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HI Robert, so again this question as I never caught the answer last time, these planetary ranges for productivity would include our natal nodes?




Hi Christy - An orb is an orb. Each aspect has its own orb. Each planet in each sign makes that orb somewhat variable. I've explained in the past that the Nodes are usually only set into obvious effect when the Moon makes an aspect to them. Otherwise, it's a generalized growth/release influence that is being somewhat affected by transits but won't take shape unless there are other factors that indicate the externalization. Mercury aspects the Nodes throughout the year from all the signs. It doesn't necessarily indicate something on the radar screen unless you're focused on your long wave growth/release patterns.


Hi Robert, asc/dec axis 26 libra/aries, plus natal mars at 26 leo, already a very interesting clarity out of chaos time with some off the planet ideas that resonate in a familiar way at an unseen level form the full moon, very interested to experience the merc rx adventure, will be patient until your writings on it are given to read!


Will you be writing more about" The Great Fracturing" that looms on the horizon? I have noticed in the past week strange behavior from old friends, with near fracturing results. It has gone quite at the moment, but I think it is not over as Sirius
sits in the midst of a stellium in Cancer in house 11. The energy of the past week seems like a "bless and release."
Your insights are greatly appreciated.



Dear Robert, many thanks for the heads up. My venus stands at 14 cancer in the second house conjunct sun and mars and venus square north node at 14 aries. Im intrigued by my venus at the degree of sirius but I dont understand what it could mean for me. warm regards, aisha


Hi Debbie - Of interest is that both last October's Lunar Eclipse as well as the coming one in April are exactly on that Axis in your chart. Given it configures excellently with your Mars, as does Mars in February and March, I suspect by July you'll be living well, freed from old 1-7 house issues. Things should look very good this Autumn when Jupiter is in late Leo. You should also note that your Nodes and Mars have been strongly configured at EVERY Full Moon since August 2013, and will continue to be closely aspected through this coming June.


Thanks Robert! -- also we talked briefly about the "rounding up" of planets and lunations and I believe you said they are always rounded up?

so then when you give a planetary range of say 19-26 does that mean it actually begins at 18 degrees plus and ends at 27, due to the rounding up? or in that does it actually begin at 19 and end at 26?

Guess it would be easier to ask if "rounding up " applies to all degrees or just specifically to lunations and transits?




ohhhhhh wait - I was just thinking further about your reply.... (and searching your site for pieces you've done on orbs)

so you allow different orb values for different individual planets? (just read about Saturn conjuctions where you say 10-15 degrees; andinfluence upon entering the same sign)

so then you do not subscribe to any standard application of e.g., 5 degree orb of influence for lunations to natal, progressed, etc., and 1 degree orb for transits to natal, etc??

I'm so confused....40 years of astrology training out the window....:(



Hi Sandra - Yes, I'll write more about the Great Fracturing going on as it's topical. Remember we've all been under the pressure of Uranus square Pluto and continue to be. Each time any other planet configures with that, it's a tense time. People are cracking under the pressure all over. Systems are cracking all over. Remember too the Grand Irrationality is in full swing and set off each time the Moon moves through any of the 7 zones. Jupiter is teaching you, and helping you teach others, via Cancer energies.

Hi Aisha - It means your Venus function is encoded with ancient wisdom of a Sirius nature. It could mean your social inclinations are very dolphin like; it could mean you are a "social recorder," since Sirius is Cetacean energy, which is whale/dolphin consciousness. There are countless ways it could manifest. Joyous interactions with wise Venusian people this life, or sensitive interactions that teach you how to play. There are many more. Let Jupiter teach you.

Pluto opposition your Venus shows you must let go of weird, extreme, corrosive, or dishonest people. These are the ones who are frustrating your ability to accomplish your social goals, or get you lost in loose ends, or undermine your healthy relationships. Uranus square your Venus indicates a need to use your Venus in a unique way, or in a way that shows your special qualities. Just be considerate in your responses, and don't jump too quickly this way or that. This is awakening your Venus. The T-square throws the energy into Libra, so you've been learning about balance, perspective, moderation, and fairness. Where there are not present in your relationships, it creates tension. Mars in Libra is showing you how to "get it done."

Hi christy - You're making it too difficult. The degree span is due to the range between the various planets. Mars in Libra will activate that span I noted in the article due to where it is. I could just as well have said 24-27 or any other convenient range where Mercury and Mars are interacting and/or making aspects to another planet. I used the range I did since that's the approximate span of the coming Mercury retrograde trine Mars in Libra.

When something forms, you approach the experience; when the aspect is exact, you're in the heart of the experience; when the aspect is separating, you've been through the experience. That doesn't mean it's over. If anything, we are transformed by the experience and then sort it all out mentally and emotionally after the fact.

You only round up the degree itself to find its Sabian Symbol. It has nothing to do with orbs. Orbs are flexible, depending on which planet in which sign in which part of the sign aspects which other planet. There are no "standard orbs" as defined in the texts. While it helps beginners fit things into a formula, after some time studying aspects, we need to move beyond simply accepting what someone else has written about whatever. Rigid values for rigid minds and all that. Astrology is 5 dimensional trigonometry, and while mathematical functions do work precisely, there is also variability as we shift values within functions.

