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« Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio – What’s Happened in 2007-2013, and What’s Going To Happen in 2014-2015 | Main | Happy 2014 Birthday to the Remarkable Jacque Fresco »



Thank you for this article. I have Pluto/Sun conjunction in Leo, being squared by Saturn in Scorpio. Needless to say, this resonates. Mostly, as one who is once more in the midst of coming out of the Plutonic destruction, the reminder of the fact that there is a way to the light comes at a much needed time. Again, thank you.


i Feel like i have a friend in you and your wisdom….thank you


How do you know that this is exactly what I need to hear today. I have sun square Pluto as and it's not been an easy life. Reading you all these many years has helped me negotiate this minefield called life. And I do love your gentleness the best
And your kind humor. Many thanks for being a blessing and guide.


Hi Ruth - Yes. Saturn has been squaring my Pluto, but so far that has shown as me needing to focus on what's important and what's not, and be clear in "pointing out the way." Given where it's happening in my chart, it's forced me to clean out old ideas, and unveil what needs unveiling. Saturn on my Pluto in the first was a time when I went back to school and took some classes that have enabled me to assist others outside of my normal disciplines. So while it wasn't "the end" of my previous existence, it contributed to me leaving my past behind and embracing a new life once it moved on into late Leo. Interestingly, now that it's waxing square, I've reclaimed the best of my old life while leaving the life I lived during the Saturn in Virgo and Libra years.

Hi margie - Thanks for saying so. We're all in this together, and we're all more aware together than we are separately. Glad to be of service!

Hi Peggy - Of course you're most welcome, and thanks for the praise of the work. With Venus in Taurus, I've learned to appreciate "gentle." Took a while, almost killed me more than once, but figured out that while tough is good, gentle is great! Glad to hear my peculiar sense of humor gets through once in a while during this ridiculously heavy time on Earth. But then a while ago I took Wavy Gravy's wisdom to heart, that "if you don't have a sense of humor it's not funny."


Thank you Robert for this article. About 2 years ago I had Pluto cross over my natal Saturn (which is exactly on my IC). I can tell you I was challenged in very personal ways. It was the most difficult time in my life. I’m a Pisces sun and this transit made me focus on my weaknesses and my strengths. I’m not the starry-eyed easy going person I use to be. Maybe that’s a good thing. Nowadays my thoughts and actions focus on the quality of life that I want in the future, rather than just today. I would describe it as a dark and traumatic kick in the pants.


Hi 2Natured - Saturn on Pluto restructures our Divine Power. Pluto on our Saturn annihilates our security systems. On the IC, you got rid of root rot from prior lifetimes, including this one. I'm sure you're no longer afraid of some things that used to cause apprehension. Congratulations!


Thank you Robert, I posted my comments about it on the wrong post, the Saturn rx post, but it doesn't matter, my kids born 89 to 93, 2 are in the middle of this 1 is just completing and it has been very tough due to other things in their chart (2 of them have the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, 1 has Saturn conjunct Neptune at 10 Cap as well) and I have done my best to help them through it intuitively with what each has needed to keep them alive with opportunity for a good life, its been hard with constant opposition and your insight on the astrology of it, has helped support my intuition, it didn't look like do or die to others, yet I knew it to be so. You have my genuine gratitude.


ps My son born in 93 turns 21 later this month and he has that saturn/pluto square by 1degree and his saturn is conjunct his MC, i am hopeful that the stress from this will have him able to be seen as the good respectful citizen he is, having been judged as not good due to his life circumstances due to "stigma/stereotyping" yes he gets angry and very angry a few years ago, of course he is an Aries, however he has learned humility through those experiences and I am hoping this is what comes out to be seen. Uranus is off his sun now, so the opposite potential which would not be good, is hopefully powerless now especially as mars rx in Libra will no doubt be quite frustrating for him, like all Aries folk.


Thank you Robert for your infinite wisdom. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my Pluto's hard aspects are in the first decanate of Virgo - it conjuncts Mars on either side of the IC. And both oppose a Pisces Moon. It's my tightest aspect. So a viperous tongue is like breathing to me. Am sorry to the world. I do have a question though. Do you have or plan to write any articles about how to survive this Grand Cross for Cancer's? That's my Sun. And, although we've emailed this before, (my Sun is in the first decanate of Cancer in the first house) - when Pluto was in the first decanate of Cancer making an opposition to my first house Sun - my entire world was destroyed. Completely and utterly destroyed in every way imaginable. Is Pluto going to retrograde back there again? Any survival tactics besides hiding in my family's beach house in Florida and leaving only for necessities? If anyone wants to chime in, please do. I feel like I'm being astrally crushed. Thank you in advance.


Correction: I meant Pluto transiting Capricorn. Thanks again.


sorry to be saying so much, I am accepting there may be a reason beyond what I know as to why I am. The other words that have come out of my mouth of late which this insightful sharing acknowledges is that I know that even though all are now " of age" that indicates they are adults, I know my role as "mother" is not yet done as the psychological affects for them are not yet healed and I will be needed in that role and to be leading by example on the way out of my/our current situation, but I have time, until they are really adults, age around 29 :)


ps, just in case it helps any others of the Pluto in Virgo gen who like myself are currently experiencing Neptune's opposition (for me that means slap bang on my Chiron which already took painful hits during the return)this has a positive and negative potential like all transits, what seems to be working to not feel trapped in the rubble as the illusion cracks and everything that needs to go, does, is to "imagine" what you would love to see coming into being once the space is cleared? Bit like the lush greenery that comes through after a forest fire after a period of complete blackness? Hope it helps and hope I am not too off subject although I guess I am just a little :)


natal pluto on the midheaven squares saturn in my chart. I have read that means difficulty with authorities. I always thought that was about my rebelliousness against what I found overcontrolling, particularly with people that seek to micro manage my person.

