (which can also be said for our "past lives" in this current lifetime!)

As our old friend the I Ching notes, "The best way to fight evil is to make progress in the good." That means not feeding the illusion, nor granting it any more "reality" than it deserves, which is zero. Examining the sources of ours and others' suffering is always good, but ultimately all suffering arises in some mix of attachment, aversion, illusion, or the mind's natural pessimism, usually with a dose of fear, vanity, desire, or attachment to strong sensation spicing the mix. And yes, the subconscious mind does store memories of old traumas which must be confronted one way or another. It's all very, very human.......

Diane S.

I too found Michael Newton's Journey of Souls a fascinating read. I find myself being reminded of it quite a bit these last two years.


I never really meant to regress. A door was opened and the pictures came out. I think it may have been opened by someone I met, although we never spoke of it. The person's energy, or so I sensed, went to the heart of the matter. At first I had curiosity about the pictures that were from other times. Whether actual or symbolic, they are something I work with to release illusion so I can be more present. I don't suggest anyone do it. One situation was very graphic. And every once in awhile I pushed to go deeper and release yet another thing that is related. It showed up so I use it to get off the merry go round of suffering. Lately I am considering awareness of my selfishness generated by attachment or attachment generated by selfishness, which may have to do with uranus in aries. If it causes suffering, why am I doin it? Can't be good. I'll have to run all this up against newton's book.

Kate Minogianni

Hi Robert

Thank you for sharing your experience as an MA student. I absolutely emphathize with that. Professionally, I am exactly at the point that I have outgrown my need to work with addiction, struggling to help people who don't want to help themselves. I have come to the point, like you had, that I realized that the old theories are very limiting and I need a wider view on looking at the world and myself.

I like past life regression in terms of what it offers to shedding light to past life's contribution to what we are today. Understanding of that, sometimes, but not always, is sufficient to alleviate bad physical and psychological symptoms. I certainly agree that the next question is "what next?" to go on with our life. Unfortunately, not many people are mature enough to start right from the "what next?" question and knowledge of their past helps them proceed with their life. Not to mention the curiosity factor :).

I already attempted a past life regression for myself, which I find very revealing and therapeutic. I found myself somewhere in Sweden, in the country in the year 1831. To my surprise, as Sweden has never been a country emotionally meaningful to me. I saw myself as a beautiful young woman of 22-25 y.of age at the time. After that, I have been feeling very confident about my looks considering my age today.... just joking :). I saw the place where I lived, the place where I used to work - the stable of the big wooden mansion, which I felt it was mine, probably a member of an affluent family. I saw a young boy, about 14-15, who I think he was a brother to me. I saw my parents, who happened to be the same parents in this life. When I asked my father to tell me something significant in this life, he said "I love you". Asked the same question my mother said "You have to stand on your own feet". It was an emotionally stormy experience for me. My father never told me "I love you" in this life, and my mother's role has always been so negative and threatening that I indeed had to stand on my own feet to survive. When asked to go to the happiest moment of that life, I saw a wedding banquet outside our mansion, with a lot of people and me as the bride. The groom, a Swedish type guy then, was my friend psychiatrist in this life, who helped me so much to start my internship as a psychologist, and later find a job in the field. I have been also quite helpful in all spheres of his life, too, and we have had a very close mutually beneficial and loving relationship for years, so it was not surprise for me that we are so old acquaintances :). I will not go into more details of this regression. But I really find it very beneficial from my own experience. That's the reason why I share it here with you.... and all the people on the internet.... lol!! :)

I really like Weiss' work. I am not familiar with Newton's work, though. But you convinced me to order it from amazon :).

Blessings for the new year.


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