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Thanks Robert
Great post. True, true, I can verify the five in some of the patients I have assisted transist. But I have also seen just as many transist with no regrets except leaving family and loved ones behind.



Hi Jean - Yes, when I had my NDE/OOB experience, the only regret I had was that I was no longer going to be able to show the love I had for my loved ones since I was leaving and wasn't going to come 'round these parts no mo'. I suppose it's because I've always chosen to live the best life I could on my own terms, which sometimes is not easy given the expectations of the world. And once I found the patterns that fit, they became easier to live on a daily basis. I'm still loving and living with gusto, certainly expressing my feelings, staying in touch with my friends, and choosing a way that (hopefully) could bring happiness rather than regrets. Even the hits I've taken served to show me how to love and walk on to new friends and experiences. And while I still "work too hard," at least it's something I love to do. Glad you're back!


Wow, I really needed to hear #1 today. In a struggle with someone who elicits feelings of guilt and obligation, and I really needed to hear validation for living my own life, my way. How else am I supposed to express the spark of the One the way it wants to be known in me? And with Uranus in the 1st, for Heaven's Sake! Thanks for posting this. So often, I get just the right nourishment from your site. I'm sure that's the result of pure intention and clear alignment. Namaste.


Hi all - From friend of the site Nic via FB - Brilliant article. So true. If we do not learn to live, how can we expect to have a "good death"? That is the core lesson of life, to learn what life is and how to face and deal with death. The core of the human experience can be summed up as simply as that.
Thanks for sharing and blessings be.

My response - Thanks for checking in. It does seem that there is a fairly intense focus these days for those on a certain Ray. I agree that "the art of living" is directly related to "the art of dying." Since we all die, then we're under a "death sentence." That means we're under a "life sentence." How we live will show us what we cling to at death, whether regrets or the Grand Adventure.

Hi Shekinah - Glad you checked in and got some validation for you Being You. #1 seemed to me to be related to the "Four Agreements," one of which is "Be impeccable with your word." Whose life are we living? Are we living in alignment with our integrity? No one else can tell us what that is, so we're on our own with only our heart to guide us.

I do know that when I'm in the presence of guilt and obligation, I tend to regard it with some detached amusement, since those no longer have any center of resonance in me except for my obligation to be true to myself and my God. Besides, how could any of us live another's conception of how we should live? I already have trouble with my own illusion of how "I'm supposed to live." I cannot possibly know how to live another's illusion of how I should live.

Yes, you're spot on that one with Uranus in the first cannot possibly live any other way than their own uniqueness. It's as impossible as trying to dictate to the Earth how and when the waters should flow, or trying to change how and where the Sun shines. It really doesn't matter if it makes sense to another. We can only live as we are able, following our truth of Being the best we're able, giving and receiving Love as best we're able. The rest is speculation and very, very transitory from a cosmic angle.


I personally have come to believe, the only thing we really regret is if we havent valued the life we were given, being as we were given to life, to have not have found the strength and courage to honour the quest to find our real self and live it based on the natural gifts and abilities we were given to live it through and find the question to answer the door to the treasure trove or gold mine of answers, wisdom we were born with buried at our depths, to have not done what matters for us to have done or not done as to address our own personal need as well as our basic needs in our own life. To have not taken full responsibility for our own life through whatever process or way we are guided to, or resonates within us through the sharing of a way by another or to not give others the opportunity to hear our way due to fear of judgement of other people, whereas the judgement of our own conscience, matters more.

Regardless of whether another believes in mediums or not, or whether others who do believe in the mediumistic ability judged all by the failings of some, my guidance to understand this as a healing process, which is the intent of the medium faculty to heal both above and below, seen and unseen as a domino affect, to help people stop fearing death and beging loving, living life, because it not only matters to live it, it matters to live it as the individual and the species was intended, is the main purpose for it. I have been given all of my guidance direct from the unseen world, with confirmations from various teachers and writers who have similar core truths even if different ways and proof always shown in hindsight when I open to see it and my understandings regarding the afterlife, is directly from those who are living there. All I am able to or have the right to do, is offer to share what I have learned through the gifts I was given nor am I required to prove or convert anyone, freedom of choice is an even more honoured gift which I respect for myself and others, so it is for others to choose whether to believe it or not.