But when I contracted for a job or project, there was an authority figure spear heading it and I had the thing I committed to do, the part I agreed to play. I did it. That was the agreement. But then around the new millenium I was being asked to do things that went against the 'law of the land', ie things potentially jail-able. I would leave only to have the same experience on the next assignment. And now, well the law of the land is doing some very questionable legislation. I am relying on some kind of principles and integrity. ???

All I really know is that if I was handling your luggage at the airport, you would receive it as you packed it. It would not arrive at your door months later coantaining your clothes inside out and worn, your empty jewelry bag, someone else's dirty underwear, and shoes two sizes bigger than yours. Just an example. If I agree to provide a service, I will provide the service. But I won't go to jail for you.

Margaret Sipple

Saturn wasn't conjunct Pluto in August 1981


Hi debbie - Well, I'm glad they have a mom who is hip to what's up! I'm sure it helps them more than children who go through these life altering situations and have no idea about how to navigate them. Glad my material can help support your intuition and intention. And of course you're most welcome.

21 is a graduation into a new realm of being, and it really ultimately doesn't matter if someone attempts to stereotype us, since we can never really be that. Anger is not really useful though it can be refined and focused in more balanced ways during this Mars RX in Libra period. So better to refine and adjust and recalibrate than get aggravated to no good end. I say this as an Aries. ;-)

Hi George - I also have a Moon opposed Pluto, and it's forced me to learn how to take care of myself without wondering who should be or isn't caring for me. Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo is very precise, so congrats on having cultivated that virtue in prior incarnations, along with a favorable Mars/Neptune aspect.

I'll be writing about the coming Cross in a little while. Remember that "sometimes we are enriched through unfortunate events," as our old friend the I Ching reminds us. I believe that for many, this fracturing will be excellent, especially those who can cut the oppositions into sextiles, quintiles, tredeciles, and trines via natal or progressed planets. That way we build in the midst of great releases and shifts.

Pluto did put pressure on everyone with planets in early Cardinal signs, along with Saturn and Uranus a few years ago. Cancer was the solution to the problems and issues back then. So you got a measure of enlightenment, and were able to find more self reliance that allowed you more autonomy to do your thing in your way. Pluto will never retrograde back past 11 Capricorn, since it goes SD there in September and then moves forward to 16 Cap in 2015. Just remember that Pluto has been trining your Mars and Pluto, so that was a very good thing. The voids were in Pisces back when, as was Jupiter, so I am sure you made good progress despite the pressures and the annihilation of the old Light/Life. The underworld is good for dropping old emotional and mental patterns that are not helpful.....

Hi caliban - It shows you have the power to transform your world once you have your Saturn properly focused. Any of us with Pluto near an angle are powerful catalysts for others since they see us as a form of that outer planet expressed through our personality planets. And remember that the nature of the Soul is infinite freedom, so those who try to "overcontrol" our freedom to learn and do as we must will always be an annoyance. And they teach us patience, and to listen to our own voice rather than an external system that may or may not work for us. Especially when someone tries to coerce us into some activity that could jam our gears, that's the exact point when we get to say no and not feel badly about it.

Hi Margaret - Well, by late August 1981 Saturn was at 9 Libra and getting closer to Pluto every month. That's close enough to 23 Libra to be a conjunction, especially since it was "forming in the field" of the same sign, and conjunctions in Libra were being activated by other planets at the time.

You can bet it felt like a conjunction to anyone with anything in Libra, since they had already been touched by Pluto just months before, and in August 1981 were being touched by Saturn, which was bringing lessons directly sprouted by Pluto in Libra before then. Plus do not underestimate the Jupiter in Libra ability at the time to "collect the light" of Saturn and push it forward as it moved closer and closer to Pluto until it made its exact conjunction in Oct-Nov 1981.

So yes, late August 1981 did show the very beginning of a forming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Libra, as made by the stellium of Venus at 8-15 Libra, Saturn at 9 Libra, Jupiter at 11-12 Libra, and Pluto at 23 Libra. Venus conjuncted both Jupiter and Saturn in Libra at the end of August. That began the conjunctions in Libra and pulled the Saturn and Pluto in Libra together.


Thanks for the clarification, Robert. My daughter was born on August 7, 1981 and has had a very plutonic life. As an amateur, I only focused on the Saturn /Jupiter conjunction in her sixth house. We both have Pluto in our 7th houses.


Thank you Robert I will encourage as best able his aiming as suggested regards his anger, much appreciated!


Born in feb 1966, Virgo Ascendant,
And of course.. I have Pluto and Uranus on my Ascendant (Conjunct) in my first house and
the Great Saturn in direct opposition in my seventh house, in Pisces. So right in the middle of the Saturn opposite my Pluto!!
So I have Saturn not only opposing Pluto but also Uranus!!
So how's that. I guess that would be a triple Whammy!!!


Thank you Robert. I don't know what I would do without you, digitally, in my life, period. You make everything make sense. Nevertheless, these are still very challenging times. And I am pulling the crab in the shell thing. Isolating in my family's beach house in Miami B., rather than answering to my agents desperately trying to get me to work again. But, more of those details entre nous. (Btw you lost me with the Mars/Neptune aspect - am a 1 degree Mars in Virgo and an 8 degree Neptune in Scorpio. Is that a sextile or is the orb too wide? I'd be thrilled to pieces if it were in aspect.) Regardless, am saving at light speed for a private consult. You really put your contemporaries to shame. Namaste!

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