While being within 5 degrees is always a conjunction, there are forming and separating, as well as out of sign forming and separating conjunctions. These are not equivalent. Each has their special quality. In fact, it has been put forth that a 3 degree conjunction is radically different than a 4 or 5 degree conjunctions. A four degree forming trine is much different than a seven degree separating trine. And some planets are in trine at 127, while others are not.

There are no "standard" orbs. Time and space are elastic in showing effects in the material world. And I'll note that often, when something is separating by between 1 and 2 degrees from the conjunction, it often shows more powerful correlations than when it is partile (exact).

I'll close this with an example. I have Jupiter at 26 Pisces direct. I have Saturn at 29 Virgo RX. I have a Sun at 12 Aries. Throughout my life I have experienced a Sun opposed Saturn in countless ways. 13 degrees separating and out of sign has still created that effect. I've also experienced what has seemed to be a Sun conjunct Jupiter. How can that be, if they're 16 degrees apart and by progression the Sun is pulling away from Jupiter? Because by progression, Jupiter went from Pisces into Aries, and now sits within 2-3 degrees of my Sun. So I've had a forming progressed Jupiter conjunct my Sun for most of my life!

Each case requires specific analysis of the factors involved. There are no fixed orbs. Period.


Thanks so much Robert - that does help!

I just keep trying to get a handle on this (my life was suddenly and inexplicably up ended and 1 year later resembles nothing that it was (and is so bad, I could have never imagined it - as I previously thought I knew where and what "the bottom" was!)...

But between Saturn over the ascendant (& staying in my 1st through the first decan of Sag & conjunct my moon in 5 degrees, oh more joy!)

and my Sun, Uranus and Venus, in 12, 14 and 15 of Cancer respectively, I feel well and truly battered ... and sometimes now, beaten! and too... sincerely fearing that the worst is yet to come!(that 3 part Saturn in Scorpio is absolutely spot on)

however, I'm clinging to a ray of hope due to the fact the 12 Scorpio eclipse exactly conjuncted my Asc and trined those Cancer planets, and will have a 3 year effect....

but man oh man, I thought I'd done "difficult", "trying" and "disciplined" before (in fact, I KNOW I have) many times before in my life and yet, this feels soooooooooo severe! (and yes, I do keep looking for the lessons)

so I very much appreciate your info as I continue try to slog through, as I am well and truly worn out at this juncture.


Hi Christy (and everyone!) - Remember that the 12 Gemini Solar Eclipse of 2011 is still in effect, even if the most powerful and life changing endings kinda-sorta finished up at the end of 2013. ALL OF US have had our lives radically transformed since then. It's really nothing personal, but it has forced all of us to pay attention, let go of the ghosts of the past, and move into deeper feelings as of 2013. Jupiter in Gemini showed us all the blessings and protection of those Eclipse losses. Now we're feeling new ways to take care of ourselves.

So you're in a new long term learning rigor giving you a chance to learn anew who you are and why you're here. use Saturn discipline, patience, and maturity to restructure how you respond to the incredible opportunities indicated by Jupiter on your Sun, Venus, and Uranus. Opportunity is literally all around you, but you have to get off the couch, go open the door, and greet the guest!

Remember one of the mind's afflictions that generates suffering is the mind suffering over its own suffering. The antidote is generating Bodhichitta, or "Soul atoms." Be positive in your intention. Be realistic, but remember you cannot go back - only forward. The mind suffers confusion. Only the heart knows. And being a muscle, the heart needs exercise. Sometimes it gets strained. That shows us our limits, our wisdom, and our ability to move into patterns of love rather than not-love.


thanks so much Robert ...though "get off the couch" would be wholly figurative here, since I no longer have one, or a house or apt, or a car or a job, or any family ties, for that matter ... and I've been in a shelter, actually 2, continuously since last Aug...

my former employer to decided to punish me for his mistake!and has denied me all my accrued and available benefits, including unemployment and access to my retirement account (Transiting Uranus squared natal Saturn in 8 libra and T-square transiting pluto?)

and this is all in retaliation for his very own plan to fire an associate atty from the firm which went wrong (he told the guy he was firing him because of me, in reality he had been planning to fire him for his poor performance all year long) -- but my former boss is a such spineless weasel soooo when everybody freaked out and began retaliating against me, he jumped on board with them!

worse yet (Saturn square the midheaven in 21 Leo) he continues to lie about me, saying he fired me for theft(2012 was my best year there - 5 bonuses and a salary increase!)

so now my earning potential has been cut by 2/3! - and, no one wants to help me

and while I agree "pain is inevitable but suffering is optional" ... I am failing to see any opportunities, as I'm instead finding everything seemingly blocked! I literally have no income...which is extraordinarily problematic when one is self-supporting!

so the question becomes would continuing to seek a job in that profession essentially be considered trying to "go back"?

thanks much!

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