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This is a very interesting story about bullying tactics. Reminds me a little too much of an astrology reading I had last year after my beloved mother passed away and the astrologer got quite combative and nasty about a topic that I advocate for. I wasn't in a position to defend the topic and it certainly left me confused and upset.


Hi Kaur - Sorry you had that experience. If the session was recorded, have you gone back to see where the miscommunication began? I've also experienced deep grief more than a few times this life, so I understand how we often don't feel like we have adequately expressed our need for something we would like from another.

Unfortunately, life goes on no matter how badly we feel, and I believe we cannot fault another for not expressing what we need in the way we need it. Sometimes communications work and sometime they don't. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't. That seems to be something we learn along the way.

As a human being living life, I've certainly had people stub my toes, and I'm sure I've stubbed a few along the way. That's taught me forgiveness for all involved. And those who have challenged me have shown me the accuracies and inaccuracies in my view, and reminded me to practice detachment, compassion, discernment, and my power to generate a positive intention and/or message in the moment as best as I see fit.

And of course, I hope that after this length of time you have come out of confusion and upset into clarity, wisdom, compassion, and a heart strength from the love you've experienced with the Soul of your dead mother.


Thank you Robert once again and bravo for setting the record straight. As hard as it is to navigate some of the energies at work, these individuals can hardly be blamed for their ignorance. It's so easy to become misguided and the ego would fight tooth and nail keep it that way.. It's like they're hypnotized and can't get the spirals out of their eyes to stop and really smell the roses. There's hope though., since at least some are Awake and helping others to do the same. Sending Love and Light, Alex


Thanks Robert. I have moon in Capricorn and sun in Scorpio so I'm analytical and able to practice detachment which I find helpful in such difficult situations. Live and learn indeed. unfortunately I lost the recorded astrology reading as my computer crashed after a nasty mercury retrograde last yr that squared my natal mercury.

Yesterday was the one yr anniversary of my mother's passing and I picked up her remains as we're planning on spreading her ashes at sea. Who knew it would be so hard to be handed your mother in a box. That same beautiful body that hugged and kissed you all your life. Endings are so tough and I feel like I'm at one of the lowest points of my life but as I start a new karmic chapter (and with jupiter in cancer opposite Pluto near my AC) I have more insight about who will add value to my life and who I need to remove from my life. My plan now is to be all that I can be and reach my potential so Mom would be proud.

I have asteroid narcissus on my MC at 27 Libra where Mars will be going rx at this degree. Coicidentally I believe that my father has narcissistic personality disorder. These types of people have come into my life like magnets and I feel angry that they have consumed so much and given back nothing but grief. I hope to gain even more clarity, wisdom, self compassion and strength from all the values and love that my beloved mother bestowed on me during the upcoming Mars and Saturn rx periods. I note that narcissus in capricorn is now sextile Chiron in Picses :-)

I really enjoy reading your articles. Thank you.

Peg Sipple

Robert, did you really tell her to stick it where the sun doesn't shine?


Hi Ale - Well, I have a great degree of compassion for the innocently ignorant. I have very little tolerance for those who are willfully ignorant and insist on spreading lies that only serve to confuse people. And of course, I don't like mean people either.

Hi Kaur - You're most welcome. Maybe the Lipika Lords felt enough had been recorded, and it was time to cut loose from the past without needing to go over old ground. Scorpios are often challenged to "let go, let God," and walk away clean with no stuck feelings. And every ending is followed by a new beginning, and the night gives way to the day. We are in a timestream, and really can't afford to get attached to forms, since eventually they all pass away. Including our grief. Very happy you can redirect to potential futures rather than painful pasts. Good karma!

Hi Peg - Yes. She was posting a massive data dump of lies and half-truths of phenomenal audacity with a very nasty attitude to boot. She actually did say that ADA is like vitamins. Flacks for toxic food additives, gmos, and everything else that's ruining our food supply who also trash organics deserve no slack whatsoever. I knew of no more eloquent way to tell her exactly where her information came from.


No matter what goes on in the sky, we all have "free will" or whatever everyone's concept of that is and of course that is dependent to a large degree by ones environmental circumstances and time in history.
I exercise mine but are aware of the energies in the cosmic atmosphere on any given day, time or geographic location. Maybe its just me, but that's how I've come to understand astrology in general.
The thing that really concerns me at the moment, is the quality of information we receive about turmoil in other parts of the world, one can only be discriminatory to a certain degree within the bounds of his or hers intellect.
On a mundane level, this situation in Ukraine which as I type this is reported to be rapidly changing unlike other crisis we have faced in recent times, this is on top of all the other conflict zones around the globe like Syria, the rest of the Arab world, Korean peninsula etc... you get my drift..
Personally, I can't wait until all these old world attitudes and levels of tolerances are once and for all finalised! whatever that outcome maybe...


Wow crazy stuff. My current landlord tried scapegoating me again. I have had to learn my lesson the hard way. This time. I told him without letting him draw me into another stupid drama that might leave me fuming. I said, I am not in control of other peoples behavior or reactions. Only they are. I have done nothing wrong.


Namaste Robert, I empathise and respect your courage and strength to uphold that no one has the right to invade or infect another's space, whether that be mind, home or internet home, without permission, ignorance is forgivable we all have made choices in ignorance that affect others and create karmic energy flow of same for ourselves which we too hope to be forgiven for one worked hard to make amends where possible and quite frankly to me another word for willful ignorance is quite simply rudeness, I do believe they have pills for that now adays .... :) Blessings


Yes, I do tend to do a snaggle puss and exit stage right or stage left. I admire your chutzpah in inserting sanity into those situations. I just don't have it in me. And those blogs are lucky to have you as a guest.


Very interesting to me. Extremely helpful! Thank you.

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