Dear Robert, fully agree. Death or the thought of death is the biggest reality check. I read somewhere, that if you keep death on your left side, you get your life right. warm regards aisha (visionaisha.blogspot)



Just curious. In your comment above, you say:

"My response - Thanks for checking in. It does seem that there is a fairly intense focus these days for those on a certain Ray."

Don't know if the rest of the context is on the fb thread. If so, hope you don't mind repeating it here.
Would you kindly elaborate on your observation? Which Ray? Venture a guess as to why?

Might be interesting to look at each/all of the Rays vis the varied cosmic environs & atmospheres and start a discussion here. Or direct us over to fb if one is in progress there. Just a thought.

BTW, saw an article updating Seinfeld's latest project, on the same day you wrote about belonging on ONE Ray (i.e., either scientist, artist, or philosopher, etc.) Uncannily, the interview summary mentioned Seinfeld in a phase of (paraphrased) scientifically parsing his artistry from the perspective of a scientist (i.e., how can I craft this joke to have the fewest words and maximum effect?). Then later he asked if his trade might really be one of philosophy. Finally he likened his practice to that of a professional athlete.

After reading that rather insightful, multi-faceted list of interrelated self-descriptors, I thought, "wow, what a fitting conundrum for anyone wanting to say this individual is born to master ONE given ray." What do you think?

I've always thought a certain sets of ancient materials were either completely misunderstood, mistranslated, incomplete and/or subject to upgrades. The way I've seen the Ray paths described has been conceptually discrete, reflective of delimited left-brained thinking, and characteristic of the way, for example, you have described (paraphrased) that individuals "place their own subjective stamp on the multi-verse of experiences."

What if we contain all of the Rays and are to develop all of them to at least some degree (to the best of our ability)? What if it would be an utter failure of translating the intent behind describing spiritual paths as being comprised of Rays, i.e., it is a mistake to construe them as non-overlapping and assignable on a one-to-one basis for each one walking a path?

For example, in current news we have a culture coming to grips with the cost of competition devolving into a ruthless game of taking proxies hostage. The "moral of the day" if you will, is that if you want to be unsportsmanlike and coerce fealty/allegiance/support by harming innocents who are others' charges, don't expect to see your own dreams (charges, generative, creative offspring) to manifest IRL. My guess is that we are at diminishing returns wrt those who can play these games and the real life fact that those who play these games also have dreams and families and and and So what else is there? (um, not proxy wars, for starters.)

Likewise, we're looking across cultures at the growth what would be termed the "sin eaters" of society. Nowadays the application of that term can range from people dissembling computers, noses bleeding from exposure to toxic substances, to rivers, carrying downstream toxic substances used to clean other toxic substances. The list goes on. Animals in factory farming, anyone incarcerated or institutionalized and experimented upon, anyone bound by a contract of adhesion and thusly exploited, anyone who's had a NDE who is then regarded as an endless source of empathy for those who have been exempted from having to develop their own self-renewing depths, (you know, because they Ray they are on precludes them from thinking they are responsible to develop such a capacity). Is that the Ray to which you are referring? Because there are a lot of people, and a planet, who appear to be on that path.

So, yes, I've given considerable verbiage here to the topic. Something is clangingly dissonant about how the Rays are being construed, and thus the inapt (I believe "sub-optimal" is the traditional clinical term) expectancy of the standard. My intuitive hit is that we're all supposed to develop each Ray to whatever extent possible. To become multi-frequency, as are the color bands of the rainbow. If I say nothing else the rest of my days, I'm fairly certain I'm here to tell you: It's a lower vibe construction is to expect one Ray to be a source and example to the rest, but to never internalize nor generate that Ray for oneself.



Very thought provoking...stopped me in my tracks. I am good on regrets there. But happiness? YES! Why not let myself be happy? What is so superior about being unhappy? Why is being dissatisfied and "concerned" a more sophisticated outlook?

It really struck me. I can't think of a single reason to prefer unhappiness, anxiety, or whatever, in this very moment. Even though I've always suffered pre-emptively (because that's so smart!), I'm really curious about what life would be like if I did not. I'll start today and give it my best shot!

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